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I’ll be away for the next few days on a short trip. But you are in for a treat. In my absence, I’ve invited a few of my favorite military bloggers to guest blog. With the Walter Reed story still unfolding, the Democrat crack-up continuing, an initial test vote on the overall military spending bill in the House Appropriations Committee scheduled for Thursday, the Out of Iraq Caucus clamoring, and the fourth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq hitting this Saturday, I thought it would be an excellent time to highlight some of the leading voices in the milblogging community:

Matt Burden is a former Paratrooper and Army Officer who founded Blackfive upon learning of the valorous sacrifice of a friend that was not reported by the journalist whose life he saved. He is also editor of the terrific collection of milblog essays, The Blog of War.

Greyhawk is the “call sign of a real military guy currently serving somewhere in Germany.” He runs The Mudville Gazette and hosts the Milblog Headquarters. Check out the brief history of Milblogs.

Smash blogs at As Greyhawk writes: “Anyone who’s been around the blogosphere a while needs no introduction to Citizen Smash. In the weeks leading up to the invasion of Iraq and for quite a while thereafter he was the information pipeline for those who were plugged in to blogs.” Smash [then LT SMASH] ran the first widely read milblog from the war zone.” He’s now in D.C., where he engages the moonbats at Walter Reed each and every weekend. You can find audio and commentary on his latest encounter here.

John Noonan blogs at OPFOR, which he co-founded and launched in April 2006 with Charlie of the old Officers’ Club blog. OPFOR is military jargon for opposing force. He’s a VMI guy and studied counter-terrorism at the University of Tel Aviv in Israel.

You may also hear from a milblogger or two currently serving in Iraq or Afghanistan. Be sure to give them all a warm welcome. I’ve learned much from these men, their co-bloggers, their commenters, and their fellow milbloggers–and you will, too.

I’ll be back on Saturday liveblogging the Gathering of Eagles. Here’s the latest on the permit situation:

The National Park Service has issued a permit for the Gathering of Eagles demonstration and rally on March 17 in Washington, D.C. as illustrated on the Eagle web site “Maps” link under “Sections”.


We view the permit decision unacceptable and will be taking immediate steps to appeal what we believe is an unworkable decision. If the National Park Service is unfavorable to our appeal, our legal arm will pursue immediate court action to acquire an equitable, realistic solution.


The good news is the Park Service is granting the Eagles large amounts of territory adjacent to the Vietnam Memorial as well as along the march route of the antiwar protesters. We are being given the use of the western side of Constitution Gardens, which is contiguous to the Vietnam Memorial, thus giving us controlling ground. That permit is for an estimated 10,000 people. If things stand as they are, we will use that as a staging area for our people to cycle along the pathways, visiting statues and the Vietnam Memorial which comprise the Memorial area…

Bad news is the Park Service decided to grant the other half of Constitution Gardens to the so-called antiwar group ANSWER, with a no man’s land in between. This is unacceptable and will be challenged in our appeal.

ANSWER is telling their supporters to gather at the park on Henry Bacon Dr. on Saturday morning for a ‘People’s Assembly’ before their march kicks off at 12:30 p.m. They have no announced plans to use Constitution Gardens anymore–in fact they have removed all mention of Constitution Gardens from their updated maps for March 17–yet they are refusing to relinquish their permit application for that area in an effort to inhibit the rights of the Eagles to assemble in a consolidated location. This will be part of our appeal.

Here’s an updated bus list. And the NYTimes covers the Move America Forward caravan on its way to the Eagles’ gathering. Nearly 1,600 have signed up to participate on the 17th in Washington, D.C.

Will you join us?


While we’re on the subject of milblogging, the 2007 Milblogging Conference pre-registration is now open. Andi of Andi’s World writes: “Pre-registration will run from March 9 – March 16 and is open only to members of the military community (active-duty, Guard, Reserves, Veterans and family members). Registration will open to the general public on March 17. Seating is limited to 275 people, so be sure to register early.” Check it out.

And now, I’m turning over the keys. Gentlemen, fire away.

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