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The Matter of Tori Rose Smith's Life
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Victoria “Tori” Rose Smith lived a tragically short life. Three years. That’s less than 200 weeks on this earth. She was a girly girl who sported oversized bows in her straw-blonde hair and a megawatt smile on her face. A great-aunt described the blue-eyed baby as “bubbly,” “sassy” and “full of life” despite bouncing around foster homes for much of her brief existence.

Last week, authorities in South Carolina revealed that Tori had perished as result of multiple blunt-force injuries to her tiny head. She was beaten to death. Her adoptive parents, Ariel and Jerry “Austin” Robinson, are now charged with homicide by child abuse. A six-page police incident report describes how first responders rushed to the Robinsons’ home on the afternoon of Jan. 14, 2021, after Mr. Robinson called 911. Little Tori was not breathing. EMTs performed CPR. She was rushed to the hospital, where she died. Investigators immediately suspected child abuse.

The key to Tori’s murder lies in 17 redacted lines of the police report from a Simpsonville, South Carolina, police officer documenting his crime-scene interview with Ariel Robinson, who described an unknown incident involving her adopted daughter that had occurred the day before. The entire paragraph is blacked out — an ominous chunk of hidden information about Tori’s last day on the planet.

Incident report via FITSNEWS

Thanks to her ubiquitous social media presence, however, we can fill in a lot of blanks about Ariel Robinson. She was a fame-chaser, an aspiring comedian, and a wannabe social media influencer who paraded her entire blended family (two biological sons, plus Tori and her two brothers, whom the Robinsons adopted all together) on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for clicks and likes.

Robinson had achieved minor notoriety as the Season 20 winner of the Food Network’s “Worst Cooks in America” contest. She hosted a podcast with her husband and was set to launch a new YouTube this month called “Cooking, Comedy, and Convos.” Her YouTube channel has now been deleted. But other dark clues remain.

In her past podcasts, Robinson spoke of battling depression and violent thoughts. “I don’t feel like I want to hurt others, but some days I do want to hurt others,” she rambled. “I don’t feel I would…I don’t feel homicidal,” she told her audience, then seemed only to half-joke: “Everybody want (sic) to hit somebody some days but I don’t want to kill nobody.” She talked about the temptation to just “snap” and warned openly that “(i)f you get angry today and fly off the handle, punch somebody, kill somebody, assault, murder, you are one bad decision away from ruining the rest of your life.”


Perhaps most troubling, she used her apparent propensity for violence as material for her stand-up routines. One video from 2019 shows her recounting how a social worker came to visit before she adopted Tori and her brothers. Robinson’s own biological sons were making noise upstairs during the home interview, prompting Robinson to scream at the top of her lungs: “SHUT UP, BEFORE I COME UP THERE AND PUNCH YOU IN YOUR THROAT.”

The audience laughed as she described how she downplayed the violent threat to the social worker (“Aw, ya know, it’s just a game”) and then delivered the punchline about the adoption to more peals of laughter:

“We got approved” for Tori’s adoption — the audience erupted in cheers and giggles — “we gonna have her by December.”

I’ve devoted this column space to beautiful toddler Tori because you probably won’t hear anything more about her in the “mainstream” media. That’s because this homicide is wrapped up in a package of race and crime taboos you are not supposed to discuss. Robinson is Black. Tori was white. On her social media accounts, Robinson promoted Black superiority, bashed Donald Trump and cops, and griped about institutional racism.

“In my house,” she wrote, “my black children get treated the same as my white children, and my white children get treated the same as my black children. It’s a shame that when they go out into the real world, that won’t be the case.” Robinson punctuated the Jan. 6, 2021, Instagram post with the hashtags “#whiteprivilege” and “#BlackLivesMatter.”

Eight days later, Robinson’s adopted white daughter succumbed to multiple blunt force trauma to her head and will never have a chance to “go out into the real world.”

Did child welfare bureaucrats overlook Robinson’s mental health issues because of her race? Were they aware of her resentment of white people before they allowed her to adopt three white children? Did the system lower their standards to appease social justice and affirmative action crusaders? Were signs of abuse ignored out of deference to a rising celebrity whose politically correct status as a BLM-promoting do-gooder shielded her from scrutiny and criticism?

Ideas have consequences. So do lies. Americans have been hopelessly conditioned to look the other way at cases like this, lest they commit what they’ve been taught is the greatest sin of all: “racism.” Until it is thoroughly demolished by people of courage, the myth of white privilege will surely claim more victims.

Say her name: Victoria “Tori” Rose Smith’s life mattered.

Michelle Malkin’s email address is [email protected] To find out more about Michelle Malkin and read features by other Creators Syndicate writers and cartoonists, visit the Creators Syndicate website at

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  1. Jim-Bob says:

    Very well-written, Michelle. And how true. EVERYONE is a racist…if you’re a white person. All the looting, rioting, violence for most of last year wasn’t much of a blip in the mainstream media. Yet the morons (yeah, they were jerks) who stormed the capitol building a couple weeks ago, the media says it was an “insurrection” and even a coup. I just read an article that some in Oregon want to give the Covid vaccine based more on race than need, to have “racial equality”. Disgusting! That poor girl, beat to death by her foster mom…you made some great points, Michelle and how shocking to see so much of the police report redacted! Unbelievable! (And my own kids are mixed-race.)

    • Agree: Sean
  2. Just imagine the media outrage and never ending cacophony of handwringing propaganda wailing if the murderess had been white, and the brutally murdered 3 year old girl had been black.

    I do not want to hear another damnable word from these evil marxists about the mythical “white privilege” delusion.

    • Replies: @Resartus
    , @JimDandy
  3. Wyatt says:

    Hello reader. If you came into the comments feeling down after reading this article, please take this conciliatory news to cheer you up.

  4. Thanks for making us aware. I’d like to see the reaction if white parents had beaten a black baby to death!

    Did anyone see that case in New York’s Chinatown where a 26 year old guy was chased down and corralled by a mob, beaten unconscious and ripped off, left naked on the street? The mob is entirely black, but the victims face is assiduously pixelated so we can’t see his race. They say he’s “not Asian”, and state his age, but never his race. I’m guessing that he’s white. That would make an interesting story if correct.

    • Agree: Robert Dolan
    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
    , @Adam Smith
  5. lloyd says: • Website

    The treatment of children by coloured parents is characteristically overly physical. A white or Asian child with their normally softer body structure is in real danger in their environment. I recall a comedic stand up by Bill Cosby. Everyone laughed and laughed at the affect of the mention of Dad’s leather belt to little Bill and his siblings. The affect was only because they had in the past felt it and were afraid. Those children should not have been taken in by that family. It is bad enough for black children. I guess p c killed. Note we never hear that term now. It is now totalatarian dogma.

  6. Just IMAGINE if the races were reversed……..CRAZY white woman beats black child to death…..
    we would never hear the end of it.

    Why was this crazy buckwheat allowed to adopt that poor little white girl in the first place?

    Bitch was obviously nuts.

    • Replies: @Cauchemar du Singe
  7. orionyx says:

    Judging from the pictures of that little girl, she spent a lot of time crying. The pictures of her with the gorilla acting the part of mother show a little girl trapped, trying her best to get away.
    People who sacrifice the lives of children to their warped ideologies – I’m talking ‘social workers’ everywhere – deserve nothing but eternity in boiling excrement.

    • Agree: Bubba
    • Replies: @JimDandy
  8. Thank you Michelle Malkin! Just because they *the low brow, fearful, cheating commie CENSORS have it in for you for speaking TRUTH, doesn’t mean WE do not appreciate all you do for speaking out against the INJUSTICE, CORRUPTION & VIOLENCE that is 95% from THE INSANE LEFTISTS that infect the self-serving political & social “elite” establishment today. If these poser people had an argumentative leg to stand on, they’d face us OPENLY, but thats what dishonorable, evil slime-bags do, they slink away & hide, cowardly relying on deception, misinformation & propaganda to make their “arguments”. THEY are the fools & as Joyce Meyers said recently, “Those that reject God’s teachings are making a serious mistake!”. These EVIL-DOERS cheat, lie, abuse & steal to “win”, because its all these unfit pagan-Americans can handle. FAIR EQUAL JUSTICE will inevitably be served-up to them!

    • Agree: Achmed E. Newman
  9. Hans says:

    Thank you, Michelle.

    • Agree: kikz
  10. anon[158] • Disclaimer says:

    Obviously this black woman had a lot of resentment towards whites so how is it that she ended up adopting 3 white children? Was she pushed into adopting white children by some multi-cult do-gooder at the adoption agency?

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
    , @Hans
  11. @Happy Tapir

    People have no idea how bad the black on white violence is.

    During the BLM riots many white people were stomped to death.


    The jewish controlled MSM didn’t show any of the killings but they are all over Bitchute and other media.

    Colin Flaherty and Paul Kersey post black on white violence daily and it’s horrific.

    I remember Colin saying that he gets around 200 clips everyday from all over and he picks just a few to post.

    Black on white violence is epidemic and totally ignored and covered up by the controlled media, so many white people have no idea just how dangerous black people can be.

    And of course the lying media demonizes innocent white people, causing blood libel against us, so non-whites feel totally justified in killing us.

  12. Burkhardt says:

    That’s because this homicide is wrapped up in a package of race and crime taboos you are not supposed to discuss. Robinson is Black. Tori was white.

    Um, you’re contributing to that problem, Michelle, by playing along with that poisonous propaganda game of capitalizing “black” but not “white”.

    I’m glad you wrote this column and exposed this issue, but seriously, your left hand is working against your right.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
    , @dr.jillB
  13. @Robert Dolan

    No, normal for the species
    Adult Chimps are monsters.

    • Replies: @stanley HT-1
  14. Resartus says:
    @Marxists Suck

    For most of the last 3 decades,
    there’s been several attempts to prevent
    White’s from adopting Black Children….
    To prevent Black Children from losing their Culture….

    Didn’t result in a death (that I recall)…
    The Russian Adoption chain was destroyed by
    ladies getting unruly Russian boys they couldn’t handle….
    Then sent them back to Russia….
    So the Russians stopped the program, that’s when the Obama
    Administration went all Anti-Russian….

  15. @Happy Tapir

    Imagine what the reaction would be if 12 whites assaulted a Black! like this…

  16. Michelle is about 95% there. She has just about called a nug-nug a nug-nug.

  17. @anon

    Was she pushed into adopting white children by some multi-cult do-gooder at the adoption agency?

    There are far more black children available for adoption. There are very few black adopted parents. The math doesn’t add up. This smells.

    • Agree: Bubba
  18. @Burkhardt

    Um, you’re contributing to that problem, Michelle, by playing along with that poisonous propaganda game of capitalizing “black” but not “white”.

    “Negro” has always been capitalized, “white” never. The capitalization is fine if you use the right term.

  19. the Jews are formatting Blacks into an anti-White Einsatzgruppe.

    then, when Blacks rob, rape, face-smash, murder Whites,

    the Jew MSM covers it up,

    and the Jew’d courts cycle the Blacks out through a revolving door.

    by and by, the (((system))) will excuse all Black atrocities against Whites.

    • Replies: @Hans
  20. Hans says:

    I’d venture that the children were a source of income. With her twisted state of mind, she might have thought she could do “good” by treating some white children the way she treats her own. The child does not look comfortable and happy in the lap of that deranged idiot.

    But at least we integrated the schools way back when to fix the education gap. If only we’d realized that the problem was the names of the schools, the textbooks, the teachers, n’sheeeit it’d all be solved up by now.

    I do hope folks have read the NOI’s books on the “Secret Relationship between Blacks and Jews.” They’re chock full of facts (but totally canardy/tropey). Folks discovering their roots gotta study up on the African dealers, too, just to kinda sorta round out the picture a tad.

  21. Hans says:
    @Haxo Angmark

    It does seem to be up and running.

    Has Barbara Lerner Specter commented on “systemic racism” in white nations yet? Or is still still just pushing for mass immigration to white nations? –

  22. @Adam Smith

    Wow! Where did you find that footage? Good job.

    I just knew. I just knew. You could tell by the cagey way they were talking. When do they care so much about hiding the identity of the victim?

  23. @Adam Smith

    Wow, watching the entire video, that’s attempted murder no doubt. They are jumping with both feet on his stomach. And it looks COLD. They are all in heavy clothing. To leave him naked and unconscious to die of exposure is another attempt of murder. Crazed, sadistic.

    • Replies: @Hans
  24. @Adam Smith

    Wait a second, it’s not the same guy that is pixelated as the white guy in the run up video. Different shoes. And you catch that the victim is in fact black before the pixilation starts. The victim appears to be black. Scratch earlier remarks.

    • Replies: @Adam Smith
  25. @Adam Smith

    Someone needs to forward that video to President Bidet’s comission charged with investigating white supremist activity.

    • Agree: Bubba
  26. @Happy Tapir

    Good catch. It does look like he’s a black guy.

    According to Yahoo, “A man who was beaten, slashed, stripped and robbed by a violent mob in Manhattan Chinatown is a known gang member with a lengthy criminal record…” “Records reportedly show that the victim has 43 arrests, 17 of which were felony busts.”

    “New York police told NextShark in an email that they are looking for “approximately 12 dark-skinned males and females” involved in the incident.”

    It looks like they won’t have to look very hard.

    “Thirteen people will reportedly turn themselves in to the NYPD in connection with a caught-on-camera attack on a man who police said was beaten, slashed and stripped in broad daylight in Chinatown last week.”

    “They claim that the 26-year-old man they attacked had robbed their relative at gunpoint during a bus ride from Atlanta to New York City, according to the report.”

    “The relative, a 20-year-old man, was robbed of valuables—including a coat, sneakers, earrings, an Apple watch and two cellphones—during the 15-hour ride before the bus arrived in Chinatown last Friday morning, the 20-year-old’s grandmother told the Daily News.”

    “The grandmother told the paper that her grandson “gave everything” to the 26-year-old and his accomplice aboard the bus. She said he was terrified to report the crime but managed to alert other passengers, who helped him text and call his family.”

    “When the bus arrived in Chinatown around 11:30 a.m., the 20-year-old was met by his relatives, who then chased the 26-year-old, according to the report and video.”

    Well that flips my original post and the original news report on it’s head. It’s pretty wild to see someone stomped and left like that. It seems like he deserved it.

  27. JimDandy says:
    @Marxists Suck

    Oh, the irony of your last line, when your entire comment reeks of privilege! Drawing any attention to this horrific and inexcusable murder is racist. When you state the facts of this crime you are spreading white supremacist propaganda. Yes, it really happened, but that doesn’t matter. What part of this don’t you get?

  28. JimDandy says:

    This is the kind of white fragility they don’t talk about during sensitivity training.

  29. We have had 50 years of MSM lies. I would trade this one little girls life for a thousand lives of these low life foster parents! I have had my opinion suppressed before on this story, but I think there are millions of people who think like me so it will do no good to censor my views. They exist whether you like it or not!

  30. The monsters who approved this adoption should be tried for murder! There had to be millions of much more suitable adoptive parents who would have paid thousands of dollars to adopt this little angel!

  31. Hans says:
    @Happy Tapir

    They ALWAYS jump with both feet on head, stomach, etc. Kick too. It’s learned. Not sure of the source but I’ve seen it many times in similar videos. Black Lives Matter!

    It’s a tragic situation but thankfully we have experts, Catholic no?, with solutions:

    “The white race is a cancer” – Susan Sontag

    “Treason to whiteness is loyalty to humanity…If you are a white male, you don’t deserve to live. You are a cancer, you’re a disease, white males have never contributed anything positive to the world!” – Prof. Noel Ignatiev

    “The key to solving the problems of our age is to abolish the white race.” – Prof. Noel Igantiev

    “Europe is losing its identity…there will be no survivors from the impurity of Christianity” – Rabbi Baruch Efrati

    “Europe has to accept at least a million asylum-seekers annually for the foreseeable future” – George Soros

    “Non-Jews were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world – only to serve the People of Israel” – Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef, Oct. 2010

    “Europe belongs to Europeans, Arabs belong in the Arab countries. They must be told the help they get is to aid them rebuilding their own countries …you can’t have them here. That’s the reality.” – Dalai Lama, raciss, nazi, white supremacist (

  32. In high school 10th grade I got into a fight with a black kid for picking on a small white kid. he called me a white mother fucker and I call him a nigger. He got 5 days in school suspension I got 2 months and I was out of school. I went to work at a k.f.c. a month later. Closing about 10 o’clock, across the street at a 7-11 a young black girl working to pay for her collage, that same black kid I had a fight with robbed her and got spooked and SHOT AND KILLED the poor girl…..BLACK LIVES MATT .Well you know what I mean

  33. dr.jillB says:

    looky..looky…looky….minority mom “adopts” kids for the remuneration, obviously. Goes out of her way to claim that ALL her kids are treated equal….but kills the white adopted daughter. Nothing to see here folks. It was Victoria Rose’s white privilege that got her murdered. Get ready for the voices that told mom to do it…..and her PTSD from a life of racial inequality and prejudice.
    Move along.

  34. dr.jillB says:

    You mean like when the media doesn’t capitalize Marine? The media are trolls…..

    btw… was capitalized for the sarcasm. You missed the point entirely.

    • Replies: @Burkhardt
  35. Burkhardt says:

    btw… was capitalized for the sarcasm.

    If you say so. But that looks like a pretty creative interpretation to me. I hope you’re right.

  36. What I have in mind as Torture Execution of the two BLAK monsters, especially the female, will make the worst of Apache, Chinese, Medieval European Torture Execution look like innocent White children dancing around a Maypole or playing in a sandbox.
    The male gets it first, the female is forced to watch, dosed with LSD and amphetamine, eyelids propped open like Alec’s in Clockwork Orange…so the beast gets to anticipate what’s coming its way.
    Imagine what Gerard Butler’s character in “Law Abiding Citizen” did to the guy that murdered his family, as a small chapter in the final story of what would happen to the vile demon beasts that savaged that White child.
    This also applies to the killer ape that shot 6 year old Cannon Hinnant in thew head.
    No Mercy.
    The demon beast population, the Black Criminal Class in this BLAK and Khazar afflicted nation, is overdue for extermination; and their Khazar puppeteers laid low, with a vengeance.

  37. Trinity says:

    IF you are a White male and this doesn’t make your blood boil than you have no soul. I remember a court case where one of the victims relatives pleaded with the judge for 5 minutes alone with the perpetrator. Of course the judge said she couldn’t allow it. We know that convicts don’t take kindly to child molesters, child killers or even crimes against women. What state was this crime committed in? Since Whites make up the minority in most state prisons, at least they do in the East and the South, they have little power but maybe some convict will act out of principle. You can bet if some White guy or woman did this to a little Black girl or Hispanic girl, they would have a target on their back in prison. Killing a helpless little tiny girl is on par with a child molester in my book.

    Thank you, Miss Malkin for your tireless work on exposing Black on White violence in America. You were one of the few well known people who reported on the Knoxville Horror years ago that Whites like Glenn Beck feigned ignorance and said they had no idea that the event happened.

  38. @Cauchemar du Singe

    so true….inferior affirmative action cheating Baboons

  39. Sandy says:

    A real tragedy for sure.
    The problem as I see it is the vetting done by those who placed this child.
    Have a neighbor who has FIVE ADOPTED…..not married..,,,never home….works for the city.
    The truth is that these children need a home…..yes…but…..not just ANY home.
    Those who placed this child need to be looked into.

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