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The Hunting of Texas Campus Conservative Kelly Neidert
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Most graduating college seniors in America are in high spirits this month as they prepare for cap-and-gown ceremonies and extended family celebrations. But for Kelly Neidert, a firebrand campus conservative and marketing major at the University of North Texas in Denton, commencement is no ordinary rite of passage filled with joy and laughter.

Having faced escalating threats and intimidation from a profane and godless student mob of intolerant liberals over the past two years, Kelly told me she is “hesitant” to receive her diploma on May 13. A woke vigilante, caught on security camera video, stalked her off-campus apartment and spraypainted the phrase “Stay home Nazi C—-” on her door. After a Daily Beast hit piece against her and her conservative twin brother, “leftists started trying to go after my parents. One leftist twitter account posted a satellite image of my parent’s house, while others tried to get them fired.” A petition signed by more than 20,000 loons has called on the university to expel Kelly for her campus activism.

On Monday, Kelly was notified by Twitter that her account had been locked for violating “community standards” against violence and hatred. The only violence in her tweets was the violence and hatred of her enemies. “I had a TikTok dedicated to exposing what goes on at my university and that was banned at 65,000 followers.” Meanwhile, leftist students and the local antifa cell will show up to events with instruments, airhorns, megaphones, etc., literally drowning out my speaking.”

“If I do walk for graduation,” Kelly told me, “I will require a private security team to ensure that I am safe.”

The 22-year-old Denison, Texas, native transferred to UNT in from a small conservative Baptist college in 2019. It was a “huge culture shock,” she recounted on Monday. “When I saw how far left the UNT campus was, I was honestly shocked. At that point I knew that there needed to be a conservative presence on campus.”

And boy, did she establish a presence. Kelly revived a local chapter of the Young Conservatives of Texas, which broke off from the establishment-run Young Americans for Freedom decades ago. This caused literal satanic witches to cast a “hex” on the new group with “intentions of misfortune.” Instead of holding stodgy, insular meetings conducted in hushed tones debating arcane tax law with wannabe GOP swamp creatures who look down their noses at rabble-rousing, grassroots activists, Kelly put herself on the frontlines of the campus culture wars.


Armed with a megaphone, MAGA hat and the armor of God, Kelly shouted from the rooftops in opposition to COVID-19 lockdowns; held a Bible verse Easter egg hunt that triggered anti-Christian vitriol online and in real life; and upheld true ideological diversity on campus by bringing prominent dissidents to speak. In February, she invited Jeff Younger, the Texas Army vet and father who made international headlines battling his ex-wife in court over her plans to turn their 7-year-old son into a girl, for a campus event. Younger, who vows to ban transgender sexual abuse of children in the school and courts, will be on the May primary runoff ballot for a statehouse seat.

Hysterical tantrum-throwers shut down the event and forced Neidert to retreat to a janitor’s closet. The same allergic reaction to free speech and alternative thought was repeated again last week when Neidert invited conservative Christian family activist Tracy Shannon to warn about the alphabet mafia’s trans therapy coercion techniques.

“I had to hire security for myself and my activist partner for the event because I have zero confidence in the university protecting free speech on campus,” Shannon told me. “The university denied YCT a room for the event, the first time in history a room was denied for safety concerns.”

I reached out to University of North Texas president Neal Smatresk multiple times seeking comment. No response. I reached out to Texas GOP Gov. Greg Abbott, a self-styled champion of free speech, online and by phone as well. Zip. Nada. Zilch. Do University of North Texas alumni and donors give a damn about the witch hunt against this brave gal? Will any adults in Texas step up to the plate? Hello?

“Capitulationist Republicans are the biggest enemy to Christian conservatives who stand up to the woke mob,” Kelly told me. “They fight for the left, but the left will absolutely never fight for them. When these capitulationist Republicans publicly denounce us, the left feels even more justified in their attacks against us.” I know exactly of what she speaks, having endured and exposed it for 30 years.

“My story has been in the news cycle on and off since July of 2020,” she points out, “but Greg Abbott has never once spoken about it or publicly supported me. My message to Abbott is to stop talking and actually do something about it. I am hopeful that Twitter will be more fair about free speech since Elon Musk is taking over.”

Pretty pathetic state of affairs, isn’t it, when the multibillion-dollar funded “conservative movement” over the past 30 years outsources its job to a foreign tech mogul who has only recently awakened to woke tyranny?

Neidert refuses to back down. After graduation, she will lead a new grassroots group, Protect Texas Kids, to “help combat the indoctrination in K-12 schools.” Her website is Her simple advice to future conservative activists:

“Raise hell.”


Michelle Malkin’s email address is [email protected]

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  1. I know exactly of what she speaks, having endured and exposed it for 30 years.

    But Mrs. Malkin didn’t deploy to these “frontlines of the campus culture wars.” This is another cut-and-paste column of correspondence about a fellow “firebrand” to avoid telling us what she thinks about Ukraine.

  2. University of North Texas president Neal Smatresk

    I remember him from his days as head of UNLV. Maybe I’ll search my comment archives for the many criticisms that I bestowed upon him. Once a mealy-mouth .. But back to the issue at-hand.

    A_p_e! We taxpayers are sick and tired of paying for institutions that exist merely to provide:

    • sinecures to left-wing profsters.
    • excuses for young people to party & prolong their childhoods.

    As for Kelly, she wasted her time at UNT. One does not need to go to college to learn how to [sell soap]. Indeed, it sounds like she was there as a full-time, right-wing political activist. Sure, she was outnumbered 1,000:1, but in the eyes of taxpayers, ALL of them are equally guilty.

    I reached out to Texas [RINO] Gov ..

    He’s too busy chasing down a public school principal who is accused of sending out a message, to school staffers, urging them to vote YES on a \$992M school bond referendum, held last Saturday. Of course it passed (as did some 70 out of 120 similar, though typically not nearly as expensive, measures across the state) without any word (much less opposition) from him.

    • Replies: @Richard B
  3. Ms Malkin harbors some strange notion that people should be tolerant of those with whom they disagree. That is not the American tradition nor is that idea expressed anywhere in the Constitution. Back in the 1960s, Robert Paul Wolff, Barrington Moore, and Herbert Marcuse published a tidy little volume entitled A Critique of Pure Tolerance in which each of the three discussed the degree that the left should be intolerant of the right and seek to silence the right. One should recall, that in the run up to the Civil War, anti-slave senator, Charles Sumner of Massachusetts, was caned on the Senate floor by a member of the House of Representatives from South Carolina. Sumner was caned because he was deemed unfit to deserve a duel. Virginia’s Dabney has written a book entitled Pistols and Pointed Pens in which Dabney discusses the need for Virginia newspaper editors to defend their lives in duels because of what they published in their papers. Finally, we should recall that Alexander Hamilton was killed by Aaron Burr in a duel because Hamilton would not retract what he wrote about Burr in his newspaper. As many like to say, the 2nd Amendment is the antidote to the 1st Amendment run amok. The best response to Ms Malkin’s column is “so what.” Once again we learn that feee exercise of speech is not actually “free.” Don’t speak unless you can afford it.

    • Replies: @Colin Wright
    , @Meme
  4. beafrank says:

    Ms. Neidert got her degree and now can get out. My college graduation 45 years ago was not to memorable except for the private seafood dinner with family and girlfriend.

  5. In my past life as an LGBT ally, as well as in my working life, I’ve met a number of trans people. None of them were bad people, but they were unquestionably the most quarrelsome and least emotionally stable of the lot. So I believe the 78% figure. Saying they’re mentally ill isn’t hateful, it’s a fact, and would evoke sympathy from any normal person. I guess that means the Twitter mods are not normal people with human empathy — but we already knew that.

  6. Richard B says:

    Here’s Smatresk bowing before the perpatrators of yet another Cry Bully/Hate Hoax (they originated and perfected that “Art” form).

    They also just happen to be The Real Owners of This Country. This is such a weird and creepy ritual.

    But the key point here is that there is no way – no way – our social institutions can survive them. In fact, they’re not surviving them. Just look around. Also, to be perfectly honest, the whole thing surrounding this student smells like a Kosher Hoax. At this point, even if it isn’t, it might as well be, since it’s obviously been turned into one.

    Regarding our Universities, what we are witnessing is the full return to superstitious thinking in its most barbaric form.

  7. Mrs. Malkin has become an even bigger joke over the past few years. Do your daughters a favor and just go away.

    • Replies: @1IreneFlick3
  8. It looks like it’s perfectly fine to vandalize and stalk, apparently. I’m really starting to get worried about this, because it looks as though these individuals seem to have no other life. They just play, and hate, all day long, and out of one end of their mouth make their beastly demands about this, that, and the other, yet at the same time out of the OTHER end of their mouth spew their malicious attacks against those they delusionally perceive as a threat to all of their precious garbage. Antifa, and the like, are nothing more than great big giant babies trying to look even “bigger” than they really are. Grow up and get a damned life, already.

  9. @Harry Huntington

    ‘…One should recall, that in the run up to the Civil War, anti-slave senator, Charles Sumner of Massachusetts, was caned on the Senate floor by a member of the House of Representatives from South Carolina. Sumner was caned because he was deemed unfit to deserve a duel…’

    No, Senator Sumner was caned by Representative Brooks of South Carolina because Sumner had mocked another Senator who was a relative of Brooks.

    Brooks’ relative had had a stroke, and spoke with difficulty. Sumner humiliated him in public to his face, openly imitating him before the Senate. Brooks came onto the floor and caned Sumner.

  10. @Colin Wright

    You are right on all points, but you miss the key point. Why caning? Typically you would horse whip some, cane others, and engage in a duel with others. Duels were reserved for men of honor and of leading social statute. You don’t cane a dog. Sumner was caned not only for the insult, but for being a dog. Response was for family honor. The fact that the response was a caning spoke to Sumner’s moral character.

    Recall in the 180s at the University of Virginia, students frequently practiced shooting pistols for dueling, but if the students had a disagreement with a faculty member they would horsewhip the faculty member. Even then college professors were deemed to lack honor.

  11. @Colin Wright

    That caning is one of my favorite moments in US history. I also admire Guy Fawkes.

  12. Meme says:
    @Harry Huntington

    So then those who disagree with you are free to attack you? And you think that is okay?

    • Replies: @Harry Huntington
  13. @Meme

    If the people with whom I disagree do not attack me, then I assume I have scored no points with my comments. Stanley Fish pointed out in his book There is No Such Think As Free Speech that “free speech” is a fiction. In the old days before the internet but after the ditto machine and modern printing is was convenient to think that you had venues to speak your mind. You really didn’t. The news paper editor did not have to print your letter. You couldn’t just get an article published. Lots of “moderators” and “editors” censored your speech all the time.

    The Internet freed up lots of people to speak unfettered on a public square. There is zero reason today you should expect less of a response that one would expect in early America. What was that response in early America of the Founders? Caning, horse whipping, being shot, being tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail, having your house burned down. Being vilified in the press. Having your named dragged through the mud in a whisper campaign. Being fired from your job. Being denied credit. Those are the “costs” of “free speech.”

    Those should be the costs of free speech. If you speak, be ready to pay for your speech.

  14. eric2003 says:

    It’s so sad that radical leftists in America now are utterly incapable of friendly debate with reason and logic. This is largely because leftist ideology is mostly devoid of reason and logic to begin with. They behave like the brownshirts in Nazi Germany. It’s also disgusting how virtually all top Democrats will not speak out against the use of violence and intimidation by their supporters.

  15. “I had to hire security for myself and my activist partner for the event because I have zero confidence in the university protecting free speech on campus,” Shannon told me. “The university denied YCT a room for the event, the first time in history a room was denied for safety concerns.”

    Yet this same law enforcement apparatus, were she to defend herself against any of this human sludge, would probably give her the James Fields treatment.

    Keep backing that blue, fucktards.

  16. @MeLoveYouLongTime

    Do your mother a favor and just go away.

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