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The Global Trace-and-Track Regime
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The Biden administration’s vaccine passport scheme is just the teeny-tiny tip of a massive privacy invasion iceberg. A year ago this week, I began chronicling the worldwide weaponization of COVID-19 by big government and big business to trace and track the health data of untold hundreds of millions of human beings. Let’s review.

In March 2020, Singapore unleashed a Bluetooth app called “TraceTogether” on Google Play and the Apple Store to track people who tested positive for coronavirus and notify others through their cellphones. For those who argue that participation is completely “voluntary,” bear in mind that Singapore functions as a high-tech dictatorship where refusal to comply with stay-at-home orders and refusal to share GPS location data with health bureaucrats are criminal offenses subject to six months’ imprisonment and/or a $10,000 fine.

The Singapore system was quickly expanded to require users to submit their national ID numbers and passport numbers; a few months later, the government issued wearable tracing “tokens” with QR codes to all 5.7 million residents in Singapore. Plans are in the works to formally mandate TraceTogether enrollment for anyone in cinemas, restaurants, workplaces, schools and shopping malls.

Dozens of states, plus countries including Germany, the U.K., and a large swath of Canada, now use COVID-19 exposure notification apps akin to Singapore’s that are built on Google and Apple’s Exposure Notification application programming interface.

On March 9, 2020, the Trump administration’s U.S. Department of Health and Human Services unveiled new data rules requiring doctors and hospitals to “send a core set of medical data directly to third-party apps after a patient has authorized the information exchange.” Google, Apple and Microsoft — all at the forefront of health data mining — sat in on the rule-making process meetings.

The tech oligarchs are in the driver’s seat, not the back of the bus.

As I’ve reported in investigative documentaries and this column for years, Google/YouTube is already knee-deep in mental-health data mining of adults and children despite repeated privacy violations. They’ve mined students’ emails in violation of the federal Family and Educational Rights and Privacy Act. They’ve violated the federal Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. Google secretly harvested tens of millions of medical records with identifying names, lab results, diagnoses, immunization records and prescriptions from thousands of hospitals across 21 states through “Project Nightingale” — a partnership with Ascension health system to build a search tool and data analytics using machine-learning algorithms.

A year ago this month, Google launched “Verily,” a COVID-19 screening and testing website. California Gov. Gavin Newsom forked over $55 million to subsidize Verily contracts with 28 counties. The contracts allow Google/Verily to mine and share home addresses and medical information with “unnamed contractors and state and federal health authorities,” according to Kaiser Health News.

In April 2020, COVID control freak Anthony Fauci mentioned that the feds had begun investigating “certificates of immunity” for American citizens.


New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio launched a snitch line urging people to upload photos of businesses not in compliance with social distancing rules. Georgia officials dispatched law enforcement officers to random private homes in Fulton and Dekalb counties to ask residents questions about their health and to collect blood samples for an antibody test.

Police agencies in Florida, Connecticut and New Jersey deployed drones to enforce social distancing and experiment with fever and facial mask detection. In May 2020, China rolled out temperature armbands to college students. In August 2020, the Butler, New Jersey, public schools mandated temperature armbands manufactured by Accwell for students and staff to be worn at all times as a condition of access to public education.

Volan Technology successfully marketed and distributed tracking Bluetooth-enabled “badges” and “beacons” to school districts that can track campus movements of COVID-positive wearers for up to 30 days and identify others with whom they’ve had close contact. Princeton Identity rolled out new touchless biometric and iris scanning products to be installed on college campuses. Online proctoring services that proliferated in the age of COVID, including Proctorio, Factorial and Respondus Monitor, collect college students’ facial recognition data — which can be sold to third parties.

This week, the Washington Free Beacon obtained a Biden COVID team document outlining a trace-and-track program developed by the University of Illinois using Bluetooth technology that mimics the Singapore model I flagged a year ago.

This week, snoozing Americans finally woke up to the Biden vaccine passport plan and the New York vaccine verification program known as the “Excelsior Pass.” But these credentialing systems have been in the works for years among U.S. and global health agencies, long before “corona” meant nothing more than a beer or bright light to most people. The Vaccination Credential Initiative is a joint endeavor of the feds, Microsoft, Oracle, Salesforce, the Mayo Clinic, electronic medical records giant Epic, Big Pharma CEOs and globalist nonprofit entities all coordinated by the military-industrial powerhouse MITRE corporation.

These public-private partnerships between tech companies and Surveillance States obliterate any meaningful distinction between “free market” initiatives and government directives. Big tech, big health and big government all work seamlessly to ensure the success of the global trace-and-track regime. There is no freedom to choose in a climate of collusion and a culture of conformity. The conspiracy is real.

Michelle Malkin’s email address is [email protected] To find out more about Michelle Malkin and read features by other Creators Syndicate writers and cartoonists, visit the Creators Syndicate website at

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  1. Mrs. Malkin, of all the well-known pundits I’ve kept up with, you’ve been the only one warning Americans about these encroaching Orwellian practices by Big Gov and Big Biz. I’ve read your occasional columns about this for years. It’s not just about the kids, but the collecting of all this personal information and tracking of children in any way conceivable by marketing “geniuses” and government is just sickening to me.

    You deserve many thanks for your efforts, but I also know that a large majority of Americans care much more about their convenience than they do about freedom. The young people don’t even understand why anyone would value his privacy. I suppose that comes from growing up in a world in which one is never away from watchful eyes, except deep in the woods in the big mountains. But then, they can’t check the internet to answer any question that might come up!

    Here’s part of an old Peak Stupidity post called “School Daze”:

    t was just a freer world, that’s all. It’s the electronics mostly, that are the problem, but the US Police State attitude has been a part of Big Ed, at least the government-run sector, since that time.

    I can remember walking home from school out in this semi-rural area, after I’d found a good short cut. I had to avoid a few cows and get over some barbed wire, and then I was clear of all sight of the school and any other man-made structures for 1/2 mile or so. At that point, I was really alone, in a good way, and in a way that maybe nobody can be anymore, even out in the high Sierras. Nobody had his virtual eyes or ears on me. It was just me and my thoughts under God.

    Again, you have been working so hard to warn Americans about this, but they are too lazy to care. Not as individuals, but as a whole, Americans are going to get what they deserve, it sure looks like…

    • Agree: Realist
    • Replies: @Badger Down
  2. “Biden’s passport scheme?A teeny-tiny tip of an iceberg?
    The conspiracy is real?Snoozing Americans finally woke up?”

    Are you sure you know what you’re talking about?

    “Let’s review.” ??? What are you talking about?

    “A culture of conformity”?

    Do you even know the definition of, “cult””ure”?

    • Replies: @Ultrafart the Brave
  3. Google, Facebook and many social media sites are arms of the gov’t via contract at a minimum. I suspect Google and Facebook were provided financing via gov’t wink, wink, nudge, nudge arm twisting once the spook agencies realized the gold mine of data to be harvested by ignoramuses that put their life story and last bowel movement up on their platforms.

    The bulk of users run Windows that has long been known as a truly insecure operating system and their source code was once revealed by a Russian developer to contain link names such as NSA, FBI, etc. Anyone running Windows is just asking for trouble. Germany switched to Linux many years ago when they discovered that Windows was providing a backdoor for information that eventually went to US corporations to give them the edge on contacts. That didn’t last long, of course, since Germany is occupied territory and now back on Windows.

    Anyone on the Internet should realize that their Internet history is visible to the NSA and other spook agencies. This is common knowledge to anyone in the computer / software business but may be news to the average Joe.

  4. You want a side of fries with your medical history?

  5. @goldgettin

    Do you even know the definition of, “cult””ure”?


    Just to put things in some sort of context, supposedly East Germany had internal “passports”, as did Soviet Russia.

    It has to be something of a feat to be unable to see the impending rollout of similar measures across the Western world to keep us all “safe” from Corona Chan. Never mind that being “vaccinated” with creepy Bill’s mRNA poison neither protects one from catching or spreading Corona Chan.

    So any “vaccine passport” is just a receipt to show that you’ve been injected. It certifies that, and only that. And – let’s not beat around the bush here – it also conveniently straps you into whatever data structure they have manufactured for their purposes.

    And, of course, Western governments would never expand the scope of any surveillance measure beyond its original completely implausible premise.

    Whatever you’re on, I want some.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  6. Hans says:

    “Anti”-virus software, too. Forget the “great” program I used years ago that key stroke logged everything back to Israel.

    Brings to mind Carl Cameron’s great work on 9/11 and the backdoors to our phone system the Israel’s had obtained. It’s gotten tough to find the original 3-part series. This is some of it –

    “Evidence linking these Israelis to 9/11 is classified. I cannot tell you about evidence that has been gathered. It is classified information.”

    The two Co-Chairs who replaced Kissinger wrote a book to publicly share their concerns called “Without Precedent, The Inside Story of the 9/11 Commission.” They also held press conferences and participated in interviews in which they publicly shared their concerns, stating that the Commission had been “set up to fail.” Co-Chair Lee Hamilton described the process as “seriously flawed.” In a 2006 interview with CBC, he said, “We thought we were set up to fail. We got started late. We had a very short time frame. Indeed, we had to get it extended. We did not have enough money. They were afraid we were going to hang somebody.”

    9/11 Commissioner Max Cleland resigned his position, claiming the Commission had been “deliberately compromised by the President of the United States.”

    In an interview in November 2009, 9/11 Commission member Senator Bob Kerry described the events of 9/11 by saying, “The problem is it’s a 30-year old conspiracy.” His statement is amazing, but even more amazing is the fact that no mainstream news reporter ever followed up with him to ask why he said that. (

  7. Realist says:

    Yes, the Covid pandemic was always a scam. It is a Deep State tool of subjugation.

  8. I have visited Singapore every year for the last 20 plus years.

    They have an ultra-modern city of 6 million, almost zero crime and generally good race relations between the Ethnic Chinese, Muslims and Hindus.

    They have only 30 fatalities from Covid-19 from abt 70,000 infected out of 6 million and everybody goes out to their offices and eats in restaurants outside, which are packed, packed solid. All the malls, offices, restaurants, beaches, all packed solid. They only had a partial lockdown for a couple of months last year.

    What are they doing right? Well everybody wears masks, no exceptions. The masks are supplied free to everyone. So are the vaccines. So is the quarantine. Also the hospital stays and treatment, all free. Often, infected or suspected infected people are quarantined in luxury hotels with the govt paying the tab. Or else u are quarantined in govt buildings with wi-fi, food supplied etc. Or at home, where officials will check up on you every few days.

    They have the tracing apps, they have all sorts of detailed instructions about how many people can sing in public, how many people can stand in a certain area, etc.

    They use the military and police to do contact tracing and publish the results, how many infected, how many quarantined, how many traced, how many clusters, every day in the media.

    All the Singaporeans I know are very happy with the way the virus situation has been handled there. The read and watch other countries twisting themselves into tragedies with horror and disbelief.

    Hell, even I have a Singaporean tracing app, but I seldom use it.

    Do the people have any less “freedom” than back in the US? Singapore has had elections since the 1960s, a vocal opposition and strong every day criticism, insults and mockery of the ruling government and also of the opposition.

    Compared to back home, the efficiency and competence in this medium-sized Asian city is fantastic.

    No wonder Singapore is supposed to have the highest country IQ in the world, as well as being the near the richest per capita, and also has near the most free economy and also low taxes.

    It’s sad that we just aren’t capable of this sort situation back in the US. Hell, the way the Trumptards, BLM were rioting, it looked just like the Ukraine parliament or the rioters in HK. And the corruption in the US govt is simply immeasurable.

    And that is what is causing the decline of America.

  9. And the Jews under the Nazis were forced to wear a yellow star. But we are better than that! We have much more sophisticated and all-encompassing technologies to identify the undesirables and the non-conforming.

    I’m sure after the coming atrocities in the name of “protecting” the people, we will once again hear the excuses, “I was just following orders”…

    • Replies: @Hans
  10. @Ultrafart the Brave

    “Nobody coulda’ seen this coming! Nobody!”

    – Guest #2,331,906 of the #3 People’s COVID-22 concentration Quarantine Camp

  11. @GreatSocialist

    Stay in Singapore where you’re nice and comfortable in your face diaper, Socialist . You can take your competency and efficiency, but I’m not gonna live in a LOCKDOWNed hive like that place. I knew a girl from there back in the middle ’00s, and she told me how the government was keeping track of people then. (This was before “smart” iCrap even.) I asked her what she thought of that. “Great. I mean, if you have nothing to hide, right?”

  12. Resartus says:

    In April 2020, COVID control freak Anthony Fauci mentioned that the feds had begun investigating “certificates of immunity” for American citizens.

    And they still can’t tell for certain, if there is such a thing as Immunity….

  13. Hans says:
    @Not Chicken Little

    I guess the Whoremedia has told the truth about “evil” Hitler and “evil” Nazis. They’ve lied about everything else but NOT THAT!!! LOL.

    Why Jews were interned –—jewish-partisans.html

    Red Bloodied: A History of Leftist Terror in America –

    This is a must: The Transfer Agreement and Boycott Fever of 1933 –

    • Replies: @Ultrafart the Brave
  14. @GreatSocialist

    According to the CIA World Factbook, the racial/ethnic breakdown of Singaporeans is:
    Chinese 74.3%, Malay 13.4%, Indian 9%, other 3.2% (2018 est.)
    Singapore works (and has a high IQ) because it is essentially free of negroes.

  15. @Hans

    Thanks for those links.

    Perhaps unsurprisingly, the first one has been “disappeared”. Go figure.

    I guess the Whoremedia has told the truth about “evil” Hitler and “evil” Nazis.

    We’ve had 70 years of relentless indoctrination around the evil German Nazi super-villains.

    It’s little wonder those beliefs have become religiously entrenched in most people’s psyches.

    For my part, I no longer accept the popular narrative about Hitler and WWII in general.

    As to what actually transpired, like so much of even our recent history, the full truth may never see the light of day.

    • Replies: @Hans
  16. Hans says:
    @Ultrafart the Brave

    Not sure what happened. The page is still there –—jewish-partisans.html

    Alison Chabloz has been sentenced to PRISON for hurting the feelings of some demented stalkers in the UK who insisted on listening to her satirical songs –

    And a few “hate” quotes:

    The Nuremberg Trials are so repugnant to Anglo-Saxon principles of justice that we must forever be ashamed.” – Rep. Lawrence H. Smith, Congressional Record, appendix, v.95, sec.14, 6/15/49

    The investigators (Nuremberg) would put a black hood over the accused’s head, punch him in the face with brass knuckles, kick him and beat him with rubber hoses.” – Judge Edward van Roden: The Progressive, Feb. 1949, “(((American))) Atrocities in Germany”

    Texas Supreme Court Judge, Gordon Simpson, confirmed savage beatings, smashing of testicles, and months of solitary confinement occurred. Congressional Record, appendix. v. 95, sec. 12, 3/10/49

    “One by one, the Jews are capturing the principal newspapers of America” – Sir Cecil Spring-Rice, British diplomat (Letter Nov 1914, to Sir Edward Grey, Letters and Friendships)

    “I don’t care if Americans think we’re running the news media, Hollywood, Wall Street or the government. I just care that we get to keep running them.” – Joel Stein, LA Times, 12/19/08

    • Thanks: Ultrafart the Brave
  17. @Achmed E. Newman

    And the silence! When was the last time you heard complete silence?

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