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The Coming Abortion Insurrection
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I told you it was coming. Back in May, on my show, “Sovereign Nation,” I chronicled significant signs of pro-life progress that were driving death-lobby Democrats mad — and I warned of a wave of intolerant tantrums to come as we hurtle into autumn. It’s here.

In a 5-4 ruling last week, the U.S. Supreme Court refused to strike down the Texas heartbeat law protecting unborn babies as early as six weeks of age. This follows nationwide adoption of heartbeat laws and other abortion restrictions in so many state legislators that the left-wing Guttmacher Institute apocalyptically reported that “2021 is on track to become the most devastating antiabortion state legislative session in decades.”

Extremist pro-abortion ghouls immediately lamented last week that more innocent human lives with detectable heartbeats in the womb will be saved thanks to the decision. Richard Hanania, a former Columbia University research fellow, complained that “(I)f red states ban abortion, we could see a world where they have five times as many children with Down syndrome, and similar numbers for other disabilities.”

Saved lives: horrors!

That callous response was tame compared with the unhinged rantings of actress Bette Midler, who called on all women to “refuse to have sex with men” in protest of state abortion restrictions. (I’d venture a guess that plenty of men would not consider abstaining from sex with Bette Midler a punishment, but I digress.)

The mayor of godforsaken hellhole Portland, Oregon, Ted Wheeler, indignantly proposed a resolution banning city trade and travel with Texas until the state withdraws the law or it gets overturned in court. (I’d venture a guess that very few Texans will consider Portland’s abstinence and withdrawal from the Lone Star State a punishment, but again, I digress.)

A literal Satanic Temple announced plans to defy the law and assist any woman who “wishes to undergo the Satanic Abortion Ritual within the first 24 weeks of pregnancy.” Meanwhile, web-hosting company GoDaddy showed its Satan-sympathizing colors by yanking down a whistleblower website run by Texas Right to Life that aimed to support enforcement of the heartbeat law.

Pro-abortion bigotry is similarly out in full force in the tech and entertainment industries. Standing up against the homicidal cancellation of unborn life will get you canceled by Hollywood and Silicon Valley.

The Food Network denounced former show host Josh Denny over his support for the Texas law, declaring that “his views do not reflect our company values and we regret giving him a platform.”

Denny, God bless him, did not back down.

“If you regret having ever given me a platform,” the actor and comedian retorted, “how about you send me a check for the (tens) of millions of dollars my show made for your network(s)? … You knew my views and my style of comedy when you hired me. My views represent the beliefs of half of this country.”


Indeed. Those views are also shared by John Gibson, who proclaimed publicly on Twitter that he was “proud” of the U.S. Supreme Court for affirming the Texas law protecting the unborn. “I felt it was important to go on the record as a pro-life game developer.” Gibson was the co-owner of Tripwire Interactive, a Georgia-based video game developer and publisher, and until Sept. 6, he was the CEO.

Throwing their own leader under the bus, Tripwire’s top brass wrote that they “are deeply sorry and are unified in our commitment to take swift action and to foster a more positive environment.”

“Sorry” for allowing diversity of opinion to rear its terrible head!

This is all but a prelude to the real abortion insurrection. On Oct. 2, two days before the new Supreme Court term kicks off, militant feminist leaders are planning the mother of all pro-abortion Women’s Marches in Washington, D.C. These are the types of women who have turned up at past protests dressed as vaginas and vulvas, howling at the tops of their lungs while vandalizing public facilities with sanitary napkins, and storming the U.S. Capitol and Supreme Court steps.

Very rich, isn’t it, coming from the same people who’ve been weaponizing Nov. 3 and Jan. 6 to cast their political opponents as the most dangerous public safety and homeland security villains. May I remind you that each and every one of the heartbeat laws and pro-life protections adopted this year came about peacefully and lawfully. Pro-lifers didn’t have to shut down highways, burn down businesses or incite violence like Women’s March allies in antifa and Black Lives Matter. They worked through the system — and it’s still not unacceptable to the mob.

Watch who abides by the rules of civility — and who breaks the rules when they don’t get what they want. History already shows us that some Capitol takeovers are more protected and equal than the others. I guarantee you that all the incessantly repeated narratives about “white supremacists” (like brown-skinned me) and Trump supporters being the real threats to democracy will be thoroughly debunked when the aggrieved abortion vigilantes in pink hats and raised fists return to Washington. Mark my words.

Michelle Malkin’s email address is [email protected]

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  1. So, it’s “My body, my choice” when it comes to abortion…but, those of us who refuse the jab are somehow “threats to society”…uh, MY BODY, MY CHOICE!!…Hypocrisy at its highest level on the part of the lunatic left. As Ronald Reagan once said, “seems that those who favor abortion have already been born.”

  2. Great article on an important topic that too often gets ignored these days. I researched this topic at length ~ 30 years ago for my first published essay back at college. A few things that are rarely mentioned…

    Planned Parenthood (America’s leading abortion profiteers) were openly calling abortion “baby killing” in their own brochures (I have a copy) just a few years before 7 vigilante judges (all men, by the way) issued their ridiculous Roe v. Wade decision in 1973.

    Then in 1965, Life magazine did its famous feature “Life Before Birth” showing then state-0f-the-art photos of human development and explicitly stating that life starts at conception. There was no scientific push-back at the time to this obvious finding.

    So the understanding that abortion is killing innocent life was settled science by the mid-1960s.

    Whenever I think of this topic, I’m quickly reminded that same “pro-choice” politicians are militantly anti-choice on every other topic. So that’s a ruse.

    In my view, to what extent abortion should be legal has nothing to do with “morality” (another ruse) and has more to do about what kind of community people want to live in. Sadly to say, murder leaves a mark and has a corrosive effect on everyone it touches. The argument for allowing the rich (abortionists) and powerful (adult parents) to legally kill those who get in the way is rather weak.

    But since politics is the art of compromise, I’m fine if some folks in NYC and California want to exterminate their own kids. They too should be respectful if Texans want to live in communities that hold a more tolerant view of the weakest members of society.

  3. The Texas law seems a bit extreme and is bordering on legislating based on religious beliefs. Restricting abortions to the first trimester would seem reasonable, with possibly exceptions in the case of rape, incest, mentally retarded women, etc.

    What has really shocked people, though, is this clause allowing anyone to sue anyone else who gets an abortion or even helps anyone else to do so, if it is past six weeks, which is a very tight time frame.

    Does this apply to Texas residents who get an abortion outside of Texas? If that is the case, it is really going overboard and the Texas legislature ought to think again as to whether it wants to be known as the Texas Taliban.

    Perhaps the next step will be to be able to sue anyone who has unprotected sex outside of marriage or practices Onanism.

    • Replies: @Ultrafart the Brave
  4. Resartus says:

    But since politics is the art of compromise,

    Always felt that one state interfering with another states politics was wrong….
    D.C. has always ignored the opinion of voters in states where things didn’t go their way
    i.e. Gay Marriage…. all but one state that held a poll on it, voted it down….
    Then Liberals went Judge hunting and had it put into affect, against the majority’s will….
    When MLK day was going through the process (voting), states attempting to extort voters from outside the state, ended up reversing the result because of their interference….

  5. I don’t get what all the outrage is for. So an innocent child can live, and she won’t have to die? Seriously, this is all piggishness in the extreme. That’s why I avoid looking at newspapers anymore. Oh, and I’m just as sick of hearing about the vaccine being “a moral obligation”. But letting a child live, somehow, isn’t? “Anti-vaxx crackpot” for those considering their own healthrisks, but horror of horrors to let a child live! IndianLady

  6. I can’t get over it. The same slobs who storm the streets, the Capitol, and wherever else, spewing their hate and vulgarity until they’re blue in the face and shaking their fist as though it were a giant tantrum-throwing rattle, all over the threat to their “right” to destroy, violently and viciously, the life of an unborn child conceived by their perfectly consented sex act, kindly calm down after a while to remind us how taking a shot that can actually harm women and ruin our menstrual cycles is our “moral obligation,” and “shows love of neighbor.” Okay, look, they might as well just say it like it really is. “Take the shot that doesn’t work so you can save the lives of others and still have to keep wearing a mask forever everywhere you go, and social distance forever, too.” Doesn’t that sound like an insentive to get the shot? Oh, and I might start bleeding abnormally because of it, but I suppose the right to do what I want with MY own body somehow fails to fall under the “reproductive rights” category? How so? And why, exactly? I’m a woman, afterall, and I should have every damned right in the book! IndianLady

  7. Emslander says:

    Polls in 1973 indicated that 72% of the public opposed the Roe decision. Polls since then are probably very unreliable, because of the hysterical response to anyone who expresses support for the conceived unborn child.

    Still, they’ve never shown a majority in favor of the concept of abortion. Adding conditions of various unrealistic scenarios is always used to argue that the people are ambivalent.

    Yet, actions like those of Texas and other states are followed religiously by hysterical pro-abortion behavior. Those people are not confident that they are in the majority. Coming months will prove their marginality. The pro-aborts will do anything, including to destroy elected representation altogether, to maintain the practice of killing human life in the womb. We will see all hell breaking loose, literally.

  8. Resartus says:

    all over the threat to their “right” to destroy, violently and viciously, the life of an unborn child

    The pro-choice side stayed fairly quiet for several decades….
    Not pushing back, then the pro-choice side went the :
    “Give them an inch, they will take a mile route”…
    Till, they pushed for legalizing abortion, right up till the “New born” was out of the womb…

    If it takes you 8+ months to decide on an abortion, it has nothing to do with healthcare….

    They took “Baby Steps” reaching the point where they are now, stamping them down in one huge slap down is so satisfying….

  9. Trinity says:

    The anti-Whites want abortion because lets face it, MOST of the women receiving abortions are White. Don’t believe that cockamamie horseshit about all those Black women receiving abortions. That MYTH is ridiculous because MOST Black women ( those of breeding age, some start as young teens and go until there mid to even late thirties in some cases) that I see stay pregnant. They pop out one kid after the other. The only group breeding faster are Mexican women. IF nonwhites were having all these abortions, the (((establishment))) would be pro-life.

    Old enuff to remember as a kid back in the Seventies when (((they))) were telling the still overwhelmingly White America that the world was becoming too populated and that White couples should not be greedy selfish bastards, that these couples should have small families or better yet, have no children. This was a method of controlling America becoming too White as well as flooding America with legal as well as illegal nonwhites. Abortion has nothing to do with females having control of their bodies. These same douchebags that promote pro-choice do a 180 when it comes to taking the (((covid shot))) that is making (((Big pharma))) rich and also their way of telling you to keep your mouth shut and like it.

  10. Yes, we know that the DEMs are big, strident hypocrites. They’ll never change. The GOPs deliver the DEM agenda, and worse, at a slower pace. Since we’re stuck with the evil twins, the least sucky approach is to make government as small as possible. That will minimize the suckyness.

    A_p_e, rebate the unspent (unwasted) money to taxpayers, and sell off the schools (again with rebates). That will cut state government overall by a long overdue ~40% (education would vastly improve, also). A good start; USG needs to shrink by an immediate 97.7%.

    Then we won’t care which crime family controls the government.

  11. Abortion will be very legal for the foreseeable future for two reasons. First, republican college freshmen women. These young women leave the shelter of their parents. They are not on birth control. First semester in college they go to a party, get drunk, have sex, get pregnant. Those young women have abortions. If you make abortion illegal, those young women have to drop out of school. Their parents are pro life until their daughter is pregnant.

    Second group is older richer folks who postponed having kids until their late 30s early 40s. They all use NIPT tests when they get pregnant. Those tests, pioneered by Illuman, test the blood of pregnant women for the baby’s DNA. Those tests reveal baby gender and birth defects. If you get a bad NIPT test result the only “cure” is abortion. You cannot typically do an NIPT test until 9 weeks into a pregnancy–but saying 9 weeks assumes you know that are you pregnant in reasonable time. A 15 week abortion limit cuts the NIPT test window very small. A Texas 6 week limit makes NIPT impossible.

    Bottom line rich folks seeking middle age pregnancy love NIPT and want “treatment.” When you see older friends having “miscarriages.” Reality is, they got bad NIPT results and terminated the pregnancy.

    Abortion is the pregnancy “treatment” for Republican college girls and for older affluent middle aged folks seeking to have a baby “naturally” not using in utero.

  12. UR2 says:

    Free sex is the cause of murder of the living child in the womb. Something needs to be done legally. All the states should consider this when a girl/woman applies for an abortion: (1) identify the father of the child through a DNA test (2) proceed immediately with his mandatory 1 year stay in prison.

  13. Anonymous[315] • Disclaimer says:

    Making abortion a states rights issue will be the end of the white race in America. Northern, majority white states will keep abortion legal, while Southern, majority non-white states like Texas will make it imposible to obtain.

    The abortion percentage is given for the major race groups in America:

    Black: 33%
    White: 12%
    Asian: 18%
    Hispanic: 17%


    We can expect, therefore, that there will be a black population explosion in the South within the next decade. Whereas white fertility will only continue to decline. Abortion was the only thing keeping the United States in a relative state of demographic stasis for decades. The ultra-high fertility rate of women of color (or the pitifully low fertility rate of white women) was being masked by the extremely high rate of abortions to black women.

    The white race in the United States is finished. This isn’t hyperbole. It’s really fucking over. The retarded Christians, most of them white, have now sealed the fates of the rest of us who did not want the chocolate floodgates to break open. Let us hope for a severe retaliation from our elected President, Joe Biden, so that reason may once again bring the pimp hand down on the screeching, feminine voice of religion.

    Ever since the Civil War, the US South has been playing a passive-aggressive game of salami-slicing, in which they signal as delicately as possible that they do not want to be a part of our Society, and indeed the modern world, without actually putting up a fight. For years they have chipped away at the values, the laws, the grammar and the reputation of this country. The South ought to be given back to Mexico, re-invaded and occupied, and every Southern man, woman and child starved until their ribs are visible, like keys on a piano. They will then bow down to the one true God: the Federal government.

    • Troll: Trinity
    • Replies: @Trinity
    , @George Weinbaum
  14. Trinity says:

    Hispanic is not a race. LMAO.

    Black women receiving the most abortions is a (((LIE.)))

    Remember people, these stats are done by the same people who told you that there were “11 million illegals” in America for about 20 years before people finally noticed something wasn’t kosher, then again, maybe it was (((kosher.)))

  15. @Jonathan Mason

    Restricting abortions to the first trimester would seem reasonable…

    It’s all a matter of perspective, of an individual’s vantage point.

    To whom would exterminating a growing child in the first trimester seem reasonable?

    Not to the child, I would think, nor to anyone who regards the point of conception as the commencement of human life.

    If that premise is accepted, then all other questions become moot.

    Only by denying the principle that life begins at conception do people grant themselves the liberty to start dicking around with arguments about when it’s okay to kill an unborn child.

    FWIW, and for your edification, self-sanctifying academics and politicians have legalised full term abortions across most Australian states. That means they can kill a newborn baby in the process of being born, and then cut the remains up and sell it on for profit. This is a now a booming industry in Australia.

    Does that seem reasonable to you? Hey, it’s just moving the timeframe a few notches one way or another. By the way, they’re also moving to allow post-birth abortions in Australia. How does that sound to you – does that seem reasonable?

    Murder is murder. Let them kill children who have no-one to save them, and who are unable to scream, and sure enough, pretty soon they’re moving on to kill even the ones that can.

    At the end of time, Satan is going to harvest a mighty rich crop from these butchering psycopaths.

  16. @Anonymous

    Does any anti-abortion proponent want to adopt these children? I don’t. Nor do I want to support them through taxes. You support them. Absent abortion, the entire country will turn blue. Faster! If anything, we should encourage non-whites to have abortions.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  17. Trinity says:
    @George Weinbaum

    Nope, “our gubmint” encourages non-whites both illegal and legal to have “chilren.” All these nonwhites that are ALLEGEDLY aborting “chilren” and yet you see some Mexican with 5 kids at Walmart and the kids all look to have been born about a year or two apart. Fudging the stats like they do the (((covid))) death counts?? I remember some Black lady in Tampa popped out 13 kids while being on the gubmint dole the whole time.

    So (((stats))) aside it appears that looking around, the only people NOT getting abortions are nonwhites.

  18. Resartus says:

    Does any anti-abortion proponent want to adopt these children?

    Are the Russians allowing US citizens to adopt Russian Children again yet,
    after the fiasco caused by Liberals that couldn’t deal with the unruly ones
    they sent back to Russia….

  19. G. Poulin says:

    The media will not report the violence and vandalism that will be committed by the assembled leftists. Most people will be unaware that such things occurred.

  20. Mike-SMO says:

    Gee. Y’all having so much fun….

    1) The determination of a heartbeat as the definition is going to spread. Currently Life/Death is determined by “Brain Death” Hearts are commonly restarted after heart attacks and accidents. Hearts are often “stopped” during vascular or cardiac surgery. If life is dedfined by heart action, there will be problems.

    2) The Texas law allows a participant in an abortion to be sued into bankruptsy. If you resist, the cost will be brutal. If you don’t resist and loose by default, the costs will be brutal. The next action will be a law allowing suits for “Free Speech” that spreads “un-truths”, or the possession of a “scary” firearm, etc. No law enforcement. Just destitution in order to use your “rights”.

    Law suits are a nasty weapon. Be careful about what you ask for. You may get it.

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