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Suspicious Fires on the Hill; Update on Vietnam Veterans Memorial Vandalism
Burning questions.
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Four “suspicious” fires were set in women’s bathrooms in two Senate buildings in D.C. today. Three in Dirksen, one in Hart, according to WaPo:

Four “suspicious” small fires broke out in bathroom trash cans in two Senate office buildings today, said Sgt. Kimberly Schneider of the U.S. Capitol Police…”They are suspicious in nature,” Schneider said. “We are working to see if these are all connected.


By the way, there’s still no word on who vandalized the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

AMVETS is offering a $5,000 reward for info:

AMVETS National Commander John P. “J.P.” Brown III announced today that AMVETS is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and successful

prosecution of those responsible for the Sept. 7 vandalism of the Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial.

“The domestic terrorists responsible for defacing ‘The Wall’ must be brought to justice,” Commander Brown said today. “The Vietnam Veterans Memorial is one of the most meaningful sites in the nation. Those responsible for this despicable action are cowards. To these vandals I say, ‘While you hide in your dark corner giggling to yourself, what point have

you made? You have done nothing but destroy private property and hurt innocent people. This is nothing more than childish vandalism with no explanation. Real activists would have claimed responsibility. They apparently fail to understand what this wall means to millions of Americans, that this is a place to honor those who have given their lives to preserve our freedoms.'”

According to the National Park Service, 14 of the memorial’s 140 panels were stained by an unidentified substance. The Wall holds the names of 58,256 casualties and service members still missing in action during the Vietnam War.

“I can not fathom how anyone could justify such a heinous act against our veterans and their families,” said Commander Brown, himself a Vietnam War veteran. “From media reports, I gather this may have been seen by the perpetrators as a protest against the government and current military operations. If that is the case, these criminals are as uneducated as they

are unpatriotic. This wall belongs to the people – not the government.”

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