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Silicon Valley's Smuggling Apps
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The mainstream media is slowly catching on to the “Open Borders, Inc.” racket. Just this week, NBC News reported that smugglers are using Facebook to advertise their services in violation of Facebook’s policy ban on human exploitation and trafficking. The news network appears shocked, shocked, shocked that coordinated illegal activity is booming on Facebook—one of the world’s biggest and most influential globalist platforms.

Maybe if the bleeding-heart libs in the Fourth Estate hadn’t been so busy carrying water for Mexican cartels and Big Business through endless anti-Trump propaganda pieces defending the mass illegal immigrant invasion over the past four years, they might have blown the whistle sooner on Silicon Valley’s co-conspirators with ruthless coyotes.

Only now has NBC News seen fit to enlighten the public about Spanish-language posts on public Facebook pages advertising “Travel to Mexico to the United States. Costs $8,000. 100 percent safe” or “Make your dream a reality in the United States. We are here to help you. The journey is safe and reliable and the price is $4,500 leaving from Monterrey to San Antonio, Texas.”

That’s the tip of the iceberg. In 2019, I reported how smugglers and their clients worldwide have used Facebook and WhatsApp (owned by Facebook) to coordinate their journeys. Pueblo Sin Fronteras, the most notorious sponsor of illegal immigrant caravans, still maintains a public Facebook page where its leaders taunt America, announce their border-breaching activities and post solicitations for supplies and donations.

Nongovernmental organizations, advocacy groups and financial institutions have created an additional array of free apps to “help.” The U.N.’s International Organization for Migration offers MigApp on Google Play and Apple’s App Store with information and “assistance to migrate safely.” The app features weather and crime alerts, medical clinic appointment scheduling and money transfer services (more on that in a moment).

Similarly, the International Committee of the Red Cross’s WhatsApp alerts provide “advice on how to avoid and prevent accidents, illness and being separated from family members,” as well as a means “to share the geolocation of a shelter or send specific advice or alerts in the event of unexpected situations.”

United We Dream’s “Notifica” app is also available on Google Play and the Apple App Store. It gives illegal immigrant travelers a “help button” to alert friends, family, lawyers, media propagandists and others in case of detention or encounters with law enforcement.


Border saboteurs have used technology for decades to help undermine immigration enforcement. Ricardo Dominguez created a crowdsourced website-jamming network in the 1990s called the FloodNet system, which allowed anyone with an internet connection to interfere with the communications of the U.S. Border Patrol, White House, G8, Mexican embassy and others. He then introduced the Transborder Immigrant Tool in 2009 using cheap $30 Motorola cellphones equipped with a free GPS applet to help illegal immigrants navigate desert routes, locate water stations and determine their proximity to highways. An expert consulted by the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees lauded “how smartphones and social media have revolutionized” migration, allowing illegal immigrants to bypass “legal means” of finding agents that “take a long time” and instead use the “dark digital underworld” for “facilitating access to agents and smugglers” through encrypted Facebook and WhatsApp channels.

Add to all this a new boom of peer-to-peer apps that facilitate illegal immigrant money transfers known as “remittances.” In 2017, the aggregate cost of sending remittances was about $30 billion. Old-line money transfer operators charge steep fees averaging about 7% of the amount sent. Among the plethora of competitors and disrupters jockeying in the migrant money market to peel away customers with lower transaction fees are Wells Fargo, MoneyGram, Paypal/Xoom, Wise and WorldRemit. Many of these apps integrate with Facebook’s Messenger Chat, Viber and WeChat. WorldRemit, a start-up founded by a Somalian former United Nations official with venture capital backing from Facebook, Spotify, Netflix and Slack, is closing in on 600,000 transfers per month, according to Fast Company.

Just to make Silicon Valley’s allegiances clear: Apps owned or backed by Facebook, Google and Apple that aid and abet illegal immigration and human smuggling operate with impunity, while those same globalist companies have banned law-abiding, free-speech apps such as Gab and Parler. Untold thousands of nationalists have been deplatformed for defending our homeland, while cartels and coyotes exploit the internet and corporate oligarchs’ cheap labor appetites to sabotage our borders and attack American sovereignty.

Who needs foreign enemies when domestic blind worship of the “free market” is destroying us from within?

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  1. Who needs foreign enemies when domestic blind worship of the “free market” is destroying us from within?

    As usual very well surmised, Mrs Malkin.

    The USA is devolved into, essentially, a fully commercial entity run by two corrupted, monopolistic parties . Commercial entities do not represent the will of private citizens, but that of their owners.

    During the Trump border bust, 750,000 work permits were given out to the border jumpers, when on day ONE Trump had the full authority to close the border, and basically halt all traffic.

    Hell, he had the ability to – unchecked – invade 2 miles into Mexico and set up an impound that all illegal entrants would be dumped into, all of which would have ended the free-for-all.

    He did not do it – the (for-profit) Republicans laid down the foundation that the Democrats are simply exploiting for their own corrupt purposes.

    Instead of closing the border, and telling the Maquilladore owners that they could either move their factories back inside the USA and employ Americans, or remain in Mexico and sell to that market, we got a WWE-style show as the Republicans pretended to look for a ‘solution’ while giddily passing out work permits to the delight of the donor class that paid them..

    In the Trump years alone, the number of Illegal Aliens given work permits (not required by any law) to remain in the USA were more than THREE TIMES the total Scots-Irish immigration into the early USA, settling the nations’ frontier…

    Trumps Admin passed out H1b Visas until it literally weeks before his failed re-election bid, when it became clear he could not afford to lose any more base voters, and he openly promised a DACA Amnesty in final debates.

    The Biden Dems are merely gleaning the last bits of rotten flesh off of the corrupt carcass, that is now a failed state sold off for profit by the professional political class of both rotten parties.

    Time to start anew..

  2. You should call your congresscritter and complain.
    Then you could get signatures and attempt to impeach.
    Then you can finance a new campaign at the next election.
    Then your candidate might win and you can pass new laws.
    Then you can win the appeals,get re-elected,and enact said laws.
    Then,if you don’t get assassinated,society will benefit…
    All in less than 1 generation of “the free market”
    REPUBLICAN representative democracy is the best government.
    Others are bad,so donate,volunteer and VOTE.PRAISE.REFORM.

  3. I wonder whether all these illegal immigration enhancing App’s, created, knowingly, by such behemoths as facebook, google, apple etc are also used for the illegal drug trade from Mexico to the US? I’m sure that if that was the case facebook etc would immediately withdraw such App’s … Oh, I’m sure…. Sure —I’m sure….

  4. Realist says:

    Who needs foreign enemies when domestic blind worship of the “free market” is destroying us from within?

    Excellent point. Our markets are not free. I believe in a truly free market, but that would require lots of controls on capital…something those who get rich from the unfree market would not comport.

  5. I’m curious why MM’s material is socked away at this site. Been a UR reader for years, and damned if I understand the divide of ‘columnists’ and ‘authors’. Don’t recall the last time Malkin was on the front page. Also don’t understand the sort order for ‘articles’; appears to be only semi-chronological.

    [annoying signature excised]

  6. So we can dance around with undemocratic market controls and waste tax payer dollars trying to police the internet or we could pass common sense penalties on employers who hire undocumented workers. Which choice makes you a Fascist and which choice makes you an American?

  7. I believe that every person that commits violence against another human should have their day in court. And I didn’t say a firing squad, I didn’t say a lynch mob, I said their FAIR day in court. I also believe that every officer should be held accountable for their actions and that every detail should be considered, something the Left typically forgets in the process of burning down their local target.


  8. bayviking says:

    Maybe if ruthless US Capitalists, who pretend to hold Christian values, hadn’t stolen indigenous peasants lands and destroyed their jungles and clean water supplies . Maybe if climate change and NAFTA hadn’t destroyed their small farms. Maybe if US installed corrupt dictators and US fueled drug and gang violence wasn’t creating an immediate life and death crisis South of our border, they would have stayed in their birthplace. The US border crisis is trivial compared to the immigration disaster US Middle East policy has heaped on Europe.

    Our Government cares nothing about lives they do not know, only the maximum profits for Wall Street first and foremost, although other major donors can also expect favors. Facebook’s only concern is to make money, else they face hell from Wall Street. Wall Street runs the country, that is the fundamental reality of life in the United States, not promotion of the general welfare, as dictated by our constitution.

    Smugglers are figuring ways to beat the border patrol, what a surprise. Smuggler fees make little or no sense. You can fly round trip for $800 from most of these Central American Countries. All you need then is a tourist visa and passport for, lets say another $300. Once in you can throw your tourist visa away. That’s the safest way to enter. Why pay a smuggler $4000-8000?

    I don’t like Donald trump, but I’ll be the first to admit he had nothing to do with the circumstances that have triggered these problems. It is a pity he is so indifferent and disengaged that he did nothing during his four years in office, except stoke invasion fears. The orange sloth’s wall is unsightly, too costly and ineffective.

    Since when did lying your head off become ”defending our homeland”? Right wing lies , led by the orange sloth, have become so pervasive, they have become an alternate reality bubble, which is nearly impossible to reach with facts or critical rational thinking, leaving the country a divided incongruous mess. Naturally nothing gets done in DC, except endless subsidies for Wall Street, who run the country. Its time for the White House and Congress to think, act responsibly and enact legislation which promotes the general welfare, you know, like the pending infrastructure project.

    “Who needs foreign enemies when domestic blind worship of the “free market” is destroying us from within?” NOW THAT I AGREE WITH TOTALLY

  9. Michelle,

    I don’t know how to get a hold of you now that your website redirects here.

    I just copied and sent a tweet of yours about an influencer with 1/2 million followers who turned down money to vouch for the vaccine.

    The person I forwarded your tweet to is an old friend, who is jewish and she expressed surprise that I would send out something from you.

    So, I did more digging. I know of many of the righties you associate with. I don’t have in-depth knowledge of all their utterances or yours. The Fuentes guy, the young kid is on the record of mocking the mathematical potential of ‘cooking 6 million cookies in ovens’ over some span of time last century. The reference is sort of obvious. It was smug, thoughtless and stupid. I don’t see the point of that. As the “Mommie” of Fuentes group, and well into middle age, I would expect that you would counsel young righties about anti-semitism.

    I am WASP and a trump supporting conservative and I am sure we agree on a lot, especially illegal immigration. I always don’t understand why so many Jews are Democrats. But when I read about guys like Fuentes – arrogant and stupid – it pisses me off. If the rest of humanity were generally as hard-working, loyal, reliable and family-oriented as the jews humanity would be in much better shape.

    • Replies: @Robert Dolan
  10. @Republican

    Whew……you’re one of those cucks that has no clue. I don’t even know where to begin.

    First of all, Fuentes is a good kid…..he loves this country and he’s not afraid to speak out against the elite that is wrecking it.

    And that elite happens to be Jewish. This is something you don’t like to hear. Too bad.

    Most Jews are Democrats because Jews ARE the left. The left is Jews.

    Where do you think communism came from?

    Political correctness is the collective will of the Jewish people.

    Who do you think is responsible for open borders? The Amish?

    To find out who rules over you….notice who you are not allowed to criticize.

    Read “The Culture of Critique.”

    Read “The Israel Lobby.”

    And turn on your pattern recognition.

    Oh, and don’t forget to respond by calling me a “vicious anti-semite.”

  11. Jews are paranoid in the same way someone who just committed murder is paranoid. They’re paranoid not because of their psychological makeup. but because of the injuries they inflict on innocent people. They know they deserve to be exposed and punished. Even their ethnocentric “morality” recognizes that. And they’re afraid the well-deserved exposure and punishment will happen.

    They feel no guilt the way a goy might, but they recognize that deliberately injuring other people (especially when you’re the minority and they’re the majority) is likely to elicit an unfavorable response.

    Of course, because Jews have been behaving very badly for millennia, it is possible, even likely, that the paranoia that arose (and still arises) from their bad behavior has been selected for in the Jewish genome, such that a Jewish baby is born paranoid.

    The bad behavior that originally caused the paranoia also reinforces Jewish ethnocentrism. Only among other Jews can a Jew feel safe, because they are all in the same position and do the same bad things to the goyim.

    The bad behavior also explains the hatred for goyim expressed in the Talmud. Although incapable of feelings of guilt and remorse (like any sociopath), the Jews as a group feel the need to justify themselves, at least to each other. Thus, it is the goyim who must be given the role of villain. Whatever goes wrong, it is the fault of the goy.

    In sum, Jewish paranoia, Jewish ethnocentrism, and Jewish hatred of the goyim all derive from the criminal nature of the Jew.

    In order to protect themselves, these criminals must — to the greatest extent possible — take control of the societies in which they commit their crimes.

    So they will aim for the “power and influence” positions in any society they inhabit, climb the ladder through nepotism, and then brag about how brilliant they are.

    In the last three-to-four hundred years, the Jews have managed to take possession of most of the world’s money, either directly or indirectly. A proper understanding of the Jew comes from a proper understanding of the Golden Rule as it pertains to Jews: The one with the gold makes the rules. A good example of this is Mr. Fink of BlackRock, which controls over $8 trillion in assets and demands that the Fortune 500 companies he invests in embrace cultural Marxism, critical race theory, wars for Israel, hatred of White goyim, etc.

    It is a good policy in war to take advantage of the other side’s weaknesses. The way to do that with a paranoid person is through gaslighting — by getting him to perform a self-defeating action. More imaginative people than me will have to come up with appropriate strategies.

    In the meantime, Jewish paranoia is perhaps the world’s greatest danger. Jewish hatred of Christian Russia is so intense that Jews in the last several presidential administrations have directed our foreign policy at provoking Russia, imposing sanctions, playing “chicken” in Syria, creating color revolutions in neighboring nations, and pushing NATO troops right up to Russia’s border while accusing the Russians who simply move troops around in Russia of “aggression”.

    Russia will not put up with these provocations forever. And confrontation of this sort can lead to hair-trigger mistakes that morph into all-out war.

    My understanding is that Russia has almost 7,000 nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them…

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