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"Scholars" Demand Laws Criminalizing "Insults" to Islam
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Are you ready for March Madness? As I noted at Hot Air last month, the Religion of Perpetual Outrage is gearing up for the debut of Dutch politician Geert Wilders’ anti-Islam mini-documentary, “Fitna”–which is reportedly set for completion sometime today. (Go to the Fitna The Movie site for more info.) Combined with the recent re-publication of the Danish Mo cartoons, these unacceptable acts of free speech have Muslim “scholars” demanding that heads roll. Literally.

From the Yemen Observer:

The re-publication of the Prophet cartoons by seventeen Danish newspapers last week was denounced by Muslims the world over. The controversy is not one of press freedom, but rather it feeds cycles of hatred and ignorance which only increase the gulfs between religions, according to the Prime Minister, Dr. Ali Mohammed Mujawr, in a support meeting organized by the Al-Eman University last Monday calling for defending the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH).

In his speech, Mujwar called for an international law that criminalizes religious insults and enforces mutual respect of religions, calling on all rationalists in the West to avoid such negative acts. “This can only increase the instability in relations among Islamic and Western nations,” said Mujwar.

The publication of these cartoons has nothing to do with press freedom, a device used by some as a shield to insult others. This was an act that violates human values, laws and rights, satisfying only the devilish whims of those who put the cartoons to print, said Mujwar.

Mujwar then urged all religious scholars, preachers, and university professors present to show the story of Mohammed (PBUH) and his great rectitude to young generations as a model and to show how any damage to Muslims feelings will further hatred, extremism, and clashes between civilizations.

Religious scholar, Mohammed Ismael al-Hjji, asserted that insulting the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) is an insult to all religions and urged all Arabian and Islamic nations to boycott all those who scorn Islam and Muslims. He also ordered the Yemeni parliament to issue a law that criminalizes anybody dealing with those who insult Islam in any way.

The sheikh of all sheikhs in Yemen, Sadeq Abdullah bin Hussien al-Ahmr, said that one’s freedom ends where another’s freedoms begins, and that freedom does not allow one to trespass other’s. “Muslims today stand unified against a clear and organized attack on all Islamic symbols,” said al-Ahmr.

Al-Ahmr said the hidden goals behind the republication of the cartoons is to spread the culture of terrorism, violence, and hatred and to record the angry reactions from some Muslims as to be their alibi to attack Muslims in their war against terror that they aim to associate with Islam.

He then asked all Arabian nations to take strict actions to defend Islam and the prophet and to boycott all Danish products.


Rector of the Al-Eman University, Shiek Abdul-Majeed al-Zindani, said that insults like the ones the Danish newspapers printed are a tactic used by one who is bankrupt and helpless and that insults are organized for a purpose. Al-Zindani also announced that the University is now working to launch its satellite Arabic-English channel for the purpose of clearing any misunderstanding about Islam and to help show the real image of Islam that Western media often distort. He said the Arabian and Islamic nations can help in showing the real image of Islam and that its teachings that are based on peace, love and forgiveness.

You see, this is all our fault!

About 1,000 Afghans, incensed by the republication of a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammad in Danish newspapers, marched on Sunday demanding withdrawal of Danish and Dutch troops.

The protesters, mostly religious clerics in the northern city of Mazar-i-Sharif, also condemned plans by a right-wing Dutch politician to broadcast a film on the Koran.

Afghanistan’s Religious Affairs Ministry has called the reprinting of the cartoon as an attack against Islam. Several other Islamic countries have demanded that the film by the Dutch lawmaker Geert Wilders must not be released.

The cartoons were first printed in a Danish paper in 2005. They gained little initial attention but were later reprinted outside Denmark, sparking protests across the Muslim world in which dozens of people, some in Afghanistan, were killed. Danish newspapers reprinted one of the images again last month in protest at what they said was a plot to murder the cartoonist who drew it. At least two Dutch papers published pictures of the Danish newspapers, with the cartoon visible.

“We demand the … withdrawal of Danish and Dutch soldiers from Afghanistan,” said Mawlavi Shoaib, a religious figure and one of the organizers…The protesters warned they would launch bigger demonstrations, unless their demands over the expulsion of Dutch and Danish forces were met by the Afghan government.

“Peace, love, and forgiveness,” eh?

Close to 3,000 students in Mauritania marched through the streets of the capital Nouakchott on Thursday in protest at the reprinting of cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad by Danish newspapers this month.

Some shouted demands for a boycott of Danish products, while others carried banners with slogans such as “We will protect the Prophet Mohammad and we will sacrifice ourselves for him.”

“We are against those Westerners who insult the Islamic world with these cartoons,” said one of the demonstrators, 25-year old student Mohamed Ould Abderrahmane.

“We should wage jihad on them,” added one of his fellow students, Alpha Sow, 27.

In their own words. Not ours.


(Republished from by permission of author or representative)
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