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Rosie O'Donnell: Psycho Mom
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One for the Hollyweird files:

O’Donnell Halted Her Partner’s Breastfeeding

Comedienne Rosie O’Donnell banned her partner Kelli Carpenter from breastfeeding their daughter Vivienne just a few weeks after she was born–because she was jealous of their bonding sessions. Kelli gave birth to Vivienne in 2002, and the lesbian couple have been raising her along with their three other adopted children.

But O’Donnell admits she felt left out of the motherhood process whenever she observed her partner nursing their child.

She says, “Kelli only nursed for like a month and then I was very angry.

“With the other babies, nobody nursed because they were adopted. But with this baby she was the only one getting to bond, so I was like, ‘The nursing is over!’ I cut her off.

“I’m like, ‘You’ve had your limit, honey, no more!'”

What? As if breast-feeding were only about satisfying the nursing mother’s needs and not the newborn’s? What kind of narcissistic loon would go on TV and say such things and expect to be viewed as a normal, responsible parent?

O’Donnell’s selfish, psycho comments were made on ABC’s The View last week as the panel discussed a “nurse-in” involving 200 women breastfeeding outside of ABC’s headquarters who were angry about negative remarks Barbara Walters had made about a breastfeeding mom. This site has more on O’Donnells remarks. Excerpt:

One of Rosie’s fellow panel members [Joy Behar] interjected…saying “But you know that’s an interesting conversation because in a certain way you’re doing a disservice to the baby aren’t you when you act like that?

“No, because I got to bond and cuddle,” said Rosie.

Me, me, me. Nyah nyah nyah.

Can the pathological self-absorption of Hollywood be illustrated anymore clearly?

A few of O’Donnell’s blog readers get it:

You know, you and Tom Cruise would have been perfect together. He makes his asinine comments toward Brook Shields and postpartum depression and you ask that the health of your baby take a backseat to your jealous insecurities. Absolutely disgusting. Need to feed your ego more? [Think] of your baby and your partner. Step outside yourself. I’m sure your partner was incredibly uncomfortable letting he[r] milk dry up while. Just selfish. You should have thought of not nursing the baby before it was born if anything. That way two people wouldn’t have had to adjust to fit your needs.


I think it is unbelievably sad that you would force your partner to stop breastfeeding. Nevermind the benefits for your child, the fact that you would take the benefits away from your partner boggles my mind.

I think your insecurity as a parent cause you to do a great disservice to Kelli. You stated that this is America and you can chose to breastfeed if you want, I guess that just doesn’t apply to Kelli, you forced the decision for her.

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