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Reporter Challenges Dean; Msm Horrified!
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Some in the Washington press corps and on Capitol Hill are in a huff because Fox News Channel anchor/reporter Brian Wilson was too aggressive with DNC chair Howard Dean at his press conference with Sen. Harry Reid yesterday.


Wilson raised his voice. And he didn’t wait his turn. And he didn’t ask “substantive” questions. Translation: He didn’t genuflect before the Democratic leadership or the Beltway journalistic elite, and he asked exactly what viewers wanted to know.

[Wilson] asked Dean “if people are focused on the other things that you’ve said about hating Republicans, about Republicans being dishonest and then this latest comment about the Republican Party is full of white Christians. You say you hate Republicans — does that mean you also” hate white Christians?

One Hill staffer took such great offense that he/she ran to the Wonkette blog to bawl. Greg Beato shared this e-mail from the horrified staffer:

During the photo-op, which took place in Reids private office Brian Wilson was angrily interrupting reporters and shouting questions out of turn. After an initial swarm, reporters squeeze out of the door. Brian Wilson was wearing no credential of any kind (apparently that wasnt a red flag to anyone) and behaving bizarrely angry as noted above so [WaPo reporter] Mark Leibovich asked who he was.

Wilson went nuts responding to Mark (whose credentials were clearly on display) Who the fuck are you?

Mark responded that he was from the Wash Post and didnt see cred on him and because of his incredibly pointed questions wondered whether or not he was a rogue republican staffer.

As they raced down the hall outside the austere senate chamber Wilson displayed an impressive knowledge of four letter words incredulous that he would either not be recognized without proper ID or would be called out on being completely one-sided and working from gop talking points.

How dare Wilson ask “incredibly pointed questions!” Even Beato had no sympathy for the whiny staffer. No wonder the Beltway journos were livid. Wilson didn’t play by the MSM rules: Only incredibly inspid and dull questions for Dems allowed!


Update: The Political Teen has video. Captain Ed and Lorie Byrd at Polipundit weigh in.


(Requisite disclosure: I am an FNC contributor and occasional guest on Wilson’s weekend live broadcast.)

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