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Race-Hustling Charlatan al Sharpton Prepares Another Demagogue-a-Thon
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1sharpton.jpg Thanks to his bipartisan enablers in politics and the media, race-hustling charlatan Al Sharpton never lacks a stage. Yesterday, still coasting on the Jena Six fumes, he announced an anti-hate crimes demonstration that will take place Nov. 16 in Washington, D.C., outside the Justice Department. He’s targeting both the Bush administration and Democrats who haven’t pandered enough to him and his small flock of career grievance-mongers:

Civil rights activist Al Sharpton complained on Tuesday that the Democratic presidential candidates have been less than forceful in speaking out about recent hate crimes and the policies of President Bush’s Justice Department.

The New York-based reverend was in Washington with Martin Luther King III and other activists to discuss a march next week at the headquarters of the Justice Department, which they contend has taken no serious action to prosecute a spate of recent noose-hanging incidents following the Jena Six case.

Sharpton said he was upset those issues weren’t discussed last month at a debate among the Democratic candidates.

“Hate crimes and racism and Jena never came up one time. Even the Democrats have not, in our judgment, raised their voices to the level they should,” said Sharpton, who ran for president in 2004. “Don’t come to us for our vote and then not speak about our needs when you’re center stage.”


The march’s organizers plan to walk around Justice Department headquarters, located on Pennsylvania Avenue between the White House and Capitol Hill, seven times “just like Joshua marched around the walls of Jericho” Sharpton said.

Why any responsible mainstream media organization or political candidate continues to give this hate crime-hoaxing smear merchant and malicious racial demagogue oxygen is beyond me. Is it really worth the entertainment value and eyeballs to continue propping up this poisonous snake who is irrelevant to the vast majority of decent Americans of all colors?

As for the supposed reluctance of politicians to follow the pied piper of racial grievance-mongering, the myths surrounding the Jena Six case, coupled with the exposure of more and more Tawana Brawley-esque fake hate cases, are reason enough to stay away without charlatan Sharpton leading the parade.

But they won’t stay away.

They always go back to Sharpton–kissing his ring, welcoming him to their table, preaching at his pulpit, giving him airtime. The same people who now decry the injustice done to the Duke University lacrosse players cluelessly continue to embrace Sharpton and treat him as a moral, credible voice on race matters.

Challenge: How about offering equal time to Steve Pagones every time Sharpton is booked to appear on the air to inveigh against racial injustice and hate crimes?

That would be must-see TV.

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