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Question the Timing: Durbin Supports Burris Ethics Probe
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Hmmmm. Democrat Sen. Dick Durbin took time from his Greece junket to comment on the Senate ethics probe now under way into Roland Burris’s possible perjury:

U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin says he believes the testimony Roland Burris gave to Illinois lawmakers about his appointment to the U.S. Senate was incomplete and a Senate ethics investigation under way. Durbin made those comments Wednesday while on a trip to Greece to discuss security in the region. The Illinois Democrat says he wants to be fair and review all of the documents, transcripts and statements involved.

Tom Elia questions the timing:

Now that it looks almost certain that Illinois Sen. Roland Burris lied under oath about his contacts with impeached Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich (and had that perjury covered up by another Chicago Dem for over one week while the vote occurred), one has to wonder why President Obama reversed his position, and put out the word for the US Senate to approve Burris under the dubious Blagojevich-related circumstances.

Well, besides the embarrassing circumstances of his former Senate seat being up for sale to highest bidder being in the news, there is the matter of the passage of Obama’s stimulus package in the Senate.

Sen. Burris was the 60th vote on the stimulus bill with Sen. Kennedy ailing and not able to vote himself.

I wonder if anyone in the press will follow up on this?

Rick Moran follows up:

My friend Tom Elia at the New Editor raised this question in an email and it bears looking into.

The fact is, if this mess with Burris had been made public back on February 5 when the Illinois senator submitted his “corrected” affadavit to the Democratic Majority Leader, there is a pretty good chance that the Illinois senator would not have been able to vote on the stimulus bill in the senate on the 13th.

Why? Because pressure would have been building – as it is now – for the “lying little sneak” to resign his seat. It seems surreal but Roland Burris has now changed his story about contacts with Governor Blagojevich’s henchmen about the senate seat at least 4 times – twice yesterday alone. If he had been forced to resign in a similar time period that is shaping up now, there would have been no 60th vote on the stimulus bill in the senate, no cloture, and the bill would have been sent back to conference.

So which Democrats knew of this affadavit and why wasn’t it made public immediately? Burris says he sent the affadavit to the chairman of the impeachment committee who then promptly sat on it until the Chicago Sun Times got wind of the story at which point Burris himself gave it to the newspaper. The committee chairman was Barbara Flynn Currie, House Majority Leader.

Barbara Flynn Currie has represented the 25th Congressional district in the Illinois House since 1979. That district includes Hyde Park – former home for many years of President Barack Obama.

Just sayin’.

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