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Plight of Laid-Off American Workers Nothing to Celebrate
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American workers across the wage scale are hurting. Small-business owners across the country are fighting for their survival. Young people face more uncertainty than ever about their futures and ability to put food on the table.

As we head into Labor Day weekend, I would like to offer a friendly reminder from the “America First” right to the Beltway Republican message machine and the Trump campaign’s social media mavens: Now is not the time to be cheerleading for pandemic profiteers, tech billionaires, and “woke capital” globalists who are addicted to cheap foreign labor and abhor American sovereignty. According to one analysis by Oxfam, 17 out of the top 25 most profitable U.S. corporations — including Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson, Facebook, Pfizer and Visa — are projected to rake in $85 billion more in 2020 than in previous years as upward of 40 million Americans are out of work.

SwampCons keep touting the “booming stock market” and “record” S&P 500 highs. President Donald Trump himself bragged last week, “NASDAQ has broken the record, I think 16 times already, during a pandemic.” He also warned Republican National Convention viewers that Joe Biden is bad for our “retirement” nest eggs and “401(k)s.” True enough. But what about the tens of millions who’ve lost their jobs and those who haven’t even had the chance to start putting away any savings?

Moreover, why should any “Make America Great Again” populists wave pom-poms for Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Google/Alphabet and Facebook? The founders, top executives and elitist employees of these Silicon Valley firms — the top five companies in the NASDAQ index — hate America, sabotage U.S. workers through advocating for mass migration, Black Lives Matter and antifa anarchy, and they openly disparage and discriminate against Trump-supporting customers.

In ordinary times, I used to be one of those reliable voices touting the “free market,” “invisible hand” and miracles of American capitalism over “socialism.” But our current condition is not one of “limited government conservatism” vs. “big government socialism.” As I’ve illustrated all summer long, we live in a bloody state of anarchotyranny. The lawless reign while big business collectively allies itself with the mob to reap profits at the expense of the law-abiding.

Back in February, I reported to you on the myth of the American worker shortage by spotlighting more than 50 stories of tens of thousands of recent U.S. worker layoffs in tech and other high-skilled industries. Among the U.S. corporations and institutions responsible for laying off, replacing, offshoring, and outsourcing tens of thousands of American jobs:


Wayfair, TripAdvisor, LogMeIn, Inc., Zume Pizza, VMWare, Shutterfly, Intel, Comcast, Xilinx, 23andMe, NortonLifeLock, AT&T, Macy’s, Walgreens, Uber, Lyft, UCSF Medical Center, Baptist Health, Sysco, WeWork, American Family Insurance, Tennessee Valley Authority, Amway, UPS subsidiary Coyote Logistics, Comcast, Lime, Bird, Unicorn, Getaround, Cerner, Oracle, Samsung US,, Textron Aviation, Morgan Stanley, Spirit AeroSystems, Mozilla, UiPath, Plexus, Cisco,, Clover Health, State Street Corporation, Anthem, Transamerica, Verizon, MassMutual, Disney, Carnival, Abbott Labs, EmblemHealth, Harley Davidson, Cargill, Eversource Energy, Best Buy, Southern California Edison and Qualcomm.

Six months later, record layoffs are piling up.

—Last week in California, VMWare, downtown San Jose’s Hilton Hotel, Veritas, Blackhawk Country Club, Gap, Chartwells and Silver Creek Sportsplex in San Jose all announced hundreds more Bay Area layoffs.

—Among the companies confirming new COVID-related permanent layoffs reported by The Wall Street Journal: GM Resorts International, Stanley Black & Decker Inc. and Coca-Cola.

—American Airlines Group Inc. and United Airlines Holdings Inc. are threatening to ax more than 53,000 workers unless they get new federal bailouts. Frontier Airlines signaled nearly 400 layoffs in Colorado.

—Even as it crowed about record quarterly sales, Salesforce handed out pink-slip notices to 1,000 of its employees.

—Despite promising not to cut workers in the midst of the COVID chaos, Morgan Stanley, Bank of America Corp. and Wells Fargo are now all considering doing just that.

—In Florida, more than 1,900 hotel employees are facing layoffs or temporary layoffs at Loews Hotels and Co and Marriott.

—Telecom giant Cisco plans to lay off an unspecified number of workers amid business troubles.

—Manufacturing giant 3M slashed 1,500 jobs at the beginning of the month.

—Walmart laid off laying off hundreds of employees in its logistics, real estate and retail location planning departments over the past two months.

—Hundreds of health care workers have been laid off in Cook County, Illinois, Cape Cod, the University of Texas Medical Branch Health system, Lynwood Hospital in Los Angeles and Minnesota’s state hospital system.

Remember these laid-off workers when Beltway crapweasels come back from their Labor Day holiday to lobby for more imported foreign farmworkers, work permits for illegal immigrant DREAMers, H-1B tech visas, more foreign doctors and other medical professionals, Silicon Valley tax breaks and Fortune 500 bailouts.

I repeat: There is no American worker shortage — only a shortage of politicians who truly put American workers first.

Michelle Malkin’s email address is [email protected] To find out more about Michelle Malkin and read features by other Creators Syndicate writers and cartoonists, visit the Creators Syndicate website at

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  1. Fred A says:

    While I agree with much of your comments about who is doing what, the elephant in the room is the average American worker who wants to have everything but not pay what it is worth by the marketplace to him. By that I mean the off stated comment that the existing American worker is the most productive in the world , when in fact they are not. At east in my part of the world, the immigrant worker is willing to accept a lower wage than than our vaunted American worker. And it does not matter whether it is a field worker or a highly trained professional. Many of us have been trained to accept a certain level of compensation without doing anything to justify that level. It does not matter whether that individual does a menial job or a highly skilled job, they won’t do the work required if , in their opinion , they are not paid what they believe they should be paid. And so what the pandemic just proved, if the government gives them more pay, than what they have been offered, they will not take the job, just the money. We have lost the concept of work ethic in this country by too many people.

  2. I loaded up on Big Booze and Big Tobacco stocks, figuring some of that largesse might flow through the peoples’ hands, but these have been largely disappointing investments compared to Big Finance, Big Pharma and Big Brother Tech.

    US leaders can’t even do poverty right, and they seem to think their investments in lockdown technolgy and protocols will shield them from civil unrest. It doesn’t matter who wins the November elections except for the effect it might have on flooring or moderating the accelerator pedal to our civilisational demise.

  3. anonymous[245] • Disclaimer says:

    Repenting, or rebranding?

    In ordinary times, I used to be one of those reliable voices touting the “free market,” “invisible hand” and miracles of American capitalism over “socialism.”

    You also were (and are?) a warmongering cheerleader since the Cheney Administration. Even since arriving at Unz, you’ve been a sleazy Chinadidit! propagandist.

    Repeat request: Tell us what you think Uncle Sam should be doing about Iran, Venezuela, and Yemen.

  4. Since when are you right-winger conservative libertarian whatever the fuck you are sons of a bitches concerned with the problems of the working class?

    My god are you hypocrites.

    • Agree: Franz
    • Replies: @Thomasina
    , @Dill Ford
  5. Anon[430] • Disclaimer says:

    Excellent article. I worked in the Valley for 15 years. It was sad to see the deliberate plan to move mfg and work centers overseas. I helped train workers in those new countries. I left the area. The loss was not just engineering jobs. Good hardworking factory workers.

  6. Anon[430] • Disclaimer says:
    @Fred A

    One reads a ñot of crank letters like that factory workers in Asia arent any better than line workers for IBM or HP or countless others were in San Jose and i know

  7. Anon[367] • Disclaimer says:

    The Laid off American workers, are a direct result of the far left communist democratic party leadership and their crazed “lockdowns”…. The rest of the world moved on months ago.

    • Replies: @animalogic
  8. @Fred A

    “By that I mean the off stated comment that the existing American worker is the most productive in the world , when in fact they are not.”
    Your entire comment boils down to this: US Companies deserve more of the cake than workers. Why ?
    Productivity. But it could be any reason. That Profits, productivity & executive remuneration have all gone up vastly MORE than average worker salaries is neither here nor there. It NEVER is.
    Hope your neoliberal mates throw you a bone for your efforts.

    • Agree: Kali
  9. @Anon

    “The Laid off American workers, are a direct result of the far left communist democratic party leadership and their crazed “lockdowns””
    Im not going to go into the nonsensicality of your political descriptions, but I do wonder what happened to the millions & millions of jobs lost BEFORE the so-called “lockdowns”.

    • Replies: @Thomasina
  10. And who was the great dear leader who ignored the virus for 3 months, switched off mentally and went golfing and attended sports events and parties when he should have been taking every action possible to protect american families, american workers, and the american economy?

    Who happily sabotaged all those trying to protect america against the virus, who has now caused 200,000 american dead and 7 million infected? All to protect the stock market and his re-election chances?

    Who was the one who started a dumbass trade war against China whose only result was to destroy american agriculture?

    All the 200,000 people killed, all the jobs lost because of the virus and foolish trade war, that’s all on Trump and his dumbass supporters and cheerleaders, like yourself, sorry to say this.

    Does anybody here actually think Trump and his cronies actually truly care about the american worker or even the american soldier? Of course they don’t, no matter how hard they pretend to.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
    , @Thomasina
  11. @GreatSocialist

    What exactly did you expect Trump to do? Is he a medical doctor or in any way qualified to say anything about a medical condition? Tell us what Trump should have done.

    No one knows what to do. Those pretending to know have messed things up royally in the US. If everyone had mostly ignored the virus as the Swedes did we’d be over it by now, but the gov’t meddlers in everyone’s business just couldn’t let the opportunity go to waste.

    Your comment concerning the trade negotiations are on target. Your comment on Trump owning all the deaths is way off target. Hang that on the governors like Cuomo and the frauds in the WHO and CDC.

    No one in the Fed Gov gives a shit about the average worker and certainly don’t care about the soldiers because if they did, they wouldn’t be sending them to instigate wars everywhere.

    Let me guess, you’re going to vote Democrat.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  12. Thomasina says:
    @Fred A

    Of course workers in the East aren’t demanding more pay; their expenses are lower!

    American workers, after paying huge amounts for housing/rent, food, health care, education, don’t have a lot left over. Their expenses are higher!


    How many of these so-called “productive” people in the East would be heading off cheerfully every day to work if their compensation didn’t even cover their expenses? Show me one.

    I agree with you re the pandemic bonanza for some citizens, though, but I don’t blame the recipients of this money. I blame the government. But the government didn’t do this to benefit the laid-off workers. No, they did it to benefit the stock market (the Robin Hood accounts), the stores like Home Depot, Costco, Best Buy, Apple, etc. The government knew these people were going to spend the money.

    Let’s pretend this same scenario happened in the East. Are you telling me that these easterners wouldn’t have taken advantage of it? Of course they would have.

  13. Thomasina says:

    “Since when are you right-winger conservative libertarian whatever the fuck you are sons of a bitches concerned with the problems of the working class?

    My god are you hypocrites.”

    Since forever. If you don’t have an intact, viable working class, you don’t have a country.

    My god are you stupid.

  14. @Fred A

    “Productivity” trolls usually don’t understand what productivity is.
    Productivity is the output per unit of time. It has nothing to do with wages.
    A simple test is:
    When the output per hour stays the same, but the wages go down, does the productivity go up?
    If you answered “Yes,” you are dumb.

  15. The Wall Street Journal recently had an article about ski resort operators being unhappy about cancelations of J-1 visas, which means they can’t bring cheap foreign workers. But the Wall Street Journal at least quoted someone who did not agree:

    The visa programs offer employers a lot of flexibility to expand or contract their workforces, and those businesses aren’t required to pay payroll taxes on those workers who arrive via J-1 visas, said David North, a fellow with the Center for Immigration Studies, an organization advocating more immigration restrictions. For many seasonal employers, hiring foreign workers is convenient, and cost-effective.
    “It’s so much easier to call up this middleman who has an in with a J-1 program, to get people in bunches and who are rights-free,” Mr. North said. “They always talk about labor shortages, and they never talk about wage shortages.”

  16. Thomasina says:

    “…but I do wonder what happened to the millions & millions of jobs lost BEFORE the so-called ‘lockdowns’.”

    Exactly. THIS is what people should be protesting about. They should be out on the streets in the millions!

    I listened to an interesting interview between Chris Hedges and Ralph Nader. Nader said labor was doing fine up until the mid-70’s. He said it was then that he started to notice a change. He spoke about the Chamber of Commerce/big business/big finance getting together and lamenting the strength of labor and vying to do something about it. And do something, they did. Reagan and Clinton finished it off (China in the WTO). Neoliberalism/globalism never looked back.

    Another thing the citizens should be out protesting over is the Federal Reserve, who are causing massive inequality and giant monopolies, hurting the working class.

    The elite are not stupid. They gave the people something else to concentrate on: White Supremacy, Black Lives Matter and Antifa. “Better they fight each other than fight us!”

    • Agree: Kali
    • Replies: @animalogic
  17. Dill Ford says:

    How is that hypocritical? You should explain yourself if that is even possible.

  18. @Fred A

    Which means we’re not worth a living wage. We’re interfering with their corporate bonuses!

  19. That was one of your best columns, Mrs. Malkin, combining the immigration-invasion issue with the issue of or Crony Capitalist system, and then the Kung Flu Panic-fest shutdown. I want to bring up 2 points:

    1) The anarcho-tyranny we are undergoing is a huge thing, but I don’t lump that together with the economic system we have. What we have now is no longer Capitalism. It is Crony Capitalism, pretty much Fascism, maybe a better term but for the connotations of guys wearing armbands and crooked crosses. No doubt, the Big-Biz players that you mention are supporters of the anarcho-tyranny too.

    2) You wrote:

    He also warned Republican National Convention viewers that Joe Biden is bad for our “retirement” nest eggs and “401(k)s.” True enough.

    Sorry, I’m pretty much a doomer on this. All these guys will prop up the stock market. Without that phony valuation, people with those 401(k)s will KNOW they are not well off, and pension funds and such will not be able to keep solvent, or pretend to be, unless interest rates are let to rise to natural rates by the FED, causing a bust of the US Feral budget. It won’t matter in the not-so-long run that they do. The US dollar as reserve currency is not long for this world.

    • Agree: Jim Christian
  20. @RoatanBill

    Great comment, Bill!

    Though Cuomo of New York is directly responsible for many deaths, their really aren’t many responsible for THAT many deaths FROM the Kung Flu, as the numbers have been inflated due to multiple incentives.

    Peak Stupidity noted recently (read “6% dying from Kung Flu alone – Vindication, bitchez!”) that the CDC itself reported that only 6% of the deaths WITH the Kung Flu were without co-morbidities. That doesn’t mean that COVID-19 may not have been one of the big factors in many of those, but there were an average of 2.6 other factors in the other 94% of those deaths. From that post:

    If you’ve dealt with an older family member or friend in the hospital for serious illness (not the same as with young people hurt in a car wreck), you may know how this goes. This one condition requires this treatment, but we can’t do that until he gets his XYZ readings up. For that, we will prescribe drug ABC, which does have a worsening effect on this OTHER condition. Additionally, the same drug, that he really needs to take, has a side effect causing this OTHER problem, which hopefully will not be bad enough to stop us from doing that original treatment we were going to do … It gets pretty sad and/or scary, as things as up in the fashion of a puzzle. Solving the puzzle is the way to get through it all, until something else crops up next month. I hope all you readers can somehow avoid this, but … as opposed to what, right?

    After all that, for some months, if the patient doesn’t make it home, then the cause of death must be logged. What was it, exactly? Note that 2.6 average co-conditions. But, we need a code or two, and “old age” is not one of them.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  21. All these taxpayer funded football/basketball arenas whichever sports (add your own) could keep the workers and repurpose as 5-7 day a week flea markets. The cheerleaders are probably making more on Fansonly. The players can eat cake

  22. Thomasina says:

    Trump advised people to use hydroxychloroquine, and he is right about that. If given early enough, with zinc and an antibiotic, it’s very effective and cheap. So say the doctors who have been using this protocol in their emergency rooms.

    Of course, once you get to the “shortness of breath” stage, then HQ is no longer effective, but, don’t worry, there are other cheap drugs that have been around for a long time that are extremely effective at this next stage. So say the same above doctors.

    Sadly, though, the pharmaceutical industry and other vested interests have other plans. They want an expensive vaccine and designer drugs, and useless ventilators. Blame them, along with the governors of several states (for putting the sick in the old-age homes) for the deaths. Don’t blame Trump.

    This isn’t just a trade war with China. Covid provided a convenient cover for a full-on strangulation of China.

    “Does anybody here actually think Trump and his cronies actually truly care about the american worker or even the american soldier?”

    Well, he hasn’t started a war, unlike Obama, Hillary, Bush Jr., Clinton. And he wasn’t responsible for the millions of jobs that were offshored during the last 30+ years.

    Of the whole lot of them, yes, I believe Trump does care more. He’s an outsider, and he’s not a globalist like the rest of them have been. I believe he actually loves his country.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  23. @Achmed E. Newman

    I read about that 6% number and I was shocked, shocked I tell you, to learn of this. /sarc

    Anyone with an ounce of common sense could see through this fiasco from a mile away once TPTsB all over the world started reading from the same hymn book. The deaths attributable to Covid can partially be gleaned from the total death figures from this year vs last year or other averages, eventually. Any increase might be due to the virus plus the deaths associated with medical care that was denied to heart and cancer patients to name but two groups. We’re never going to know. My bet is that number will be a rounding error in magnitude.

    The spread to Italy and Iran were too suspicious. One would almost start to suspect it was purposely planted there. But that would mean ill intent on someone’s part and the bug has a ready supply source in some bio lab. Only crazy conspiracy tin foil hat people would believe such things. I’m glad the MSM told everyone not to consider that possibility just after telling us that vaping caused a mysterious burst of deaths in the US that mimicked the same symptoms mid to late in 2019 but there’s no connection and the CDC shutting down the primary military bio weapons lab in Virginia was a preventative measure only and it’s nothing to worry about. Move along, nothing to see here. What would we do without the always trusted MSM?

    Note how @GreatSocialist hasn’t yet provided us with his well thought out plan on what Trump should have done. I’m certain he’s a world renowned expert on such matters and we’ll get his detailed reply any day now.

    And it’s people like @GreatSocialist that vote.

    • Agree: Kali
  24. Ms. Malkin,

    Concerning your comments on free trade, you must realize by now that no such thing as free trade exists between nations. Every nation, business, company, and corporation which engages in international trade is tilting the scales in every possible way to its own advantage.

    In the context of this reality, how should America behave in trade relations? We should use all the clout we have to bring trade advantage to ourselves. To do anything else may be idealistic, but it’s self-destructive.

  25. anonymous[245] • Disclaimer says:

    You may find it comforting here in Exceptionalia!, but try telling this

    Well, he hasn’t started a war, unlike Obama, Hillary, Bush Jr., Clinton.

    to the post-2016 victims of Uncle Sam’s sanctions, embargoes, “color” revolutions, drone missiles, boots on the ground, and miscellaneous mayhem in places like

    Hong Kong

    And what else was left to be targeted by the time he was inaugurated? Are you still waiting for Mr. Durham to announce the indictment of those Dems who have kept Mr. Trump from acting on those promises he made to fool you the last time?

    RedBlue voters are the dolts who buy tickets to watch the puppet show. The best way to ensure no meaningful change is to endorse the Establishment with your participation.

    • Replies: @Thomasina
  26. Thomasina says:

    “Are you still waiting for Mr. Durham to announce the indictment of those Dems who have kept Mr. Trump from acting on those promises he made to fool you the last time?”

    Yes, Mr. Barr talks a good game, and I”m sure that a snail could move faster than Mr. Durham. It’s almost like they’re stalling for time, isn’t it? I don’t hold out any hope that Mr. Durham will be indicting anyone significant, except maybe some lowly assistants.

    Yes, it could be that Trump is part of the game as well. I keep this thought in the back of my mind. “Gee, I WOULD have done so much more, if only they had let me.” It’s perfect. “Trump, we’ll give you great grief, but you just go along with it. That’a boy!” Almost like a Hollywood script. Gee, who owns Hollywood?

    Yeah, I get it.

    The elite like the red/blue, and the closer to a 50/50 split, the better. Keeps everybody fighting and occupied on something other than them. They DO NOT want to see 75/25 because that’s a majority, and bad things happen to elites when majorities form. Why, people start demanding stuff like socialized medicine.

    Trump did move a few days ago and ordered a halt to government contractor workers being made to go through some “white supremacy” training. He also stopped the Trans Pacific Partnership soon after being elected. That would have made the globalists angry.

    The jury is still out on Trump. If he is reelected, but still does nothing within a very short period of time, then we will get our answer definitively.


    • Replies: @anonymous
  27. TBH….I think one goal from the get go was to disenfranchise white workers and white business owners.

    They are replacing white workers with non-whites and this is deliberate.

    The small hat elite hates the white Christian middle class and will do anything to disempower them and make it so they cannot afford to have children.

    They can’t control independent workers and business owners, but they can totally control people who work for big corporations.

    They won’t be happy until all of us are ruled by blue haired cat lady lesbians from the HR dept.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  28. anon[327] • Disclaimer says:
    @Fred A

    Which welfare propaganda-tank you work at?

  29. anon[327] • Disclaimer says:

    Sometimes a top-firing, off-shoring CEO needs guidance.

  30. @Thomasina

    Couldn’t agree with you more.
    Anything — just ANYTHING — to keep people away from the simple social/economic reality that they are essentially sheep to a unrelenting predatory Elite.

  31. anonymous[245] • Disclaimer says:

    The Durham fantasy is just another walnut shell scooched around the table to keep a segment of the hopeful voting. Expect nothing but teasers — maybe the indictment of a flunky or two — before the next Most Important Election Ever.

    Please also notice that we’re having this conversation under a column written by an unrepentant Neocon. She moved her show to Megachurch, Colorado, and has rebranded as an anti-open borders and family values type, but she, too, is part of the puppet show.

    Uncle Sam, Wall Street, and Big Sickness win every RedBlue election.

  32. Anon[367] • Disclaimer says:

    Michelle is the sharpest and most erudite writer on contemporary issues involving the U.S. today. Hands down, her articles are meticulously researched before she publishes anything. She’s almost as accurate as Ron U. and that’s unusually accurate.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  33. anonymous[245] • Disclaimer says:

    What does Mrs. Malkin think Uncle Sam should be doing about Iran, Venezuela, and Yemen?

  34. thatbillguy says: • Website

    I work for a large company who put me on furlough from May to August. For those who aren’t familiar with furlough, you still are “employed” by the company, but they reduce you to zero hours. You keep your benefits, but draw no salary. I had to sign up for unemployment and draw a check + the COVID stimulus of $600.

    None of this was a problem, since I could support the family and had a job waiting for the lock downs to pass.

    The problem I had was when I found out that the company took the pay check protection money from the government. Seemed odd, but when I thought about it I realized that the company was getting money for each employee, whether or not they were paying them. Which is why they furloughed over layoff. They double dipped into taxpayer monies; my paycheck and the PPP money.

    Since August, I’ve been back at work. But just can’t shake the resentment I now have for my employer.

    Now we are hearing rumors of a round of layoffs in the near future. If that’s the plan, it should have always been the plan, but they exploited a loophole in a good faith program that they probably should have never qualified for in the first place.

  35. anarchyst says:
    @Fred A

    Labor is never given value, but is a commodity-a “necessary evil” according to the Wall Street types and is to be minimized and marginalized at all costs.

    Adolph Hitler’s Germany monetized labor and gave it value. THAT is the reason that the banksters went after Germany. Post WW1 Germany was successful in its economy due to throwing off the shackles (and shekels) of the internationalist banksters.

    Henry Ford CREATED a market which had not existed when he paid his employees $5.00 per day when the average wage of the day was around $1.25 per day. His premise was not entirely altruistic as assembly line work was monotonous; a way had to be found to retain employees as well.

    Of course, the wall street types and the banksters howled that Ford’s wage rates would destroy capitalism (as they knew it-those at the top reap all of the benefits while the proles are forced to live on a bare subsistence wage, due to the machinations of those at the top).

    Guess what??

    The OPPOSITE happened.

    Henry Ford knew one of the basic tenets of a truly free, capitalistic society, that a well-paid work force would be able to participate and contribute to a strong economy, unlike what is taught in business schools today-that wages must be kept to a bare minimum and that the stockholder is king.

    Our “free trade” politicians have assisted the greedy wall street types and banksters in depressing wages on the promise of cheap foreign labor and products.

    A good example of this is the negative criticism that Costco receives for paying its employees well above market wages. These same wall street types praise Wal-Mart for paying its employees barely subsistence wages while assisting them in filling out their public assistance (welfare) forms.

    Any sane person KNOWS that in order for true capitalism to work, employees need to make an adequate wage. Unfortunately, this premise does not exist in today’s business climate.

    Henry Ford openly criticized those of the “tribe” for manipulating wall street and banksters to their own advantage, and was roundly (and unjustly) criticized for pointing out the TRUTH.

    Catholic priest, Father Coughlin did the same thing and was punished by the Catholic church, despite his popularity and exposing the TRUTH of the American economy and the outsider internationalists that ran it . . . and STILL run it.

    Our race to the bottom will not be without consequences. A great realignment is necessary (and is coming) . . .

    • Agree: follyofwar
  36. anarchyst says:
    @Robert Dolan

    The coronavirus “scamdemic”has been used to destroy small businesses on purpose. The old communist tactic of demonizing small business owners, marginalizing them as “kulaks” won’t work here, but a “scamdemic” appears to be a success and is doing the job of destroying small businesses.
    Welcome to the “jew world order”…

  37. MrSnerdly says:
    @Fred A

    I agree in some ways. It is very difficult to hire anyone that recently graduated that knows much of anything. there are a few, but I would say they definitely are not the majority. As far as the foreign workers and companies, there may be some good ones but anything from china is absolute junk. I just recently returned 2 electrical tester sold by an American company but made in china. Both were defective. It is especially irritating when an American company sells junk with the name of a once great American company and passes off junk made by china. Also, most Mexican workers I have been around will do OK if they are closely supervised but do sub standard work if not.

  38. Andrew097 says:

    Why would MegaCorp waste a good crisis. Covid19 has broken the glass cealing of working from home. Something that could regenerate rural communities and improve lifestyles will now be transformed into off off shore jobs. It will accelerate all sorts of process as the companies learn how to remotely manage work loads.the savingings in real estate will soon be made in labour as the companies race to the lowest cost provider.
    All ready India is a big supplier of call centres but the next phase of offshore ism will be the better paid jobs.
    Globalised colonialism

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