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Planned Parenthood Demands Cheaper Birth Control for All
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Give me a Boo-Freaking-Hoo this morning for the poor college students and their Planned Parenthood pill peddlers who are crying to the government that they can’t afford $25 monthly contraception bills. America is, like, so unfair:

Cal Poly’s Health and Counseling Services has seen the cost of contraceptives triple in recent months, according to center Director Martin Bragg.

The higher cost, he said, is the result of 2005 federal legislation that barred university health clinics from access to lower-priced drugs.

And while the local Planned Parenthood organization has kept rates the same for its clients paying for birth control, the organization must raise money to cover rising costs to buy the drugs from suppliers, according to its spokeswoman.

Bragg said “thousands” of Cal Poly students seek birth control from the university’s health services center. He said he didn’t have specific numbers, but he estimates a month’s supply of birth control pills now costs Cal Poly students about $25.

That amount isn’t as much as the monthly supply of $40 to $50 for pills in other parts of the country, but it’s more than the $5 to $10 per month that once was standard.

“Students are feeling the increased costs,” he said.

Officials at Planned Parenthood say the higher prices are putting birth control out of reach for many financially strapped students, and they want Congress to make the issue a priority.

Guess who’s ready to help?

In Washington, Planned Parenthood has found a sympathetic ear in Democratic Sens. Barack Obama of Illinois and and Claire McCaskill of Missouri. They’ve teamed up on a bill that would reverse the 2005 provision, hoping to bring back discounted prices to college campuses.

A similar bill is pending in the House of Representatives…

…Bragg said he favors congressional intervention in reducing the cost of contraceptives to college students.

“When you look at the data of the termination of pregnancies, this is money well spent,” he said. “The cost of terminating pregnancies or the cost of an unwanted child to society is much higher.”

Here’s a prescription: How about trying self-restraint? It’s free.


Commenter ctmom: “Add it to the stimulation package!”

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