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Our Children Are Not Chattel
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COLORADO SPRINGS — They admitted it. Now, they think they can get away with it.

Three weeks ago, I reported to you on the appalling case of 6th-grade student Rylee M., who was pressured by teachers at Chinook Trail Middle School to seal her mask to her face with thick blue painters’ tape. Another schoolmate came forward to describe how those teachers would patrol their classrooms for violators while twirling the tape rolls around their wrists.

Skeptics accused the children of manufacturing the story and of voluntarily putting the tape on themselves. Others, including the Colorado Springs Police Department school resource officer stationed at Chinook Trail, baselessly dismissed the incident as a prank committed by a teacher in “jest.” Gaslighters in the school district and their supporters misleadingly denied that teachers applied the tape directly to victims’ faces–something Rylee and her mom never alleged. By mischaracterizing the actual allegations, public school propagandists deflected attention from the brazen abuse of authority exercised by educators who issued de facto ultimatums that children comply with their directive to use the tape handed to them. Or else.

On Monday, after the district’s three-week-long internal investigation, Chinook Trail Middle School principal Tom Andrew confirmed in a meeting with Rylee’s mom, Stephanie M., that teachers had indeed directed students to affix a mask to their face with tape”—a cruel measure that only sadists, not sane public health advocates, could embrace. Moreover, the unfazed principal blandly acknowledged, “yes,” the “students thought they were compelled to follow through” on the teachers’ “requests” (to choke themselves off).

“In short,” the principal told Rylee’s mom in his sing-song scripted voice, “district policies and procedures were broken,” “trust and respect” were “broken,” and “poor decisions” were made. Now, the principal told Stephanie M., it’s time “to move this forward” after “admitting our mistake” and “trust” the administration. The abusers will remain in the classroom with vulnerable 11- and 12-year-olds; any disciplinary measures will be kept “confidential;” and brave Rylee, who has been harassed over the incident, will now be enrolled in online school to keep her safe from the mask bondage bullies.


“It was never our intent,” the anonymous group of “Team 642” tape torturers wrote in a crappy little note to parents handed out Monday night at a meeting closed to the public, “to cause anxiety, fear, confusion, or physical or emotional harm.” Never mind that these petty tyrants wrought all of the above and will be shielded from any transparent punishment. “We look forward to returning to normal and continuing along this learning journey with your family,” the teachers (none of whom have reached out to Rylee or her mom directly) cheerily chirped.

Elitist privilege means always pretending to say you’re sorry without ever suffering consequences for wrongdoing.

Darcy Schoening, parent advocate and Town of Monument Board of Trustees member, agrees. She believes “the teachers responsible for this behavior should be fired. Their names should be released. Parents have the right to know WHO is abusing their kids. Protecting the teachers’ identities and disciplinary actions is a slap in the face to parents.”


“It’s sickening to me,” Stephanie lamented, as the principal echoed the educrats’ desire to get back out of the public spotlight and “resume normalcy.” She’s not going to let it drop. “I am not going to be quiet,” the work-at-home mom of three young daughters told KVOR-AM 740 radio talk show hostRichard Randall this week. “Plenty of parents are ready to step up for their kids.” No doubt about it. The Election Day revolt against K-12 control freaks just demonstrated that parents across the country from Loudon County, Va., to El Paso County, Co., to Los Angeles County, Calif., will not let COVID-era abnormalities hijack their children’s health and freedom.

With Justice Department goons and local cops treating parents protesting at school board meetings like criminals, we know we can’t rely on law enforcement to side with sovereignty-defenders over the State. Remember: Stephanie M. immediately contacted the Colorado Springs Police Department to report the abuse as soon as her daughter told her what happened. They blew her off. Instead, according to creepy public records files I obtained last week, at least three members of the CSPD’s Metropolitan Narcotics, and Intelligence Division/Stratetic Information Center passed around my Twitter and Gab posts about Rylee’s case to several CSPD command staff and other individuals whose names were redacted. A CSPD “Intelligence Unit” detective made note of my “2 million (yes, 2 million) Twitter followers” (so what?) and a sergeant falsely claimed I was aware of protest plans at the school (I heard no such information until after administrators shut down the school on Oct. 25 amid an international maelstrom of public scrutiny and press coverage–and no such protest ever occurred).

[These are my Gab and Twitter posts, which the district redacted when it released public records to a requestor.]

It’s getting impossible to “back the blue” when they stand down as Antifa and Black Lives Matter attack you for defending law and order, kneel before the altar of George Floyd, enforce junk-science-based COVID tyranny lining the pockets of Big Pharma and Big Government, and spy on you for standing up for parents fighting educational malpractice. Teach your children well.

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  1. Anon[390] • Disclaimer says:

    Where were the men? It is a man’s responsibility to protect child from abusers.

  2. I think the Democrats went from the black party to the tranny party.

  3. Again, Ms Malkin is supporting the rule breaking parents. Conservatives favor following rules and enforcing rules. One cannot pick and choose which rules to follow. I would hope here that Colorado’s Child Services investigates the parnent’s fitness to be a parent. No good parent would counsel their child to wear a mask improperly at school or anywhere in public. If Ms Malkin’s narrative is correct, the parent is unfit.

  4. @Anon

    Where were the American men? Probably out playing paint ball warrior.

  5. You are wrong, Michelle. According to Jewish law and custom they are chattel.

    • Replies: @Windy Jack
  6. @Harry Huntington

    The parents clearly need to start making the rules and meting out punishment justice.

    • Replies: @Harry Huntington
  7. Thekid says:

    Just drink the covid kool-aid and shut the hell up – what every despot loves to hear.

  8. @Harry Huntington

    Correction: No good parent would counsel their child to wear a mask at school or anywhere in public.

  9. @The Alarmist

    Parents lack the competence to make rules. 19% or more of teenagers are obese in the US. Their parents are clearly incompetent. There are other statistics as well that show how grossly incompetent most parents are today. Instead of letting parents make any rules, parents should be held personally accountable for their children.

  10. With such crappy things happening, you’d think the heroic US military would protect Americans from the insane institutions. But nope, the cuck soldiers are overseas destroying other nations.

    The hell with Veterans Day. Soldiers simply do as told. They are heroes ONLY in defense of their own country. Most US soldiers have been involved in invading or occupying other countries around the world. They are overseas mercenaries, not heroes of the homeland. They are no better than German Wehrmacht or Japanese Imperial Troops who did as told without asking questions.
    If true patriotism is about freedom and speaking truth to power, patriots need to stop hero-worshiping military men and veterans as insta-heroes. While soldiers do put their lives on the line, it’s noble only in defense of motherland, not in fantastical pursuit of ‘monsters’ to slay around the world that only turns US soldiers into monsters that ravage other peoples and lands.
    It’s all the worse now because, at the very least, America used to be a sane country and more advanced than most in many areas. But what do America’s soldiers unquestioningly serve and spread around the world today? The sicko anti-values of the globalist elites whose hearts-and-minds have been soul-corrupted by Jewish supremacism.

    THIS IMAGE(promoted by Jewish Google) is all you need to know what the American Empire is all about under Jewish Supremacism. It’s about idolization of blacks(as natural heroes and saints) and mockery of whites as having value ONLY As homos and trannies.
    Blacks need to shut up about BLM and ‘racism’. If they are so sensitive on matters of justice, what the hell are they doing serving in the US imperialist murder machine around the world? Where is Black Guilt on blacks did in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, and etc? And what about all the black rapes, murders, and other crimes in US bases around the world? Heroes? Gimme a break.

    US is a Jewish-supremacist crazy state that mourns and sanctifies the worthless thug George Floyd while idolizing US soldiers, white-black-brown-yellow, who’ve slaughtered countless innocents around the world at the behest of Jewish Supremacists. In US wars in the 20th and 21st centuries, blacks did their role in the Mass Murder Inc. because all they really care about their power/privilege in the US empire than about what it does to the rest of the world. As long as they get theirs in the system, blacks don’t care. If US was about true morality, it wouldn’t defund the police but defund the US military that has truly been a murderer and destroyer of innocents. And yet, the life of George Floyd(who died of Fentanyl abuse) is dearer than those of millions of lives destroyed by the Pentagon Murder Machine. But as long as American Morality = Racial Idolatry, it doesn’t matter what happens; the only that matters is WHO are involved. So, even if Jews and blacks do much that is bad, it’s ‘good’ because Jews and blacks are automatically holy. But whatever whites do is suspect because it is tainted with ‘whiteness’. And if Jews send white cuck soldiers and blacks thug soldiers to murder bushels of Arabs and Muslims, what does it matter when the victims rank low on the ethno-idolatry hierarchy?

    So, if patriots want to do themselves a favor, they need to drop the sick habit of lionizing the military or pretending that US soldiers ‘serve the country’. If US soldiers were true heroes, they would defy the US government and guard the southern borders that are being inundated with freeloader ‘migrant’ invaders. But these military dogs do NOTHING about that and are instead shipped overseas to wreak havoc on other peoples and lands who pose NO threat to the US.

    • Replies: @Dr. Charles Fhandrich
  11. Among political conservatives, the anti-public school temperature is rising, but, once again, their anger is being stoked by process, not substance. Conservatives have NO fundamental objection to public education. Had skoolteachers not insisted that the kids mask-up, the conservatives would have found some other incidental to complain about, e.g. insufficient observance of Armistice Day.

    If a_p_e were on the ballot, the conservatives would prominently join the leftists, the billionaires, the non/public unions, the movie stars, and all the other big government constituencies out there in strongly opposing the idea.

    A_p_e and nobody will care what school masking policies are. Parents who want their kids un/masked will find competent, affordable schools suited to their tastes.

    But I do agree with MM that school officials are a bunch of arrogant, mealy-mouthed, patronizing, legal-jargoning types.

  12. @Priss Factor

    Your last sentence is great and sickeningly true to boot.

  13. There appear to be an awful lot of totalitarian psychopaths in the ‘Greatest Country in the World’, Inc. Who’d have thought it?

  14. @Harry Huntington

    Oops, Harry. ‘I was just following orders’ didn’t go down well at the Nuremberg Trials. Every system of morality indicates that disobeying immoral orders is an ethical obligation. And bearing the consequences.

  15. @Anon

    Here in Austfailia a series of Royal Commissions and other official investigations have exposed the vile abuse of children, often sexual, also physically sadistic and psychologically crippling, that went on for decades. Much of it by clergy kiddy-fiddlers with the Catholics, Salvation Army and Jehovah’s Witlesses leading the way, and in Government run institutions. Ordinary bullying and thuggery by teachers and peers didn’t come into it. And other investigations revealed a tsunami of elder abuse in nursing homes, and by children chasing the patrimony of the family home and other nest-eggs. Moreover the Indigenous continue to be imprisoned, men, women and children, at the highest rates on Earth, and child removal by ‘Welfare’ agencies is higher than ever, with the children often placed with non-Indigenous ‘foster families’. Or just institutionalised where children often suicide and self-harm. THESE and much more besides, are the ‘Moral Values’ that allow us to spew bile at China over its supposed ‘human rights’ deficiencies.

  16. The schools (used to be just the public, but now it’s infested even so-called Catholic schools and seen as “advancement”) are just garbage anyway. All they teach is perverted sex and racism. And now, lately, they’ve added this mask crap to the mix. I’m SO damned sick of the damned masks, already. Really. I don’t understand it at all. Get on with your life before it’s naturally over. They sit on their fat lazy cans all day whining about stupid things, and yet this tyrannical garbage is acceptable? No!

  17. @forgotten_builder

    How is it if the wife is a mere chattel, like a table, or chair or beast of burden, the marriage ceremony includes a contract between the husband and wife? Chattels cannot make contracts or consent to anything. This is a thousands of years old feature of the marriage ceremony, not something invented in the last 100 years.
    If the wife is a mere chattel, how is it that the term describing the first such wife in the English translation of the bible is “Helpmeet”, a word the King James and Geneva translators before them attempted to translate the Hebrew concept of an “Equal Helper.”
    I think you are conflating the Abrahamic religions.

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