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Obama Admits He's Not Spending Enough Time at Home
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On Letterman tonight, Obama’s strain is showing:

Letterman: “Jeez, it’s great to see you here again. And perhaps you’ll come back between now – I mean, good lord, it’s still two years away, more or less?”

Obama: “It is, it is.”

Letterman: “It’s a long, long terrible grind.” (audience laughs)

Obama: “You know, they give out these keychains that have a countdown on how many days are left in the Bush administration, which I used to think was really funny until I realized that’s how long I have to campaign.” (Obama, Dave, audience laugh) “It’s wasn’t funny anymore.”

Letterman: “It’s a lot of work, isn’t it?”

Obama: “Yeah, yeah.”

Letterman: “And can you still be an effective senator when you’re campaigning?”

Obama: “So far I’ve only missed three votes and, you know, my staff is doing a terrific job making sure that we’re tending to constituents back home, but I’m not getting back to Chicago very often, which my wife is starting to refer to me as her first husband.” (audience laughs) “It’s a little disturbing.”

Letterman: (laughing) “Whoa, whoa.”

Obama: “It’s a little troublesome. I’ve got to spend more time there.”


Chicago and Mrs. Obama may never see him anymore, but NYC hearts Obama.

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