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No Time for Phony Healing
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We, the 71 million Americans who voted to reelect Donald J. Trump, do not forgive.

We, the 71 million Americans who voted to reelect Donald J. Trump, do not forget.

We, the 71 million Americans who voted to reelect Donald J. Trump, do not surrender.

We, the 71 million Americans who voted to reelect Donald J. Trump, resoundingly reject the phony olive branches of former Vice President Joe Biden.

After liberal media operatives prematurely declared Biden the winner of election 2020 this weekend, Biden’s handlers carefully trotted him out in front of the cameras to read a script that proclaimed: “It’s time to put away the harsh rhetoric, to lower the temperature, to see each other again, to listen to each other again.”

“Listen”? Biden’s already hatching plans to crack down even harder to silence patriots and dissidents who share their ideas online. Twitter, which ran censorious interference for Biden throughout the campaign, allows thousands of tweets by users wishing to “assassinate Trump,” but deplatforms peaceful conservatives and independent investigators exposing voter fraud, COVID-19 hypocrisy and left-wing violence.

“See each other again”? Biden and his Silicon Valley cronies want to wipe us all completely off the internet.

“Lower the temperature”? Tell that to the flag-burning, window-breaking, traffic-obstructing lunatics shouting: “All cops are bastards!” “Shut it down!” “No borders; No walls; No USA at all!” Biden has never disavowed them, and for his running mate, Kamala Harris, has helped raise millions of dollars in bail money for them.

Biden now says it’s “time to heal.” I call bullcrap. This corrupt career politician and his mob-coddling party seek to disarm us, debase us and destroy us.

Biden’s celebrants marched onto the streets Saturday with President Trump’s bloody head on pikes. One Black Lives Matter bigmouth shrieked that asking them to be peaceful was “white supremacy.” They’ve torn down statues across the country, pillaged small businesses, invaded residential neighborhoods, and engineered assaults and assassinations of Trump supporters. They’ve slapped senior citizens and gunned down retired cops while deifying serial criminals, convicted sex offenders, and home invasion robbers. They’ve been threatening to burn down Washington all year.

Biden now declares, “To make progress, we must stop treating our opponents as our enemy.”

I call plagiarism.

That’s right. Biden stole the words from his old boss, Barack Obama, who used the same hollow line 10 years ago after the 2010 elections. Remember that? I do. After labeling “America First” adversaries of his open borders policies as “enemies” who deserve to be “punished,” Obama walked back the attack when the 2010 midterm Republican wave hit.

“I probably should have used the word ‘opponents’ instead of ‘enemies’ to describe political adversaries,” Obama disingenuously admitted. He and Biden spent the next six years wielding their power by spying on journalists who dared to expose his culture of corruption, firing government whistleblowers who challenged his Chicago-on-the-Potomac grift and graft and demonizing conservatives who protested their radical policies at home and abroad.

Same old fake rapprochement. Same old bogus reconciliation. I’ll repeat my words from a decade ago: You can take your faux olive branch and shove it.


This is the time for hell-raising, not healing. Every legal vote must be counted, every illegal vote thrown out, every lawsuit heard. Anything less amounts to exactly the kind of “coup” undermining the “peaceful transition of power” that anti-Trump forces falsely accused our president of perpetrating.

We, the 71 million Americans who voted to reelect Donald J. Trump, resist the media-Silicon Valley coronation of Biden-Harris.

We, the 71 million Americans who voted to reelect Donald J. Trump, do not relent.

We, the 71 million Americans who voted to reelect Donald J. Trump, do not yield.

We, the 71 million Americans who voted to reelect Donald J. Trump, do not concede.

Michelle Malkin’s email address is [email protected] To find out more about Michelle Malkin and read features by other Creators Syndicate writers and cartoonists, visit the Creators Syndicate website at

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  1. Lihirv says:

    I’m reminded of the scene in the (true-story) movie BOYS DON’T CRY where Brandon Teena (played by Hilary Swank) is raped by two men she knows, and afterwards one of them puts his arm around her and says, “We’re still friends?”

    • Replies: @Cowtown Rebel
  2. Realist says:

    We, the 71 million Americans who voted to reelect Donald J. Trump, do not forgive.

    We, the 71 million Americans who voted to reelect Donald J. Trump, do not forget.

    We, the 71 million Americans who voted to reelect Donald J. Trump, do not surrender.

    We, the 71 million Americans who voted to reelect Donald J. Trump, resoundingly reject the phony olive branches of former Vice President Joe Biden.

    Big talk…what’s the solution?

  3. Dr. Charles Fhandrich [AKA "anon"] says:

    Mrs. Malkin is the most erudite reporter in the U.S. today bar none!!! She meticulously researches any story she publishes. If she has concluded that the democratic party leadership is SCUM, then I’m going with that conclusion.

  4. lloyd says: • Website

    I suggest Federal tax boycott on the grounds the Government is illegitimate. That presupposes evidence does not come that Biden won or at least most likely won. The 71 million Americans who voted for Trump actually represent one hundred and sixty million Americans. The Federal agents depend on local police to uphold their tax gathering. Non Democrat Jurisdictions could instruct their agents not to co-operate with the Feds. I wouldn’t write this if I was in America. Government agents take tax boycotts and evasions personally. The 71 million Americans who voted for Trump, I suspect pay most of the Federal taxes. It would not be in the interest of Social Security and Medicare beneficiaries to join a tax boycott. But I assume they don’t pay much Federal tax. The Presidential election in Mexico some years ago was most likely stolen and resistance was called off by the defeated candidate. But he was not the President and Mexico is not America.

    • Replies: @Realist
    , @c matt
  5. BigO says:

    Hey Realist…what is your solution? Like it’s Michelle’s fault about the election. It is up to the R’s to formulate a solution although I predict that they will go back to going along and getting along. I am one of those 71 million Americans who voted for Trump and I reject everything that creepy Biden and his media flunkies tell us to do. I am also getting ready for the fight that’s coming. You, Realist, can tell the rest of us what your solution is.

    • Replies: @Realist
  6. I find it impossible to agree more with your sentiment MM.

    Never will I view the Biden platform as anything other than outright anti-American, middle-class hating racists who will bring in their finest sociopaths to cause tremendous and perhaps even total destruction to the long-held ethos, ideal, and swash-buckling brand that is the United States.

    I will never surrender my individualism.
    I will never surrender my spirit to California/NYC Marxists.
    I will never view Biden and his administration as anything other than illegitimate and malevolent.

    I say this as a left-leaning atheist vegetarian who would likely scare most right-wingers with my classically liberal views. The modern Democrat party is a Socialist Experimentation Lab filled with horrifying tech scientists and social theorists gone mad and they are about to descend into all of our lives with iron gloves and steel teeth.

    Just imagine the progressive mental ward that is called Twitter running this country. It’s right around the bend.

  7. Realist says:

    I have heard that the truckers are going to do a walk out on Nov 29. I don’t know if that will happen, but it is a good idea.

    Since most of the Nationalist minded people, mostly Trump supporters, actually do productive work it would be effective for them to stop supporting large Democrat run cities. This would bring them to their knees in short order…since they are incapable of self sufficiency…they produce nothing of value.
    Some of these cities are New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis and a number of others.

    • Replies: @c matt
  8. anon[791] • Disclaimer says:

    1776: No taxation without representation!

    1969: Hey, ho. Western Civ has to go!

    1979 (Iran): Down with the Great Satan!

    2020: No concession without secession!

    Hey, ho. Biden has to go!

    I’m down with The great hate’n!

  9. anon[185] • Disclaimer says:

    There’s no peace to be had with people who literally want us dead:

    I hate these bastards. #secede.

    • Replies: @Old nurse 20
  10. Michelle, regarding maidengate com, in the body of the home page is a reference to Ali Alexander of #stopthesteal. Big League Politics just yesterday ran a story on his criminal background! Lauren needs to get him off her site (I contacted her… response) and STS needs to deep-six him!

  11. @anon

    Yes, very true. What can you do actively?
    Don’t patronize merchants, entertainment that sponsor/encourage the enemy.
    If possible, don’t hire, socialize with, rent to, work with ‘them’.
    Remember that portions of your recorded income go toward supporting ‘them’, so being careful with your documented paperwork.
    Secede privately, individually. Quietly.

  12. Realist says:

    I see you’re new around these parts. What brings you here? Perhaps you should learn how to use the features here. If you are going to address a commenter…hit the reply selection at the end of a comment.

    Hey Realist…what is your solution?

    My solution is a revolution.

    Like it’s Michelle’s fault about the election.

    This Deep State bullshit has been going on for decades…continually getting worse. Malkin like other authors on TUR provides a piss and moan approach, instead of a solution.

  13. Realist says:

    I see we have a couple new Malkin sycophants here. This is not a new phenomenon…this often happens with blog authors.

    It is not that I don’t agree with Malkin…it is that there are dozens of reporters, authors, analysts with the same message. What is sorely missing is a solution…or suggestion of a solution.

  14. anon2024 says:

    I admire Ms. Malkin’s courage and agree with most of the things she says. But she might gain a wider audience if she moderates her tone. Her writing often comes across too emotional.

    It’s time for Trump voters to check out a new TV channel, Newmax TV, forget Fox:

    And follow Trump on Gab, unsubscribe from Twitter. Time for Jack Dorsey to go ESAD.

  15. Binyamin says:

    My, oh my! You are trying to outdo even Robert Mugabe (Mugabe refused to step aside , having lost an election). Trump lost! He is a One Term Loser. Yes, even a defeated candidate can get 71 million votes especially in a country of more than 300 million. His opponent received 4 million more votes. Trump has produced no evidence of voter fraud.
    Michelle, I am not being racist but you would be better off fighting politics in your native Philippines where democracy is defined according to the needs of someone like Imelda Marcos. Trump is a profoundly unpleasant man, but in America unpleasant men have, in the past, won presidential elections, often in a landslide-witness Nixon and Clinton. Trump lost because he is INCOMPETENT.

    • Replies: @johnnydollar
  16. c matt says:

    Of those 71 million taxpayers, I bet 90% of them have their taxes withheld from paychecks before they even see a dime, so how exactly do you boycott something you cannot control? Obviously, this system was intended precisely to avoid any significant attempt at a tax boycott.

    The only effective boycott I can see would be a total boycott of consumer spending – only necessities. Amazon and Walmart might understand that, as well as Wall Street because we are basically a consumer economy. Even China might feel that one.

    • Replies: @The Alarmist
  17. c matt says:

    Pretty much every large city is Democrat run, even in “red” states.

    • Agree: Realist
  18. Dave B says:

    And at the same time that Joe the Grifter is calling for us to hold hands and sing Kumbaya his fellow Demonrats like Horsey McBigTits are calling for lists of Trump supporters so we can be punished. They openly admitted they were going to steal the election and now they are openly admitting they are want to put us in camps.

    Four years ago I thought that Trump would be a failure unless he prioritized two things. One, neutralize the ability of the media to suppress free speech and fake news. I dont know how he could do that legally but people like Fuckerberg need to be put in their place – arrest him for interfering with elections and throw him into prison full of Diversity. Two, he needed to get some nasty men on his side so that if the usual suspects tried a coup, like they have done for the past 4 years, he would have people to call on to show them the error of their ways. Learn from the Clinton crime family and make sure a few of his enemies decided to call it a day permanently.

  19. By ‘healing’, these Jews and shabbos mean “kneeling”.

    These scumbags did everything to subvert Trump presidency(even though Trump sucked up to Jews like a dog, even killing hero Soleimani). They did everything to censor dissident voices and whistleblowers. They spread disinformation and lies while shutting down any counter-narrative as ‘disinformation’. They use antifa thugs to effectively nullify free speech in colleges and big cities. They encouraged blacks to loot and rob and attack people. They freed radical scum who attacked police stations. They spread hate hoaxes.

    But now, they talk about healing. It’s like a rapist saying it’s time to heal after the rape.

    These Jews need to be outed and stopped. Too bad Malkin is married to some Zionist who supports the oppression of Palestinians because Jews intend to Palestinianize the entire white race.

    There are great righteous Jews like Brother Nathanael but Jewish Power is mostly evil.

    According to Jews, ‘healing’ is ONLY WHEN THEY GET EVERYTHING THEY WANT.

    So, Jews will totally crush the Palestinians and then talk of ‘healing’.

    Name the Jew.

    We are all Palestinians.

    • Replies: @johnnydollar
    , @Miss Cookie
  20. Guest194 says:

    OK, but dammit we haven’t actually lost yet.
    • Sidney Powell seems very optimistic about the Dominion voting systems angle in their lawsuits. They have Dominion whistleblowers. (These are in addition to the known whistleblowers working with the Great Lakes Justice Center).
    • Georgia is doing a hand recount/canvass. The Dominion steal ought to be revealed that way.
    • The PA appellate court plus Alito have established that PA judges/election officials did not have the authority to contravene the PA legislature. So PA may be off the table (or, re-vote). Bryan Cutler of PA House is not playing nicey like some state Repubs elsewhere.

    • Replies: @The Alarmist
  21. Healing?

    Sniffy Joe tries to steal the election and we’re supposed to “heal?”

    Biden is a national security risk and should not be anywhere near the WH.

    • Agree: Kolya Krassotkin
    • Replies: @Anonymous
  22. Anonymous[369] • Disclaimer says:

    Get some minority Trump voters in all the battleground states and file federal civil rights violations for voter disenfranchisement. The civil rights division of the lazy DOJ will be forced to investigate. Do it quickly. Barr is doing nothing.

  23. Anonymous[369] • Disclaimer says:
    @Robert Dolan

    What Joe and Kammy really mean is for us to “heel”

  24. @c matt

    Of those 71 million taxpayers, I bet 90% of them have their taxes withheld from paychecks before they even see a dime, so how exactly do you boycott something you cannot control?

    You can still submit a W-4 to your employer claiming you are exempt by reason of having no liability in 2019 and expecting to have none for 2020. There is, of course, that whole penalty of perjury thingy, however: Don’t do the crime if you don’t want the time.

    To @lloyd ‘s comment about The Service relying on local LE, don’t kid yourself: The agents who come to visit you for a friendly chat are packing, and the Service has its own SWAT teams when you aren’t friendly.

  25. @Guest194

    OK, but dammit we haven’t actually lost yet.

    Technically, perhaps, but there is that little problem of the MSM and Big Tech trumpeting that all of this is unfounded and baseless and Mr. Biden is already being Presidential. That’s a loss in the court of public opinion for too many people that is proving hard to overcome. People have short memories, and wonder why Trump won’t concede a very close election in a few days, forgetting Gore kept Florida counting for a month before conceding.

  26. @Realist

    Political/Media/PR wings of transformative political movements CAN NOT say certain things that need saying, rather… doing.
    Refer to how The IRA and The Viet Cong separated their Action corps well away from their political and media voice operatives.
    Many know full well where the current situation is going, historically proven to be inevitable.
    Publicists are rarely trigger pullers…
    AND, it is stupid and unthinking to threaten one’s enemies with what you intend to do to, and with, them. Why warn them and get their adrenaline and defenses up ?

  27. @Realist

    Write to your state representatives and Demand election justice!
    You can get started easily here:

    • LOL: Realist
  28. Junius says:

    Agree. We need to be planning ahead when the completely infiltrated by the democrat communist Supreme Court fails to enforce the constitution. I agree we cannot accept this Coup and pedophile Biden as President. So what do we do at that point. We will be handing over power to totalitarians who will use any means including violence, imprisonment, and executions to forever cement their grip on power. Not to mention food, fuel, and medical shortages and rationing.

    Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. The only solution that will win over the communists is war.

    We do not want it but our basic survival is at stake.

    So what is the Solution?

    • Replies: @Realist
  29. Anon[389] • Disclaimer says:

    Writing to your representatives wont fix this, Trump waiting for the Supreme Court to fix this wont work, and Trump refuses to declare sedition or insurrection.

    The only thing next to do is a NATIONWIDE STRIKE.

    The objective of the strike is DEMANDING A NEW ELECTION FROM THE BOTTOM UP.

    The terms of the strike is “if Biden really was elected fair and square, clearly the results of the second election will mirror the first, so the right wingers all agree to go home if he is still elected. There is CLEAR REASON to be concerned, too many anomalies to trust or believe, and the best way to disarm people’s upset is to hit the reset button.”

    Trump could command this – since govt wont listen to him and generals have said they wont follow certain orders of his, he still commands 71 million americans. He should have acted four years ago that was his best chance. Now he has a second best chance – if he waits 70 days he will WASTE his last days in office. The Supreme Court will not vote in his favor, they are career minded cowards. The Democrats want it to go to court thinking the fix is in there too. He was a fool to put it into their hands to begin with.

    Trump NEEDS a landslide and only a NEW ELECTION can provide that. A landslide will help PREVENT more “endless civil unrest”. What creates the unrest is people thinking a knife’s edge election was stolen or overturned by a court. A clear landslide shows they are in the small minority.

    Trump NEEDS TO SEE PEOPLE SUPPORTING HIM PUBLICALLY en masse and would be emboldened to act more if he saw people all over, in a general strike, demanding the new election.

    If things got that far Trump needs to ask the people to demand the use of _RICO_ Act charges – Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organizations – to be brought against Big Tech and news media. This does not involve martial law or declaration of sedition but can go after those engaging in organized crime which is the more appropriate and easier to justify level of enforcement.

    If the people cannot hold their politicians feet to the fire politically and demand every agency abide by a new election and bringing RICO charges against all the conspirators – this country is doomed anyways. Biden is already setting to undo everything Trump did with signing statements with his own, the second lockdowns are meant to prevent legitimate protests from the non-left side, and the moment he’s in he will declare martial law – a step Trump is not willing – to protect his criminal cronies.

    Only a GENERAL STRIKE and RICO prosecutions can stop this. (or a declaration of insurrection/sedition, but I dont think Trump has the courage for that, but him witnessing mass protests supporting him might make that outcome more likely so he has nothing to lose – he can simultaneously support vote recounts and still call for a general strike to PROVE THE LANDSLIDE he had all along, and partially dis-inflame the potential rage of left wingers claiming a court overturned a president chosen by popular AND electoral votes. (Which if they are so misinformed to believe creates a real rage.)

  30. I can only repeat the words of Lori Lockdown the violence ignoring, gender confused “mayor” of Chi-RAQ …. Joe Biden! … the answer to your plagiarized words starts with F and ends with U!

  31. @Priss Factor

    God Bless Israel. The only real peace loving Democracy in the middle east. AND God Bless Donald Trump who brokered record setting PEACE between Arabs and Israel who are now trading visitors for the first time as they now recognize Israel. Sadly, the harris-biden regime will favor terrorists and Iran again. The future will go to the peaceful people. Not the eternally angry, violent and hate-filled folks* as owebama calls them* This SUMS it UP about Israel and those surrounding them—->
    In 2007, Islam and Judaism’s holiest
    holidays overlapped for 10 days.
    Muslims racked up 397 dead bodies
    in 94 terror attacks across 10 countries
    during this time… while Jews
    worked on their 159th Nobel Prize.

  32. @Binyamin

    Hahah! you couldn’t BE more wrong in your assessment of the “one term” President Trump. What he accomplished and dared to do right in the faces of leftists, status-quo quislings and violent insurgents is something good Americans have wanted for their entire lives to see. The list of economic accomplishments using sensible policies ALONE destroyed the owebiden regime’s failures in less than 3 years flat. I also disagree with you telling the writer “I’m not a racist” when the very premise of your paragraph is “go back to where you came from!” HA! even democrats tell us this kind of thing is racism, xenophobia …etc. Grow up

  33. Realist says:

    We will be handing over power to totalitarians who will use any means including violence, imprisonment, and executions to forever cement their grip on power. Not to mention food, fuel, and medical shortages and rationing.

    We do not want it but our basic survival is at stake.

    So what is the Solution?

    Actually it is the Deep State whose survival is at stake…if Whites do not acquiesce.

    Since the Deep State and it’s minions are incapable of self sufficiency a reasonable way to defeat them would be to isolate them…blockade their sustenance. Most of the Deep State and their minions are denizens of large cities…they produce nothing of value. The people who actually do productive work…those deplorables of flyover country, could cut off their power, water, food and products from outside.

    If the military intercedes…guerrilla warfare is the best bet. Disruption of the chain of command is a must. Any quislings* must be immediately dealt with in a harsh manner. When the opportunity arises, those of the Deep State with power and wealth, must be eliminated.

    * Quisling is anyone, who is not a member of the Deep State or a minion of the Deep State, but gives support to the Deep State.

  34. Michelle’s column reflects my thinking 100%

    I agree with the suggestion that the only way to resolve the question of who won fair and square is a new election for president only, with safeguards in place to ensure a fair and indisputable result.

    If the self proclaimed winners are in fact winners, they can demonstrate to the world that they are.

    A result determined by court decisions will be rejected by large numbers of people regardless of it’s validity, as was demonstrated in 2000 with Bush and Gore.

    A new election where safeguards in place to absolutely prevent fraud, and an indisputable result is the only way to resolve this.

    The CITIZENS of this country need to be assured they have a legally elected president and a legitimate government.

  35. Their true natures will emerge if we, like true singes du cauchemar, give them the relentless blowback of a “singe botté .” We are being far too reasonable by debating with, or always feeling obligated to explain ourselves to, people who believe they have already won and are now just figuring out how to enslave us or kill us. A day of rage is coming.

    • Agree: Cauchemar du Singe
  36. Anonymous[381] • Disclaimer says:

    “What’s the solution?”

    Seems to me that the Democrats just came with a new way to change power in America. If they can do it, we can do it. Choose a city then “protest” like Portland. Create organizations to “help” with mail-in voting. Watch what they say on social media and attack them for it. Get off their social media sites, drop facebook, sign up for MeWe.

    Ever wonder how Google got rich? People with web sites want to know which pages attract people and which ones don’t. If someone gets to page A, they want to know how that visitor got there.
    They want to know who visits their pages. Google accepts information from the websites and delivers information like to to companies – it’s called Google Analytics. Companies send data about page requests, google receives and saves it, and charges companies to see it. That’s where the money comes from. Facebook is similar. Stop using google for searches, it will put a dent in their revenue. You can also set up Windows firewall rules to block requests to google analytics or send them to a null address. Every little bit helps.

    I could never figure out what Trump did that made the Left so insane. Trump is not a wildly unusual president. I wonder if the psychotic aversion to Trump was driven by what he posted on Twitter. I don’t do Twitter, so I don’t know what he says there. Was it his tweets?

    Seems to me that we can all agree that Democrats like to pass laws and create regulations that restrict what people can say and do. Cops enforce the laws. Why did the democrats support “defund the police”? Cops are resigning and retiring in droves. Who is going to enforce those rules? Federal cops?

  37. More gold from Ms. Malkin. Love everything she writes. This one gets saved for posterity.

    One suggestion for the website:
    I think I saw 20 share options, but no share option for MeWe and Parler. Many patriots have migrated there and abandoned–to some degree or other–fb and Twitter.

  38. Lucky says:

    The solution is pretty simple. We the 71 million who voted to reelect Donald Trump should reevaluate our sense of truth, honesty, integrity, and competence. Learn how to recognize lies from truth, and for God’s sake, quit listening to a bunch of people who are obviously lying to us and somehow convincing ourselves they are telling us the truth. We the 71 million have been duped by this administration, but will learn from our mistake. We know deep down that Trump has lied about everything. Rounding the corner on the pandemic? Really? With almost 250,000 Americans dead, and the death rate at 44.8% per 100,000 cases and still calling it a hoax? Half of his administration in federal prison for everything from wire fraud to obstruction of justice? A bipartisan intelligence report concluded that:
    a. His Foreign Policy Advisor lied about his contacts with Russia
    b. His National Security Advisor lied about his contacts with Russia
    c. His Campaign Manager lied about his contacts with Russia
    d. His Deputy Campaign Manager lied about his contacts with Russia
    e. His Personal lawyer lied about his contacts with Russia
    f. His Political Consultant lied about his contacts with Russia
    g. His Attorney General lied about his contacts with Russia

    Threatening to withhold funds from schools that don’t open up during the pandemic? Is this how we govern? Advertising our family’s businesses from the White House? Is this not appalling to us? Would we have let Obama do that? We the 71 million can uphold our conservative values, but we don’t have to sell our souls to someone like Donald Trump to do so. It is time for we, the 71 million people who voted for Donald Trump, to stand up for honesty, integrity, and the conservative values that we say we stand for, and get rid of these crazy conspiracy theories and their perpetrators, and get back to an honest and effective government. If the Democrats could, in fact, swing an election illegally, to the extent required to throw Trump out of office, how can we call them ineffective, stupid, incompetent, etc. That would be the greatest coup in American history, and honestly, I don’t believe they could do that. Not with our 71 million people watching. So, let us drop the crazy conspiracies and look around us. This is not a Democratic or Deep State conspiracy. This is the rest of the country breaking the Trump code. He is corrupt, dishonest, deceitful, incompetent, and needs to be removed from office. We need someone who can be honest with us. Someone who is not corrupt, and someone who is competent to lead the greatest country on earth. Let’s find that person and get rid of Trump and his manipulations.

  39. @Priss Factor

    You are out of your mind. Go do something uplifting.

  40. @Lucky

    Look you pea-brained shit-talker, you are a JB voter and a Democrat supporter, and you cannot fool myself with your phoney rage against DT, he is the most honest, decent, competent President of the last hundred years. You disgust me.

    AJM “Mensa” qualifed since 1973, airborne trained US Army vet, and pro jazz artist.

  41. If You Voted for Joe Biden, You Ain’t White!

  42. @Lihirv

    Or, Abraham Lincoln, during his inaugural address, before the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Southern Soldiers and Civilians, saying, “We are not Enemies, but Friends. We must not be Enemies. Though passion may have strained, it must not break our bonds of affection. The mystic chords of memory will swell when again touched, as they surely will be, by the better Angels of Our Nature.”

    Even after the War, he was still magnanimous and willing to let bygones be bygones. Going so far as to declare that, since he had utterly devastated, thoroughly conquered, and completely subjugated the South, he would like to hear Dixie played in celebration!

    Fortunately, a better Angel, in the guise of John Wilkes Boothe, touched him.

  43. @Lucky

    I bet you still go to Walmart. How are people going to get groceries, if the meat packing plants and the food distribution centers aren’t staffed? How do YOUR VEGETABLES get harvested, if there is no one in the fields to pick them? How can things be delivered without people to deliver them? Your “Jetsons” Fantasy hasn’t come to full fruition, yet. You may have Rosie The Robot there to Jack You Off, but she still can’t go out and get your necessities for you. Do you have a 3-D Printer that can produce edibles? Do you wear a Hazmat suit everywhere you go? Why Not? People like you should dress in Spandex and launch yourselves into Outer Space where you can live in a clinically sterile environment, breathing pure oxygen, weightlessly (and mindlessly) floating into oblivion. Please go where No Man has gone before, and let the rest of Humanity live here on Earth as The Good Lord intended. Be sure NOT to send Us a Postcard! We all hope that You get Lost In Space!

    Also, You might want to read Poe’s “The Masque of The Red Death,” but I seriously doubt that You are astute enough to get the point of the story.

  44. GregD says:

    Thank you so very much, Michelle!! I am completely behind you on this one. As one of those voters for the Trumpster, I also do no forgive or forget.

    I miss your old websites, MM. Take care and stay safe!!

    – Greg

  45. Backup to back election cycles in our great country have produced the worst candidates in our nation’s history, well at least in my lifetime. Trump can look in the mirror to identify the root cause of why he lost this election, he is hands down one of the nastiest hateful politicians, with constant personal attacks against so many in our country of both parties, members of the media, leaders around the world, etc.

    There are so many men and women, successful leaders in our free market economy, who can be great leaders of our country. I think Trump had that potential, but he let what’s best for Trump get in the way, and could have never imagined this type of rude behavior when voting for him in 2016.

    Trump is no better than Bernie, Pelosi and the other nasties of the Democratic Party.

    One good thing to come from this election is that it has moved Hillary to the dust bin of history status.

  46. Sounds like you’re really upset and defiant, Michelle Malkin, but I hope you can understand why a number of us simply can’t take you rantings about an alleged coup and faux coronation seriously.

    Let’s remember back in 2016. President Trump repeatedly declared in the aftermath of that election that millions voted illegally, nearly all supposedly for Clinton, and that he actually won the popular vote. You folks have had four years since that claim. Where is the proof of the millions of illegal votes in the 2016 election? Please produce the proof, right here, right now.

    If you cannot, as I assume you probably can’t, then it means the 2016 fraud claims are false, the president lied about fraud, and you seemingly have no qualm about a president who lies about elections and makes fraudulent claims about fraud, as you proceeded to vote for him in 2020, essentially endorsing his lying and fraudulent claims.

    But now we’re actually supposed to take seriously claims of 2020 election fraud from the same president who, it seems, lied about 2016 election fraud. If you have no proof about 2016 meaningful fraud, and you have yet to produce any proof of 2020 meaningful fraud, surely you can understand that according any seriousness to your claims about a fair election is unthinkable, as you give no evidence that you take truth and integrity seriously.

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