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Newt Breaks Up with Nancy
Couch buddies no more.
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A lot of readers were excited about Newt Gingrich’s appearance today on Capitol Hill with the House GOP revolt leaders. Gingrich had tough words for Do-Nothing Nancy, Barack Obama, and the anti-drilling Democrats. Allah’s got vid.


An old hand at leading GOP insurrections, former Speaker Newt Gingrich, R-Ga. (1979-1999), offered his support to the House GOP recess energy protest on Wednesday and urged Sens. Barack Obama of Illinois and John McCain of Arizona to cut a deal on their own bipartisan energy compromise.

Although the House of Representatives is not in session, some Republicans have been on the House floor, and just outside the chamber, mounting their protest, claiming that allowing expanded offshore oil drilling would lower gas prices.

“Sen. Obama, as the leader of the Democratic Party, should pick up the phone this morning and convince [Speaker Nancy] Pelosi and [Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid ] that they should come here and recall the Congress,” Gingrich said. He said that Obama, the presumed Democratic presidential nominee, and his GOP rival, McCain, “should find five things they agree on energy, and offer a joint bill . . . and say let’s pass it before the conventions. If they walked in with five things, they’d pass it before the conventions.”

He added that he doubted Obama would break ranks with his party to cut a deal: “He’s now entrapped between the anti-energy left, led by [former Vice President Al] Gore and Pelosi and Reid and the pro-energy Democrats, who understand that they’re not going to survive if they are the party that’s anti-energy.

It’s worth remembering that just four short months ago– back when both Barack Obama and John McCain were both still against offshore drilling and for peddling global warming hysteria–Gingrich was making nice on a couch with Nancy Pelosi for Al Gore global warming progaganda ads.


In his justification for appearing in the ad, you won’t find a word mentioned about the need for offshore drilling.

In supporting the House GOP revolt and the sea change in public opinion about drilling, give credit where it’s due– to those conservatives in Washington who have been unwavering, stalwart opponents of the Gore/Pelosi fear-mongering obstructionist bandwagon, not to those who have hitched a ride when it suited their needs.

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