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NAACP "Buries" the N-Word; Billboard Rap Artists Ignore the Funeral (Language Warning)
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Update: A photo from the funeral via Yahoo! News…




The NAACP is holding a funeral today for the n-word in Detroit:

The NAACP is putting to rest a long-standing expression of racism in a ceremony similar to one six decades ago.

The civil rights organization was to hold a public burial for the N-word Monday during its annual convention in Detroit.

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People delegates from across the country were expected to gather Monday morning at Detroit’s Cobo Center and march about a quarter-mile to Hart Plaza for the ceremony and rally.

But a quick visit to the Billboard Hot Raps charts shows the n-word is thriving and surviving. The #4 Hot Rap single this week is “Big Things Popping (Do It):”

Do it [3x] what u waiting for

Do it [3x] what u waiting for

Do it [3x] what u waiting for

Now Lemme hear you say

Big shit poppin, and lil shit stoppin [3x]

Ball on these niggas being broke is not an option

Do it to the maximum, take it why you asking them?

Don’t listen to them suckas when they say you too irrational.

See I said im king and them lames started laughing

Same sucker now I want the king on the track

I composed several classics

u know like top back, dope boys,

Bring em out, and what you know about that

Now they ask how I talk what you know about that

Dominated ’06, now Im going right back

See me reign hell, at a show just like that

Even Denzel’ll say damn, I ain’t know it like that

Nigga yea, still bankhead you can tell

Ain’t nothing changed but the name on the mail

Still kicking doors with them thangs in the air

up in benihanas, see me slang in dem chair

will slang cane, no such thang as a jail

Said you need a hundred squares they just came off the scale


Do it like a ball playa, when you see me ballin

Stacks tall-ass ball playa from the stage to the air

Whether in Miami, Cincinnati or in Riverdale

Arizona, California, make it rain anywhere

Pullin out that pistol nigga who you think u finna scare?

20 rounds of missles have you pissin in your underwear

I tote a pair, 40 cal, so you better tone it down

I suggest you juss prepare yourself for when it goin down

A-town, west side club, you should catch me,

Right up at the top where Big Kuntry, Dro & Mac be

Jackers lying say they caught me slipping how could that be

I’m something like a stalker I be everywhere the strap be

The trap be, jumping with that 100 dollar slab

If I wanted nigga I could get 100 on the tab

Sell em all double down Nigga do the math

Think I won’t pull up in something With 200 on the dash


Do it like I wanna do it, do that shit in front of you

Real nigga vision pimpin I aint seeing none of you

I Do it for my nigga phil daughter and his momma too

Do it for my oldest sons and they Grand momma too

Do it for my daughters and my my youngest son momma who

go buy what she want cuz she know it ain’t a problem to.

You do something to them and its you I bring the Drama to

You do it for a day or so, we do it for a month or two

I do it for my partner go make show them nigga stuntin too

We do it them choppers, aint no problem where you running to?

We do it for the block, that why ain’t nobody stopping me

I do it for my pop, and my cousins too they watchin me

I did it nonstop, now see how these niggas copy me

I made it from the bottom to the top, where I oughtta be

Who do it did good, and do it different

No matter what I do you know I do it to death


Now do it!

Here’s the uncensored video:

And #5 on the charts is “Wipe Me Down” by “Lil Boosie:”


Mr. wipe down ya heard me Foxx-a-million

This one be the reeemix!

Badass, Savage life, Foxx-a-million

Man you already know what it is ya heard me

We still on, we still ridin on chrome, we still pullin up

Verse 1 (Foxx)

I pull up at the club VIP gas tank on E but all drinks on me (wipe me down)

Fresh kicks fresh white tall tee fresh NFL hat fresh bauds wit the crease (wipe me down)

pussy niggas wanna hit me wit they heat, real recognize real real niggaz gon speak (wipe me down)

Jiggalatin I been rollin bout a week you can tell i got cake by the diamonds in my teeth (wipe me down)

Black shades so you know a nigga rollin they ain’t check me at the door so ain’t no tellin what im holdin (wipe me down)

bad bitches they gon bust it wide open niggas flashin they lil bread but im the nigga they approachin (wipe me down)

Small nigga tall figures yall niggas crowd niggas we gon get mac elevens and dawg niggas (wipe me down)

Yall niggas call niggas but my nigga all killas get ya issue and whoever fall wit ya


Cuz im on (wipe me down)(8x)

Shoulders, chest, pants, shoes (4x)

Verse 2 (Lil Boosie)

B.O.O.S.I.E. B.A.D.A.Z.Z. that’s me (wipe me down)

Red bones caramels all of em stop and stare all of em try and steal my underwear (wipe me down)

Like to floss like Rick Ross got a hit called set it off when i sing it everybody set it off (wipe me down)

Black mink im yea im on play wit me i bust ya dome 8 whips on chrome you can gon (wipe me down)

Fresh fade fresh j’s on the corner playin spades im an ordinary person but im paid (wipe me down)

Foxx flippin Webbie smokin and we chokin off a whole pound of purple famous like tha ninja turtles (wipe me down)

Just left New York City hooked up wit P. Diddy finna blow past 50 you gon have ta (wipe me down)

We the best im a fool im the hemi man red light green light yellow light get it man


Verse 3 (Webbie)

Hot drop drop top top drop hoes drop it like its hot yea nigga im the shit (wipe me down)

You see this ice on my wrist how it glist soon the light hit you can’t lie the ice sick (wipe me down)

Purple got me smellin funky red monkey 500 dollars on em you ain’t seen these yet (wipe me down)

Beatin you can hear me way around the corner paint wet wit the 24’s on em that’s bet (wipe me down)

Ol lady’s baby momma’s few fiance’s niggas wife savage life who i’m gonna f**k next (wipe me down)

And i don’t use the lifestyle or the magnum or the trojan i’ll go head and use the barrel of the tech (wipe me down)

Man this chain hit me for a couple grand oh no i ain’t complainin just watch how you wipe my chest (wipe me down)

A bad bitch wanted me to stay lil longer i put that dick up on her but i had a flight to catch (wipe me down)


Shoulders, chest, pants, shoes (8x)



Message to the NAACP: Reports of the death of the n-word are a wee bit premature.


Mary Katharine Ham offers a few words of praise for the NAACP. As long as Julian Bond plays the “lynching” card, none from me.

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