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Murderous Madman Gaddafi Blames U.S. -- and Drug-Addled Youth "Rats"
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Loony-tunes dictator Muammar Gaddafi refused to step down in a trademark bizarro Libyan TV address this morning.

He babbled hysterically about druggie kids instigating terror, blamed American planes for bombing innocent civilians, and ranted about the devil.

He blamed the unrest on “cowards and traitors” who were seeking to portray Libya as a place of chaos and to “humiliate” Libyans.

The protesters had been given drink and drugs, he said.

He called on “those who love Muammar Gaddafi” to come on to the streets in support of him, telling them not to be afraid of the “gangs”.

“Come out of your homes, attack them in their dens. Withdraw your children from the streets. They are drugging your children, they are making your children drunk and sending them to hell,” he said.

He added: “If matters require, we will use force, according to international law and the Libyan constitution.”

All that was missing were Hugo Chavez-like references to “sulfur” and Noam Chomsky

…and a Bed Intruder/Auto-Tunes soundtrack.

For his next address, Gaddafi will emerge from a golden egg with Lady GaGa’s pointy shoulders!

New fashion feature idea: Who wore it better — Gaddafi or Sheila Jackson Lee?


Gaddafi vowed to stay in the country and “die a martyr.”

May he get his bloody wish.

Video clip here from Real Clear Politics, via Ian Schwartz.


Flashback August 2009:

How much more suffering does the Obama administration want to inflict upon American relatives of Lockerbie bombing murder victims?

Watching Lockerbie terrorist Abdel Baset al-Megrahi walk free after serving a measly eight years of a life sentence was cruel enough. Next, Lockerbie families endured the despicable hero’s welcome party thrown for Megrahi by Libyan thug Moammar Gadhafi. Soon after came reports that al-Megrahi, released by Scotland for “compassionate reasons” due to terminal prostate cancer diagnosed by a lone anonymous doctor, may not actually have less than three months to live.

And now? Now, the Lockerbie families must prepare for the sight of Gadhafi jetting to New York City for a thug-of-the-month speech at the United Nations General Assembly in September – topped off by a planned jaunt to Englewood, New Jersey, where the murder-stained jihadi financier wants to pitch a swank, air-conditioned Bedouin tent to greet well-wishers.

The civil liberties crusaders who fret over America’s “inhumane” treatment of Gitmo detainees with smoke in their eyes have shown no compassion for the loved ones of Lockerbie murder victims getting kicked in the teeth.

New Jersey was home to 38 of our fellow Americans who lost their lives on Pan American Flight 103 in 1988. Fifty-nine of those murdered in the bomb attack called New York home. A total of 189 Americans perished over Lockerbie. And as we will soon commemorate two weeks from now, New York City, Shanksville, Pa., and Washington, D.C. witnessed 3,000 men, women, and children slaughtered in the name of Allah firsthand.

Could there be a more twisted form of torture for terror victims’ families then being forced to watch a silk-clad Gadhafi celebrate in their backyard as Islamic jihadists worldwide snicker?


…Gadhafi feigned the renunciation of terrorism during the Bush years while pursuing weapons purchases from Iran, chemical warfare stockpiles, and almost certain jihadi underwriting activities. In Italy last week, the stubbornly un-rehabilitated Libyan dictator blamed American “arrogance and disdain” for generating “the terrorism which they now suffer.”

Barack Obama promised not to deliver another four years of Bush policies. The Bush State Department granted visas to America-bashing autocrats Hugo Chavez and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad But instead of bringing an end to the dictator welcome wagon, Obama’s feckless bureacrats at Foggy Bottom are scurrying to accommodate Gadhafi’s camping trip while respecting the “raw sensitivities” of the Lockerbie victims’ families.

Cape May, New Jersey resident Susan Cohen, whose 20-year-old daughter died over Lockerbie, cut through the diplomatic bull: “This is what happens when you have the path of appeasement,” she told the press this week.

It is a path paved with blood, tears, lies, and craven obeisance to “world opinion” at the expense of American innocents.

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