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Mike Adams: Doer of the Word
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Michael Scott “Mike” Adams was a brilliant professor of criminology at the University of North Carolina-Wilmington. He was an unapologetic conservative who wrote prolifically and fought valiantly against the forces of political correctness and pure evil. He advocated with unbridled passion on behalf of the unborn. He trained his sharp tongue and prolific pen on radical feminists, campus liberals, racial demagogues, domestic terrorists and tyrants for more than two decades.

Adams taught and led by example.

In his books, columns and speeches across the country, he spoke truths — and he embraced The Truth. He died tragically and unexpectedly last weekend. The conservative movement and America the beautiful are worse off without his bright and unrelenting light.

News stories revealed that the 55-year-old academic and author was found dead of a reported gunshot wound on July 23 in his home in North Carolina. A worried neighbor had called police after receiving no responses from him for several days, during which he reportedly had been “stressed” and acting in an “erratic” manner. The best way I can honor him is to commemorate how he lived, not how he died.

Adams was a convert to Christianity who was a “doer of the word,” as James 1:22 counsels us to be, and not just a “hearer.” As a family obituary put it, “(A)fter seeing the mistreatment of prisoners while doing criminology research in a South American prison, Mike realized that there must be an objective standard of good by which we could make sense of evil and injustice. This helped lead him to Christianity, which dramatically changed his outlook.” For 12 years, he mentored an estimated 15,000 students at Summit Ministries in Manitou Springs, Colorado.

In those summer seminars (and elsewhere at universities nationwide as well as on TV), the smiling and boyishly handsome professor taught students about the First Amendment and “fought fiercely to preserve the right to free speech for every American,” Summit leaders wrote last week. “He was a soldier and a friend who was bold, committed to truth, and deeply invested in his students’ success. Because of his stand for human life, untold numbers of babies have been saved. Because of his stand for free speech, many freedoms that were being lost have been strengthened.”

Mike was forced to defend his own free speech rights in court and prevailed in a landmark discrimination case against his university, which was supposed to be a bastion of tolerance and free thought. His government-funded employer denied him promotions, despite rave reviews from students, as he became more emboldened and outspoken about his social conservative views. University officials admonished him to be less “caustic” in his expression and more “cerebral.”

Translation: Stop being so relatably articulate and never, ever joke about liberal sacred cows!


His government employers argued that his columns on academic freedom, civil rights, campus culture, sex, feminism, abortion, homosexuality, religion and morality should not be protected by the First Amendment. A jury disagreed and Mike ultimately prevailed on appeal to the U.S. Fourth Circuit Court with legal representation from the Alliance Defending Freedom. The school was set to cough up a half-million-dollar settlement just before his death. The case had dragged on for seven years and certainly took an emotional and psychological toll as he battled viewpoint discrimination and retaliation.

It’s not easy to be smeared, harassed, threatened and lied about daily by colleagues, students, administrators, neighbors and the media — all while maintaining a public “happy warrior” stance.

Yet, Mike soldiered on.

He was a compatriot and friend, whom I was honored to share the stage with many times over the years. We were not especially close but were kindred spirits who always greeted each other with warm smiles and hugs when our travels brought us together. Like me, he found respite in music. (He played guitar; I play piano.) His friend Lisa De Pasquale told me: “In our late-night chats, we were more likely to be talking about Rush the band than Rush Limbaugh. I will miss hearing him play guitar into the phone as he sat on his porch in the evenings.”

Mike and I were also both enthusiastic climbers of the Manitou Incline, an extreme 2,800-stair trail that gains 2,000 feet of elevation over less than a mile on abandoned railroad tracks in the shadow of Pikes Peak. He likened physical training for the Incline to digging out of spiritual decline. In both cases, he reflected, “I had to step out of my comfort zone.”

I deeply regret that we will not be able to climb the Incline together, but when I’m at the top, he will forever be in my thoughts and prayers. Two of his favorite verses that he recommended to students will also stay with me — James 4:17, which states, “Therefore, to him who knows to do good and does not do it, to him it is sin,” and Hebrews 13:5, which reminds us that God “will never leave you nor forsake you.”

Of the latter, Professor Adams urged students: “Remember when you read that verse that, quite literally, nothing else in life matters.” Amen and rest in peace, dear warrior.

Michelle Malkin’s email address is [email protected] To find out more about Michelle Malkin and read features by other Creators Syndicate writers and cartoonists, visit the Creators Syndicate website at

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  1. Rational says:


    Mike Adams was probably murdered by the police himself, working in collusion with the DA (deep state agent). They will “investigate” themselves and absolve themselves by ruling this as an “accident” or “suicide”.

    He was a good man, yes.

  2. pmoat says:

    I love that he’s wearing a guitar shirt in the pic!

  3. This is probably not the best time for this comment, but it’s the only chance to ask you this. I know that Wilmington, N. Carolina is a pretty conservative area and jurisdiction, but is it clear cut that there was no foul play here? I read both the Wilmington newspaper-site account and then the obituaries an comments there.

    It may have been depressing to Mr. Adams to be retiring, maybe not all of his free will. I also am sure he was not as excited about the 1/2 million dollars coming as many people who think of nothing but money. He was obviously not that kind of guy. However, with his needs taken care of and having a fiance, per the obituary, and his Christian faith, I would think there’d be no reason for him to do something like commit suicide.

    OTOH, it sounds like he had a lot of enemies, as does anyone in America nowadays who isn’t too cowed to continually speak the truth. The left in America have taken their gloves and masks off now. I hope we have the truth in this matter. R.I.P., Mike Adams.

  4. Thank you, Michelle Malkin, for sharing your personal perspective of Mike Adams and this tragedy.

    You are an amazing and brave woman, and you are an excellent addition to the Unz Review.

  5. The school was set to cough up a half-million-dollar settlement just before his death.

    Gosh! What a co-incidence!

    • Replies: @MMinLamesa
  6. Ms. Malkin, May your dear friend rest in peace in the Lord and be found in the first resurrection as told in 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 In light of what we are all witnessing at home and abroad, it would be very prudent to look at these events from a Biblical lens. Jesus Christ is returning very soon. May God comfort you in this time of great loss.

    • Agree: Tsar Nicholas
  7. JanieM says:

    Something I haven’t seen anyone address is that Mike’s father died of a brain tumor. Go back through Mike’s columns, he wrote two (that I recall) fairly recently about it.

    He started it by saying he noticed a change in his father’s behavior many years before his diagnosis and eventual decline.

    I am very curious if he was noticing cognitive decline or some other symptom he recognized from his father’s experience and didn’t want to go through it?

    It would explain why he finally gave in and walked away from the university. It would explain so much about his behavior of recent. And It would make sense for him keep it to himself.

    Maybe I’m wrong, but it’s just something the spirit has put upon my mind ever since word it was suicide came out.

  8. Adamsfan says:

    I am a huge fan of Dr. Adams and am so sorry to see his passing. Thank you for a personal goodbye. I hope there was not foul play, but his public persona seemed so optimistic it’s hard to imagine he was suffering that sort of depression. I wish he had been able to reach out for support to those who loved him. When he stopped writing so much on Townhall and Daily Wire it was a sad thing and I missed his sarcastic wit. As I don’t do social media, I missed most of his current activity. He was the one who completed my shift to pro-life.

    Rest with God.

  9. SBaker says:

    There is no room in “higher education” for truth seekers, free speech, and righteous behavior. If you fight the education establishment of intolerance for opinions that counter leftist dogma, you will be made to suffer. Thank you Mike Adams for staying the course.

  10. Good riddance to this piece of trash.

    • Troll: follyofwar
  11. Hans says:

    Thanks, Michelle. I hadn’t know anything about Mike. Great to see you back. We need all hands on deck. Time for alums to defund their schools nationwide and go on the offensive against the Marxist infiltration. Need a slogan or two. Be well and God bless, you.

  12. Sorry to hear of his death. Considering the hatred toward him at UNCW it wouldn’t surprise me that his passing was by nefarious lefties.

  13. Trinity says:

    Congrats on the Manitou Incline climb, helluva an achievement. Always wanted to give that one a try along with the running up the stairs of the Empire State building.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  14. @Trinity

    Wheewww! That’d be a hell of a workout, Trinity, the Empire State Bldg. stairs, that is. We ran up the Eiffel Tower steps with our ~30lb external-framed backpacks, but that was a loooong time ago.

    I just looked on Wiki about this Manitou deal – just over 2,000 ft in 0.88 miles! That’s not the half of it. Starting at 6,000 ft. means many would be winded just running level. Wiki says the incline (2,744 steps) was closed as of mid-March due to this Kung Flu BS. It’s all about the First Responders not being able to go up and get someone. Why, cause these “1st Responders” are all out of shape as all hell? That’d be my guess. Tell you what, if I go running up the first 200 steps, what fat-ass cop and his back-up are going to run up and catch me? (“Stop running, or I’ll shoot!” “You couldn’t hit the Queen Elizabeth II from down there, ya’ pussy!”)

    Way long ago too, we were hiking in the summer from the top of the Mt. Baldy (southern Cal) ski lift to the peak at around 10,000 ft. as I recall. While we were taking a breather or two here and there, some old guy, couldn’t have been younger than 75, went hauling ass by us up toward the top. #Embarrassing!

    • Replies: @Trinity
  15. Trinity says:
    @Achmed E. Newman

    There was some North Carolina fireman that ran, trotted or walked up the Empire State Building Run Up in full gear several years back if I am not mistaken. They have an annual Empire State Building Run-Up Event every year. I believe there 1,576 steps to get to the top. I don’t know how much weight the fireman would have had to carry with all his gear, but to me the hardest deal would be going up the steps with those damn fireman’s boots. I would have to check out the story again to make sure the guy was dressed entirely in all his gear, and if he was, that was some kind of feat of physical fitness. I think the fastest time ever recorded was around the 10 minute mark. Holy shit, that is incredible.

  16. One need not subscribe to any particular philosophy to appreciate another’s personal integrity and commitment. The walk is vastly more difficult than mere verbiage, ideology aside…

    Condolences to all personally affected and may this man have found the peace he looked for, if indeed his own will had been done.

  17. Trinity says:

    Just checked out that a North Carolina firefighter did indeed make it up to the top of the Empire State Building while carrying 50lbs of gear, boots and helmet included. Those boots had to be a pain in the ass, plus the sweating with the helmet. The guy’s name was Touche Howard, and at the time of his climb, he was 50 years old, that makes this feat even more remarkable. It took Howard 34 minutes and 45 seconds to climb 1,576 steps with all the gear on. Happened back in 2012.

  18. @Curmudgeon

    Actually the payout was $100K/year for 5 years and to a university like UNC, it’s literally a rounding error.

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