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Michael Bloomberg: Open-Borders Hypocrite of the Day
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If there’s one thing more nauseating than Hillary Clinton’s whirling dervish positions on the Eliot Spitzer-crafted, Bush DHS-approved illegal alien driver’s license plan, it’s the hypocritical noise from open-borders zealots trying to exploit the moment.

Take NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg (hat tip: Andrew Malcolm):

BLITZER: Should illegal immigrants, there may be a million of them in New York state, have driver’s licenses, New York state driver’s licenses?

BLOOMBERG: I do not believe they should. I think and I’ve expressed to the governor an objection that I’ve had to do it and my police commissioner has had to this for a long time and I’ve been asked this question.

The governor’s first proposal, I thought, was inappropriate. And should not have been enacted. And I told him so privately which is the way I should deal with him. His second proposal of three different kinds of licenses are something that I have — I think is a step in the right direction. But I still don’t think that it is where we should be.

The bottom line is we should be giving driver’s licenses to people knowing who they are and making sure that they have a right to have them and we should make sure particularly when it comes to guns that you can only use a secure driver’s license to buy guns. After all, we have a crazy system, Wolf, in our country. We have people on the can’t fly list because they are potential terrorists that can buy guns. We just have to stop this craziness. If we have a secure license to get in and out of the country, you certainly should have a secure license to be able to buy guns.

BLITZER: So am I hearing you right that on this issue of driver’s licenses in New York State, you tend to agree more with Lou Dobbs than Eliot Spitzer?

BLOOMBERG: Well, Lou is an old friend of mine that I agree with very seldom but nevertheless in this case he happens to be right.

So, he disagrees that illegal aliens should have licenses because we should know who people are and make sure they have a right to possess government ID…and yet, he has vigorously and repeatedly defended NYC’s illegal alien sanctuary policy.

Bloomberg is, as Heather Mac Donald has rightly dubbed him, the Open Borders Mayor. As she noted last year when he testified in Congress against sanctuary reform:

In 1996, Congress responded by prohibiting local governments from restricting the speech of their workers in this way. To no avail. Virtually every sanctuary city proceeded to ignore this new federal law as well as the preexisting immigration laws. New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani took his defiance to federal court. He lost his suit against the 1996 law, but—on September 10, 2001—declared his intention to continue violating it anyway.

Mayor Mike Bloomberg has gone even further in backing the sanctuary policy. In 2003, the city faced a massive public relations fiasco following the rape of a Queens mother by a group of illegal Mexicans. New York police had arrested several of the Mexicans previously for other crimes, but reported none of them to the immigration agency. Congress hauled in the city’s criminal justice coordinator to testify about the city’s sanctuary law, after which Mayor Bloomberg—amazingly—strengthened the policy.

Hillary Clinton isn’t the only phony double-talker on immigration enforcement.

Unfortunately for our side, Michael Bloomberg isn’t the only phony GOP double-talker on the issue, either.

Tip of the iceberg.

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