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Meanwhile: the Terrorist Next Door
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Intrepid investigative journalist Erick Stakelbeck has a new book out today that couldn’t be more timely. I am honored to have written the foreword and urge you all to mark Osama bin Laden’s death by getting a copy of The Terrorist Next Door — and informing yourselves of the continuing jihadi threat right within our own borders.

Erick has an exclusive excerpt from the book at his blog here.

And here’s a bit from my foreword:

Intrepid journalist Erick Stakelbeck shouldn’t have had to write this book.

But Americans—lulled by the passage of time and the passivity of their government—

need another blood-boiling wake-up call to pierce the fog of apathy that has set over the West.

You are holding in your hands the unvarnished, invaluable reporting that the rest of the “mainstream media” can’t or won’t do. My friend Erick has traveled the world to interview terrorists who are plotting the establishment of a global Islamic caliphate – and who have succeeded in Islami-cizing large swaths of Europe. He has investigated Fifth Column organizations on our soil that pledge allegiance not to our Republic, but to sharia law. In The Terrorist Next Door, he also blows the whistle on how the same reckless open-borders policies I exposed in Invasion nine years ago continue to aid and abet jihadi-sympathizers from Somalia and elsewhere.

Erick’s on-the-ground investigative work in Muslim enclaves and mosques covers every corner of our country. Jihad doesn’t just threaten Washington, D.C., New York, and other metropolitan areas. It’s spreading across the South and the heartland. Radical Islam’s virulently anti-American, anti-Western virus has infected a swelling army of homegrown jihadist wanna-bes – not just the sons and daughters of Muslim refugees, as Erick shows you, but also white suburban women, ethnic gang members, and alienated geeks.

…As Erick details for you in The Terrorist Next Door, the list of jihadist plotters within our own borders is growing. Later this year, America will mark the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. Remembrance is worthless without resolve. And resolve is useless without recognition. You can’t know our enemies, let alone defeat them, with your head buried in the sand hiding and your government’s collective hands grasping a whitewash brush. The first step every American must make to combat the radical tide of jihad in our midst is to get angry, get active, and get informed. Turn the page and turn the tide – now.

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