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Illegal Alien Driver Convicted in Cottonwood Bus Tragedy
Guilty on all counts.
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You remember the horrible schoolbus accident in Cottonwood, MN that resulted in the deaths of these four beautiful kids:


The remorseless illegal alien driver responsible for wreaking this bloody havoc was convicted on all 24 counts. You’ll remember that she lied to police, telling them she was from Mexico, and blamed the accident on her boyfriend:

In the end, a Kandiyohi County jury believed that Olga Franco was behind the wheel of a van when it plowed into a loaded Cottonwood school bus nearly six months ago, killing four students and injuring 17.

The 24-year-old Guatemalan native, who had claimed that her boyfriend was driving the van, showed no emotion when the verdict was read — guilty on all 24 counts, including criminal vehicular homicide and criminal vehicular injury. Family members of the victims wept quietly as the verdict was read about 10 p.m.

Over more than four days of testimony from crash experts and other witnesses, the jurors had been faced with one central question: Had Franco been driving the van that plowed into the bus on Feb. 19?

Even if they had determined that Franco wasn’t behind the wheel and had acquitted her, she hadn’t been expected to walk out of the courthouse. She still faces federal identity theft charges and was likely to be deported because authorities say she is in the country illegally.

After the verdict, David Javens, grandfather of two of the children killed in the crash, Hunter and Jesse Javens, emerged from the courtroom smiling.

“It’s what we were waiting for, I guess,” he said.

Info on the Cottonwood schoolchildren’s memorial fund is here.

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