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Horror in Knoxville Update: Another Conviction on 17 Murder, Rape Counts
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I lasted blogged in December about the Christian-Newsom murder trials in Knoxville.

Justice is coming slowly, but it is coming. Today, a jury announced another guilty verdict in the trial of defendant Vanessa Coleman. Via VolunteerTV:

Jurors ruled that Vanessa Coleman is guilty on four counts of facilitation of first degree felony murder of Channon Christian, guilty of one count of facilitation of premeditated first degree murder of Christian, two counts of facilitation of especially aggravated rape of Christian, nine counts of facilitation of aggravated rape of Christian, and one count of facilitation of theft of property belonging to Christian.

Jurors ruled that Coleman is not guilty of any charges related to the crimes against Christopher Newsom.

None of the charges Coleman was convicted of carry the death penalty.

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