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Hillary on the 700 Club: She's "Misunderstood;" Update: "Grim Slog"
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Down in the dumps and desperate, Hillary has found a new voice: It’s her same old voice! Hard, harsh, shrill, and shriller. The NYT has the latest on her “5-point” attack against Obama.

I’m guessing she’ll put the snarl away for her first ever 700 Club visit.

David Brody has details:

I just want to let you know that today on the ABC Family Channel, Hillary Clinton makes her first appearance ever on The 700 Club. CBN Senior National Correspondent David Brody (The Brody File) sits down with her one on one.

She says she’s misunderstood, says her enemies have an agenda against her, says her faith saved her and talks about forgiveness in her marriage. She also talks about how Barack Obama’s campaign is defined mostly by celebrity and presentation.

My piece runs about 5 minutes and looks at the overall state of the race and whether Clinton can make a comeback.

You can watch it at 10am on the ABC Family Channel ( it repeats at 11pm tonight) or watch it stream live at 9am at piece hits about 9:15am or so.

Gag alert:

Brody: Are you misunderstood? And if you are, why?

Clinton: You know, I have to believe I am because time and time again, people – who have been criticizing me in very harsh and personal terms – once they have gotten to know me, have apologized to me and have even asked for my forgiveness.

Sing it, Ella:


Phrase of the day: Grim slog.

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