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Hide, Seek, Selective Leak: Update on Jan. 6 Anderson Tapes
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Two weeks ago, I introduced you to the case of Jan. 6 Capitol rally defendant John Steven Anderson, whose lawyer Marina Medvin is fighting for the release of 30 seconds of an exculpatory Capitol surveillance video clip that prosecutors don’t want the public to see.

There’s a new filing in the case from lawyers for a press coalition that also wants the video made available publicly. The lawyers point out that the feds agreed to release four clips of video from Capitol surveillance cameras in a separate Jan. 6 case–one clip of which was tweeted out by reporter Ryan Reilly:

As the July 21 motion from the Press Coalition lawyers points out:

The four Capitol surveillance video clips released in the Morss case depict activity in the tunnel leading to the Lower West Terrace doors to the U.S. Capitol. See Gov’t’s Mem. in Supp. of Pretrial Detention at 12-17, United States v. Morss, Dkt. 80.

    The Video Clip at issue in this case, according to Defendant Anderson, depicts activity in the same exact location.

See Mem. in Supp. of Def’s Oral Mot. to Remove Designation of “Highly Sensitive” from CCTV Video Clip at 2, Dkt. 24. In fact, the Video Clip at issue here depicts events that occurred in the Lower West Terrace tunnel at approximately 2:53 PM, see id., while Exhibit H from the Morss case depicts events that occurred

    just four minutes later

, at approximately 2:57 PM, see Gov’t’s Third Suppl. Mem. in Supp. of Pretrial Detention at 4, United States v. Morss, Dkt. 91 (describing Exhibit H).

Here’s another clip in the same tunnel, used as a DOJ exhibit in other case, tweeted out by another reporter:

The absurdity and disingenuousness of the feds’ “mosaic theory” rationale for suppressing the Anderson video grows ever more apparent.

Free the Anderson tapes!



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  1. The Jan.6th “insurrection” is about as valid as Russian “collusion.”

    • Replies: @goldgettin
  2. @Robert Dolan

    What about Mueller?And the “summer of love”,”peaceful protesters”,covid 19?
    Epstein,Weinstein,Smollet,Cosby,Corney,and my favorite Christine Blassy Ford?
    Maybe somebody should teach people to stop believing the media?g.Floyd real?NOT…

  3. The show trials of James Fields and Derek Chauvin were the work of a radical progressive, politicized judiciary.

    Have the conservative judges that Trump appointed been sidelined?

    A country that can’t hold a fair election has one strike against it.
    A country which doesn’t have a free press has two strikes.
    A country which doesn’t apply its laws equally is on its third strike.

  4. Ms Malkin is falling into the trap used by saavy defense lawyers to defeat many drug cases and many spy cases. The reality is that certain confidential information from sources, government cameras, and the like can never be released in full because it would compromise sources and methods used for collection of data. Plainly it would breach security to release ALL of the capital security video. That cannot be done. Security cleared defense lawyers who sign proper NDAs can see (and use) the video they need for court. Ms Malkin’s column is misleading. The trick used by drug dealer lawyers and by lawyers for spies for years was to blackmail the government with the treat to reveal sources or informants. Ms Malkin is acting like the lawyer for drug dealers acts. Give it up. There is no way on the planet that we want ALL of the security camera footage from the capital to be released to anyone.

  5. @Harry Huntington

    “There is no way on the planet that we want ALL of the security camera footage from the capital to be released to anyone.”

    Ridiculous. It’s not going to damage national security if people figure out there’s a pinhole camera around the ceiling near the northeast corner of the rotunda.

    There are hours of video of people respecting the velvet ropes and interacting peacefully with Capitol security staff inside the building, and that’s what the regime doesn’t want in the historical record.

    The regime is trying to control information to force its overblown insurrection narrative.

    • Replies: @Harry Huntington
  6. 😂That mr harry huntington is what i would call bullshit.

  7. Why is the Reply button missing on Malkin’s previous articles? I don’t read everything she writes 10 minutes after she writes it. Sorry, honey. Why you banning replies? This is extremely strange

    I’m going to form a march against Michellle Malkin: STOP BANNING REPLIES!!!! DOWN WITH MICHELLE!! MICHELLE, WTF????

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  8. There is no way on the planet that we want ALL of the security camera footage from the capital to be released to anyone.

    Who is ‘we’? Just pronoun referencing, don’cha know.

  9. @beavertales

    You are plainly wrong and lack any basic understanding of how to secure a building. A bad actor would love to know exactly what the security cameras in the capital show so they can plan how to avoid cameras if they want to carry out some nefarious act. Thus, there is likely some large portion of capital footage that never should be public. Further, there may be faces of agents in footage who were working to prevent the coup whose cover would be blown by exposure. There are endless possibilities. The drive to publicize the image is plainly an effort to derail prosecution of the terrorists and bad actors. It is standard in any espionage or drug trial to try to compel the government to expose secrets and make the government give up the legal case to avoid exposure of secret information. Ms Malkin is being used here as a dupe for very bad actors.

    • Troll: Achmed E. Newman
    • Replies: @Hibernian
  10. @Harry Huntington

    I gave you some credit on some of your previous comments here, Harry, because I thought you were just a misguided cowardly lawyer. From this one, I see that you are a total anti-American bullshitter.

    You’re not a very good liar after all. How’d you pass the bar?

  11. @restless94110

    It’s not her fault, Restless. Maybe some bad internet down there in ole Mexico? ;-}

    (You can’t [REPLY], per se, to the original author. Did you mean you saw no reply buttons to anyone else?)

    • Replies: @restless94110
  12. Cowboy says:

    Statist fucks like Huntington are the worst. I bet he can barely utter the words “innocent till proven guilty”. Those damn drug dealer attorneys always expecting their clients to given equal treatment under the law makes Harry gobsmacked. I saw that Harry spews all over the comment section of The American Cuckservative probably hoping for that theocracy that will punish all the evil doers good and hard. The Constitution that puts the individual ahead of the collective needs to be repealed. Go back to your cuck friends, douchehole.

  13. @Achmed E. Newman

    Hey Achmed. No, in ole Mejico we have fiber optic, high speed broadband for 50 bucks (including land line with unlimited calling to the US and Canada. Ole Mejico ain’t hurting and either am I.

    I didn’t really think it was Michelle’s fault, but the Reply button is greyed out in the comment thread on her old article, but not on her newer article.

    But maybe you are making a point. I was attempting to reply to an original comment by a Trump-hater. He was replying to no one so it was an original comment. Are you telling me that I can’t reply to that kind of a comment anywhere on Unz? That doesn’t seem true but I haven’t tested it. Why would that be done that way (by the rules of the comments on Unz?)?

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  14. @restless94110

    Hey, you got a better deal than we do, Restless.

    No, I’m not saying you shouldn’t be able to reply to anyone’s original comment. The “original author” would be Michelle Malkin (or Steve Sailer, Ron Pau, etc.) I had mistakenly thought you meant you couldn’t reply to her, when you wrote “Why you banning replies?”

    I’ve seen the buttons greyed out before. If the article doesn’t have “Comments Closed” on the bottom, then it’s a bug – I’ve seen it before myself. It was just temporary, but either way, no fault of Michelle Malkin.


    PS: The ultra-sensitive Paul Craig Roberts is the one here who usually doesn’t allow comments, with a few exceptions. He got his panties in a wad when commenters like me called out his stupidity regarding the Global Climate Disruption™ a few years back. He had a temper tantrum and got Ron Unz to change things, or changed a setting, ,to have comments turned off. He’s very very sensitive, we need to understand …

    • Replies: @restless94110
  15. Hibernian says:
    @Harry Huntington

    Lavrenti Beria couldn’t have said it any better.

    • Agree: Achmed E. Newman
  16. Hibernian says:
    @Harry Huntington

    So the feds are too lazy to relocate the cameras from time to time?

  17. Hibernian says:

    Further, there may be faces of agents in footage who were working to prevent the coup whose cover would be blown by exposure.

    It’s very unlikely that there were more than one or at most two undercover agents there. It’s a semi-public place where they could just as easily have been included in pictures taken by tourists.

  18. Anonymous[240] • Disclaimer says:

    In the US, the most pernicious criminal gang inflicting the most harm on The People are prosecutors.

  19. @Achmed E. Newman

    On your PS, I think we are twins,. Paul closed comments after I kept calling him out on the Climate Change thing he got into a while back. And he must still be sore, because I’ve sent him several respectful suggestions and info on other topics over the last year or so and he will never reply.

    Notice also that after PCR did that? He stopped writing columns on Climate Change. In essence, we shook him into thinking about what he was writing,, but he didn’t have the cajones to acknowledge our input. I’ve been reading him for 10 years or more and he has a good take on most things, but turning off the comments is dumb. Paul! You don’t have to read them, just let people talk.

    As for Sailer, I gave up on him a few months ago after he kept on not letting my comments out of moderation one too many times. And this after a detailed private email exchange. Steve claimed that he had to moderate 100s of comments and he didn’t want the n-word in there, then proved himself wrong and not up to the task by letting the n-word slip through practically daily. When I pointed that out to him, he wanted me to rat out some other commenter, and I had to remind him that I’m for n-word use and free speech not silly ineffective stupid moderation.

    The only other possible censoring I’ve seen on Unz is possibly Linh Dinh but only my last comment/reply to a climate alarmist troll after nearly 3 weeks of back and forth. Other writers that I have commented on always (knock on wood) let them through. As a free speech absolutist I find Unz Review refreshing, but Sailer needs to take a vacation from the onerous and silly moderation task he has set for himself, especially given his large daily output, and the amount of comments his stuff attracts. It’s really a mystery to me why he goes through that task, but I’ve seen enough other people complaining about it to know it’s not personal.

    Still, I lost respect for Sailer with this and I’ve stopped reading his stuff. There are plenty of other places to comment.

    • Replies: @Cowboy
    , @Achmed E. Newman
  20. We’ve spent WAY too much time responding to this Huntington idiot. I am remiss in having not yet thanked Mrs. Malkin for this and the previous column in support of the Political Prisoners taken after the Jan 6th protests.

    This story would have been kept buried had it not been for good people like Mrs. Malkin. Peak Stupidity has posted Murderer of Ashli Babbitt revealed: Michael Leroy Byrd. How many people know the name Michael Leroy Byrd? He was on video shooting Mrs. Babbitt dead from a few feet away. He remains free. Yet good Americans have been sitting in jail for months for trespassing. That ought to get one to think on where America has come to…

  21. Cowboy says:

    Sailer’s law of self erotica? No thanks. Creepy.

    • Replies: @restless94110
  22. @Cowboy

    What does self-erotica have to do with my comments or Steve Sailer?

  23. @restless94110

    (Sorry to Mrs. Malkin about this off topic conversation.)

    Haha, I don’t know if the deal with Mr. Roberts was a few years back, as it was at least 2 years ago when I and others called out his Global Climate Stupidity. The whole episode was hilarious, but, without comments, sorry, PCR, I’m not clicking.

    That’s pretty interesting info, Restless about your email exchange with Mr. Sailer. I had figured that he was moderating them himself. When I used to have to wait for that, I got used to the fact that most times the comments wouldn’t appear until his hours, which were obviously late hours even for a Loa Angeleno. It’s a bunch of work, indeed. Could he have some script from Mr. Unz go through and find the one word, or whatever else, for him, if that is truly his only concern?

    I may disagree with Mr. Unz about 25% of the the time, but I deeply respect him for really keeping his site a free speech site, subject, of course, to those “whims” of his writers.

    PS: Paul Kersey will drop an occasional comment, so I quit commenting there for the 2nd time. However, I’m pretty sure he just doesn’t like extraneous stuff, which, I admit that my comments were that last time.

    • Replies: @restless94110
  24. @Achmed E. Newman

    (Hat tip to Michele for tolerating off topic)

    Yeah, we were among several who pointed out to PCR the error of his didactic thrust on Climate. I have had Feedly pull feeds from his columns from his own site so don’t pay much attention to the copies on Unz.

    As for Steve, he indicated that it was he not someone else doing the moderation and I just lost interest in him after he just wouldn’t stop. A few times re-posting worked, indicating he was so overwhelmed (another reason to stop with the stupid moderation crap), but then sure enough one or maybe two were never broken loose. I’m not going to spend time writing only to have some petty fool keep it from seeing the light of day. It impugns Sailer, his point of view, everything he writes.

    As for Kersey, I’ve had him not post one of mine maybe two, so I started “testing” him and he let the tests through. I just don’t comment enough on his area to test, but it did have a chilling effect on my willingness to participate in his comment fields. I read him less and less anyway. Mostly just the headlines.

    Yea, kudos to Ron for letting the site pretty much run free. I don’t see the point of any moderation at all no matter how weird it gets.

    Do you know? A few years ago, I read something about that Supreme Court Justice who made the famous ruling on Free Speech, what? a 100 years ago, about everything but yelling fire in a crowded theater. I read that several years later that Justice stated publicly that he regretted saying even that limitation. Prosecute the guy who yelled for inciting a panic/riot causing bodily harm, not for his speech. The Justice came to regret his edict, but it still is the go to quote of the anti-free speechers.

    Shouldn’t be too hard to look up to find that story, should you care to.

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