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Georgians to Crazy Cynthia: DLTDHYOTWO
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I mentioned last month that Crazy Cynthia McKinney was heading West to Cali in pursuit of a Green Party presidential nomination. Georgians were more than happy to see her go. Here’s your Wednesday schadenfreude via Fox News (hat tip – reader Tom):

A 20 mile stretch of I-285 — a main thoroughfare that connects downtown Atlanta to the suburb of Stone Mountain — was renamed the Cynthia McKinney Parkway in 2000 after the congresswoman secured $14 million in federal funding for DeKalb County to upgrade what was then called Memorial Drive.

Georgia House Rep. Mike Jacobs is supporting a state resolution proposed last year that calls for the parkway to revert to its original name.

“If had I had to pick any road in the state of Georgia to strip the name from, this would be it,” said Jacobs, who represents part of DeKalb County. “The original name of the road is Memorial Drive, which is named for the men and women who died protecting our freedom.

“Who’s more deserving? I think the question answers itself.… [And] in light of the fact that her commitment to the state of Georgia is nil, we should re-double our efforts to remove her name from a state road.”

It takes a lot of cleanser to erase an unhinged legacy. Good luck, Georgia.

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