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I’ve blogged many times here over the years about the insidious influence of the Muslim Students Association on college campuses across the country (see here and here).

No one has done more than vigilant anti-jihad combatant David Horowitz to engage the MSA directly, expose its ideological roots and funding, and educate the public about how the group acts as a dangerous Fifth Column in America.

Horowitz’s exchange with one MSA member at the University of California at San Diego is chilling. There’s no misconstruing the student’s message and meaning.

Watch it and spread the word if you haven’t already.

Where are the civility police at the White House and New York Times editorial board to decry the incendiary views and violence-inciting rhetoric coming from MSA zealots on campus?

Cue the sound of crickets chirping…


Flashback: MSA mob disrupts Daniel Pipes’ lecture, 2007 UC Irvine…

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• Category: Ideology • Tags: Education, Islam