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Fly Our Flag High
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***scroll for updates…reader photo submissions…Senate immigration legislation developments…Denver pro-patriotism rally tomorrow…a judge forced to recuse himself for leading the Pledge of Allegiance…Mexican flag-flyers defiant…***

***1135am EST newsflash: cloture vote on Specter amnesty amendment…immigration deal announced***


It’s Take an American Flag to Work Day. Fly one high and proud.

Printable flag here.

Here’s the poster I have on my home office wall:


Show your colors. Track back or e-mail your favorite American flag photos.


Reader Paige D. sends her favorite:


Charles Ryder at Age of Hooper was at the Simon Deng Freedom Walk rally yesterday, which called attention to the jihadist war on Christians and horros of slavery in Sudan. He took this picture of Deng, a great American:


The Political Pit Bull picked Old Glory at Ground Zero. Lots of readers sending their favorite images of the flag-raising at Iwo Jima.

Reader Tim Hartigan sends the banner from his company’s website and e-mails: “The Flag and our work are intertwined. This is a graphic we proudly display at the top of every page of our website. Our company helps in a small way in supplying our armed forces with the best hardware in the world.”

Jon Ham at the John Locke Foundation e-mails a lovely Life cover from 1942 and e-mails: “Imagine a mainstream news magazine doing a cover like this today — the American flag portrayed without sarcastic comment, and with the tag line, “United We Stand,” printed unselfconsciously. This was about seven months after Pearl Harbor. Today that cover would be “Why The Japanese Hate Us So.”


Emily Zanotti has this one on her office wall:


Freeper VRWCmember posts an office photo:


Mike C. sends a photo he took on July 4, 2003 in Chicago:


Reader Jerry B. sends this moving photo he snapped two months before the Sept. 11 attacks and writes: “I took this photo from the circle line on 7/22/2001. Just as I snapped the photo, a breeze put the flag on the back of the boat into the scene. Little did I know…I’m still employed by the company that was the largest tenant at the WTC, and was in lower Manhattan as the events of 9/11 were taking place. This will always be my favorite flag photo.”


Laura Lee Donoho posts:


Reader Dane sends a gorgeous photo he took in his hometown (Enterprise, AL) outside an historic hotel:


Read Mary Katherine Ham’s beautiful remembrance.



The Glenn and Helen show podcast today features an interview with Bill Frist about developments on the immigration legislation front.

Glenn proposes that he might barge into the Capitol, McKinney-style, and start conducting business as an “undocumented Senator.”


Washington Times:

Senate Republicans will filibuster their own immigration bill today in the face of steadfast refusal by Democrats to allow amendments to the bill that many conservatives view as granting amnesty to illegal aliens.

As an alternative, Majority Leader Bill Frist reached an agreement last night with fellow Republicans on a new comprehensive immigration plan that includes increasing border security and a guest-worker plan, but still does not resolve concerns about amnesty.


The new plan would allow illegal aliens who have been in the United States for more than five years to remain in the country working while applying for U.S. citizenship. Those who have been here between two and five years would have to apply for citizenship at a point of entry, but could remain working. Anyone here for less than two years would have to leave the country, but they could still apply for citizenship from their home country.

Mr. Frist declined to tell The Washington Times last night how he would vote on the alternative measure.

Take time out today to e-mail GOP senators: No Amnesty.



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