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Exposing the Woke School Counselor Cabal
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Back in the day, guidance counselors were those helpful (but not unduly intrusive) high school officials who dispensed vocational and career advice, reminded you of college application deadlines, and made sure your transcripts and letters of recommendations got where they needed to go. But like so much else in the 1960s and 1970s, traditional roles fell to radical transformation. A cadre of new and radicalized school counselors appointed themselves “comprehensive” providers of “social and emotional learning,” mental health coaching, and sexual education proselytizing.

And now, all hell has broken loose.

Modern school counselors are zealous social justice meddlers bent on replacing parents and exposing your children early and often to anti-white, anti-American, anti-nuclear family propaganda. Speakers at the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) brag openly about being “master manipulators” of children and train their members on how to “become an LGBTQ-inclusive school.”

Intrepid whistleblowers at Courage Is a Habit, an action-oriented group founded by Indiana parent activist Alvin Lui, videotaped multiple seminars held at ASCA’s 2022 national conference in July. They collected conference materials outlining “learning objectives” such as being able to “define transgender, gender expansive and other important terms related to sexuality and gender identity” and “how to identify legal resources” for transgender and gender expansive students.

School counselors at the conference were also told to collect data and snitch on any student “who is not transgender and complains about being uncomfortable” with transgender and gender expansive students — complaints which ASCA deems a form of “bullying and harassment.”

Courage Is a Habit also caught ASCA’s past president and current Ethics Committee Chairman, Carolyn Stone, laughing as she told attendees about a school counselor who took a child to a clinic to obtain contraceptives in defiance of her mother’s wishes. That counselor asked Stone for advice on what to do next. Stone gave a group pop quiz: Do you tell the counselor to tell the child “to tell her parent,” or “two, do you tell the girl’s mother yourself and confess,” or “three,” withhold all information and “hold your breath and pray?” The conference broke out in cackling laughter as they all voted for the third, parental autonomy-undermining choice, at which point Stone exulted that “you are all ready to be part of the ethics committee.”

No wonder ASCA’s conference was titled “No Limits.”

As I’ve reported the past three decades, the overriding agenda of the education elite and their ancillary left-wing allies in the nonprofit, corporate and government swamps is to drive a wedge between parents and children. That’s what the establishment of school-based health clinics was all about — as was “outcome-based education,” Common Core math, the infiltration of Big Tech, critical race theory and the entirety of “social-emotional learning” conditioning for which school counselors act as “master manipulators.” Their. Own. Words.


As Courage Is a Habit’s founder Alvin Lui told me this week, “One of the biggest hurdles parents face is that schools hire third parties that delivers surveys, SEL lessons, resources, etc., and it’s technically not part of the ‘curriculum.’ So when parents say ‘let me see the curriculum,’ it doesn’t always look so bad but they aren’t aware of all these third parties. For the parents who are aware, they get stonewalled because they say that it’s a third party so the material is proprietary.” In the same vein, school counselors are not a part of any K-12 curriculum or policy, “but they train school counselors in all these highly woke methods and ideas, and the school counselors pass that to children. Unless parents know who ASCA is and really dig, they have no idea where to even look.”

Vampires and cockroaches hate sunlight, so you won’t be shocked to learn that ASCA has taken vicious measures to deplatform Courage Is a Habit for its highly effective, fair-use critiques of the “No Limits” conference. The woke school counselor mafia pressured Lui’s website hosting provider (Carrd), web server provider (Amazon Web Services), and Google Drive to censor links and documents related to their Behind Closed Doors campaign. [PARENTS: DOWNLOAD THE CENSORED “BEHIND THE SCENES” PDF HERE.] I’d call such Maoist tactics shocking, but that’s the way end-stage America rolls these days.

Protecting parents and simply demanding transparency has now earned Courage Is a Habit and like-minded groups like Moms for Liberty the label “far-right” by, um, far-left Mother Jones magazine. (Same old, same old: That’s what the Southern Poverty Law Center called us nearly a decade ago when we resisted Common Core). But as always, catching flak equals over the target. Lui and his crew are doing incredibly vital work arming parents with information about what’s going on “Behind Closed Doors” in the schools. More importantly, they provide concrete action plans on how to fight back against groomers and brainwashers turning children against their families.

Mark Ousley, an Oklahoma education activist, told me Courage Is a Habit offers “tangible and accessible tools to help parents and advocates like me push back against what is a massive and complicated bureaucratic monster.”

That includes the conniving school counselors indoctrinating students in the transgender cult, birth control worship and white guilt. Even more than a habit, courage is a muscle. Parents, flex it now or surrender your children.

Michelle Malkin’s email address is [email protected]

• Category: Culture/Society, Ideology 
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  1. Modern school counselors are zealous social justice meddlers bent on replacing parents and exposing your children early and often to anti-white, anti-American, anti-nuclear family propaganda.

    What do you mean by “anti-American”? Is there an example of that cited anywhere in this column?

    • Replies: @dammad
  2. Emslander says:

    Having neither attended nor had a child attend a public school until university, I wonder why parents feel so compelled to get into that wilderness. Religious school, private school or home school the children and then vote against any idiot out there who campaigns on “supporting public schools”.

    Public schools need not even exist. Save your property taxes by eliminating them.

  3. “School Board Silences Father While Reading Graphic Kid’s Book”

    • Thanks: Achmed E. Newman
  4. anonymous[139] • Disclaimer says:

    Teacher’s unions, associations and many if not most teachers have become enemies of family, culture, religion and traditional ways of life. Here in Chicago public schools had massive BLM banners hanging on them. That’s out and out political, something one might think they’d avoid. Most of them strike me as being mediocre people who go along with whatever political fad there is. The bad drives out the good. There’s no correlation between what they crank out and their pay; they get paid no matter how poor the so-called product they produce. There’s no rocket scientists coming out of the CPS system but rather a lot of sub-literates and Special Ed types. It’s probably easier to just get political than to actually transmit something requiring any knowledge. We’ve gotten into this concept that children are the property of the state, resources to be used by the state as it may need them. Sort of like the eggs laid by chickens on a farm belong to the farmer without question. Parents have no say so, they are just there to produce the resources for someone else. Teachers are no longer your friend.

  5. dammad says:
    @Greta Handel

    You’re right. The is absolutely nothing anti-American with bureaucrats treating children as if they owned them unless, of course, first you deny the freedom that many have died to protect even for you. Check the Constitution and find where it states that children or other persons are the property of the govt. As Dems, their history is replete with owning others and creating dependencies on vulnerable people so they can be controlled. Apparently, you’ re good with this or uninformed.

    • Agree: Achmed E. Newman
    • Replies: @Greta Handel
  6. Dr. Rock says:

    Say what you will about the Khmer Rouge, but they “fixed” this “problem” rather neatly.

    And, if you examine the history of revolutions, civil wars, societal upheavals, you see a lots of the same trends.

    The People know who their enemies are, so when “it all goes down”, they target those people. Government officials, the media that lied to cover up government misdeeds, teachers in the schools, slumlords, crooked cops, etc. Thus, when the people turn to “Year Zero”, they drag those people into the streets, and murder them, usually right at the beginning. Why? Because at it’s root, they know who caused all their troubles, and they make quick work of getting their revenge, usually when their initial rage is at it’s pinnacle, and their level of violence, depravity, and cruelty is also at it’s zenith. The blood lust for years of mistreatment swells up into their throats, as they tear people limb from limb, or hack them up with machetes, or crucify them, or burn them alive…

    Well, I wouldn’t want to be any of “those people”, when that angry mob comes looking for revenge, because they will have it, no matter what it takes, or what they have to do, and an angry mob can do things that no single individual would consider in a million years.

    The Khmer Rouge murdered people just because they wore eyeglasses, because that made them look literate and educated… imagine what an angry American mob would do to people that sexualized their children… probably something that involves a glass bottle being shattered after insertion.

    You reap what you sow.

  7. Anon[271] • Disclaimer says:

    Sounds like a bunch of pagans went into education to make war on the culture that they hate.

    PAGAN= People Against God And Normalcy. Just like that old detective comedy movie, except these freakozoids are very real. They are God-haters mostly.

  8. @dammad

    Your hostile reaction and assumption that I’m “good with this or uninformed” further indicates why Mrs. Malkin tossed in that meaningless “anti-American” chunk of Red meat for her Exceptional! base.

    But if I’m wrong, tell me: what’s “American” about parental opposition to the bureaucratic indoctrination of children?

  9. Of course Ms Malkin avoids the correct answer–parents should take their children to church and Sunday school. School counselors are stepping up because most parents fail to provide a strong moral education for children. It is axiomatic that a parent has not grounded their child properly unless that parent attends church weekly and bring the children along. Those same children should be in Sunday school, vacation bible school, church camp, and other places where those children can get proper training. Those kids should not have Disney products, be watching Disney movies, or most so-called children’s television. They should not be playing violent video games or be exposed to guns. Where is Ms Malkin teaching about the positive things parents should do?

    Therein lies the problem. The reason school counselors step up is because parents do zero today to give their children a foundation. The failure is not in the schools. The failure begins with the parents.

    • Replies: @omegabooks
  10. Well, as Vlad “the impaler” Lenin said of the Czarist regime: “the worse the better.”

    Really, these twerpish school counselors are doing us a favor.

  11. Got a masters degree in counseling (guidance counseling) in early 90s but never got a public school counseling job (in far west Texas) because my SPANISH wasn’t good enough! Now I am glad I didn’t, plus home schooled the kids…one of whom tried to get masters degree in counseling like I did but never got it because the internship school never sent the paperwork! So she never got the degree…and I’m damned glad she didn’t! (She’s now an assistant manager of a national restaurant chain on way to becoming a manager, and won’t put up with woke!)

  12. @Harry Huntington

    Kid shouldn’t be “exposed to guns,” eh? Ever hear of growing up in RURAL America, where not a kid on the dirt road doesnt’ know how to handle guns? When you live in an area full of mountain lions…or illegals trying to murder your child or steal your cow or chicken… Or white kids in big cities about to be “gangsta’d” if you know what I mean… Not all children are affluenza!

  13. @omegabooks

    Your response makes my point exactly. If you were a parent and this is what you teach your children that is why we need active school counselors to fix what you have done. School counselors as described by Ms Malkin are the antidote to bad parenting. Your comment is that of a person who has normalized violence. Children should be taught violence is always wrong.

    • Replies: @Greta Handel
  14. @Harry Huntington

    I once thought of you as the Corvinus Goes to Law School troll. Recently, though, you provided a substantial answer to my question about your own experience with parenting, and there was a lot of it that impressed me.

    But your self-righteousness has you all spooled up, to the point that you rationalize Big Gov intervening in the discretion and authority of anyone raising their kids who sees things at an angle more than a degree off the Harry Huntington catechism. You appear not to have reflected on the likelihood that there are no more Harrys among the school counselors (or debate coaches) than among all those inferior parents.

    • Replies: @Harry Huntington
  15. Without parents there are no kids. Sometimes you have to point out the obvious to educated folks. Parents are not perfect, some are far from perfect, because they are humans. And parents are responsible for their children. What are these indoctrinated/perverted “counselors” responsible for? Do they have children of their own to fuck up?

    More power to Courage Is A Habit. But get your kids OUT of public education if you don’t want them to become Communist freaks.

    • Thanks: Achmed E. Newman
    • Replies: @Harry Huntington
  16. @Greta Handel

    Greta, Greta, Greta,

    Engagement in this forum often requires oversimplification. But, often times shorthand works. For example, I say parents fail because they do not take children to church. In making that argument, I assume that there is something generally different about people who go into the ministry. We have seen failings with ministers (like all the recent scandal at Hillsong) but most ministers are well-intentioned. Some churches teach bad doctrine, but for the most part the class of people who enter the ministry intend good. Thus, I know we could quibble about the edges, but for the most part my suggestion is good.

    Parental failing is more complex. What is fair to say is that those parents who confronted post WWII America were incapable of grasping changes in technology, economics, and culture. Parents who gave birth to kids in California in 1940 to 45 are the parents who gave us the “free speech” movement at Berkeley in 1964. Why? Those parents failed to comprehend the meaning of modern communications technology and affluence. California spawned car culture. The kids at Berkeley in 1964 had money (because Ronald Reagan had not yet imposed cash tuition on California schools), lots of radio, lots of television, direct dial telephones, cars (which meant mobility not possible with trains), and nascent air travel. The 1960s hippie and anti-war movements that followed were led by early baby boomers whose parents were guilty of the same incompetence in the face of technology and affluence. Those parents failed. It is that group of baby boomers who also started dropping out of church.

    Fact forward to today. It is the grand children of baby boomers in dispute. Their parents are less competent than their great grand parents.

    Hence guidance counselors. They are not perfect, but they are like ministers. These are people who entered a thankless low paying profession intending to do good. They are the keepers of morality, not the materialistic parents. We may not like their morality.

    Fine, go to church. Church provides the best alternative morality. Parents are to blame for not going to church. It is all always the parents’ fault.

    • Troll: Greta Handel
  17. @WorkingClass

    Parents have a demonstrated record of failure in the US since WWII. Recall all the 1960s hippie/radical/anti-ware types? They were not taught by commie radical school teachers. The failings of the hippies class (who are the baby boomers) is the direct fault of their parents.

    Fast forward to today. All the juvenile criminals? The parents fault. All the thin skinned confused kids? Parents. All the kids incapable of making their own decisions? Helicopter parents.

    The idiots are the parents, not the school counselors.

    • Replies: @WorkingClass
  18. @Harry Huntington

    Exposing children to political and sexual indoctrination while alienating them from their parents is not the cure for bad parenting. Giving children a sound education would be more helpful.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Harry Huntington
  19. The education system in America is very damaged. One of my kids is in the field, and I see the school books and material being presented to the students, and the rot is deep. Even in a smallish town, the educators dance to the tune as directed by the sickos in fed and state govt, and big cities.

    It is surreal how in just 2-3 decades, American public education has been largely taken over by degenerates of various stripes; multiculturalism nuts, gays and gay-promoters, climate-change whackos, anti-whites, and other culture vultures. The jewess (of course) head of the Teachers Union, Randi Weingarten, is a real piece of work too.

    • Agree: anarchyst
    • Thanks: Emslander
  20. At the risk of piling on, along with Troll Harry and Greta, who can’t seem to find a way to say anything good about a patriotic ally, I will bring up one old Peak Stupidity post that is not so favorable to Mrs. Malkin. I only bring it up, because the issues involved (government school indoctrination and espionage) are the same, and I see some of this here.

    In “Michelle Malkin – in the right / no sense of the big picture”, I had a criticism of women being in politics in general. They are not usually adherents of, and they don’t care so much about, basic principles. It’s following the principles, such as those that were enshrined in the US Constitution, that is the most important thing. Do that, and all these smaller battles won’t need to be fought.

    I will put that whole post after the [MORE] tag. Suffice it to say that Michelle Malkin works hard to fight against, and warn Americans about the Communist tactics being implemented in American government schools. Would any of this be necessary if Americans had not let an unConstitutional Federal Department of Education be created to begin with? OK, at least outside of California …


    This is the 2nd post* here on the Peak Stupidity blog in which we are bringing up a good article by Michelle Malkin as a result of something bad – female stupidity, and the egregious error made about a century ago of allowing women to vote in America (it should be up to the various States, anyway). Please, keep in mind that we LIKE Michelle Malkin and consider her number 2 woman pundit in all Americastan.

    Mrs. Malkin’s latest article, The Student Data-Mining Scandal Under Our Noses is about the usual Big Brother spying that goes on everyday, whether directly government implemented or indirectly government implemented via the Facebutts and Google’s of the new information age. I won’t get into Michelle’s article here, as the ubiquitous spy network and apparatus has been good subject for a long-time-upcoming post, and that’s not my point here.

    The point is that, in this article, Mrs. Malkin writes about more egregiousness, this time involving “our kids” in the education system. (Peak Stupidity likes to call it a system of indoctrination centers, to be more truthful.) Yes, the women care about “our children”, “our schools”, and “our neighborhoods” a whole lot. Is it more than the men? Should only women be voting in local elections? See, this gets down to the problem. The women only see the small-term and local stuff. They do not think like men (at least lots of ’em) who understand the big picture and the root causes. Women like to think they have more compassion, but compassion combined with stupidity is only a recipe for creating more evil.

    Let’s look at just this educational stupidity example here. The gist of the article is that all these tablets and software systems being used in schools in a MANDATORY fashion have been set up to advertise to, and spy on the searchs of, THE CHILDREN. Hey, where were you when the US Feral Congress voted in an unconstitutional Department of Education, Mrs. Malkin? OK, in the womb, I! GET! THAT! No, seriously, where was the opposition to the Carter Administration supported Feral Dept of Ed., and the HEW (anyone remember that?) before that? All these major increases in BIG GOV authority are valiantly fought off by conservative MEN. The women, at least single ones, vote way more often for BIG DADDY STATE, as a replacement for a traditional husband. They do not think long term, to the time they may have children that may be harrassed by BIG GOV. It’s just “let’s have some compassion!” and “Give some money to these sorry-ass people here, and those sorry-ass people there.”, with no thinking on the fact that that money is coming from the labor of many hard-working men, who now have less for their families.

    It’s been one Socialist scheme after another, none of which can be rolled back without a war or a Greater Depression. (Yeah, ole Ronnie promised to end the Dept. of Ed while campaigning in 1980, but I’ll give him a pass, as the Democrats had big majority in the House of Reps., so it wasn’t under his control.) The John Birchers, hard-core Libertarians and masses of conservative men have been trying to fight this stuff for > 8 freakin’ decades, from the time of Roosevelt-the-Socialist, but they had women’s vote against them. Now, Michelle Malkin suggests new laws to force BIG DATA to somehow keep things private. First of all, it’s software/computers – what privacy? More importantly, this is just asking for new laws to complicate things to try to fix UNFORESEEN (by some) PROBLEMS that have come up since we allowed a Socialist Police State to form.

    Regarding specifically the most important realm in which Socialism has run rampant in destroying our culture, our children in the Gov Indoctrination Camps (schools, that is), Michelle Malkin homeschools, as Peak Stupidty has praised before (in a 3-part series, TWO, and THREE.) Why are we picking on her, of all pundits, for this example? I think the fact that she clearly sees the problems, yet I have not read squat-all of the words “US Constitution” in her writing, is the answer. Maybe I missed some her writing in the past in which she mentioned out lost liberties and the police state, but probably not.**

    No, this trial period in women’s suffarage has shown piss-poor results. We will have to end it, if we want a free country back. Guess who agrees with me on that – # 1 pundit, Miss Ann Coulter.

  21. Anon[176] • Disclaimer says:

    Off topic but related, I assume schools still drug many, many boys with ADHD drugs? Anybody? Other drugs too? Do high schools have same sex or unisex phys ed classes?

    On national counselor organizations, since schools are decentralized, the former should be dissolved into independent state orgs. Same for teacher unions and school board ass’ns.

    • Replies: @Hrw-500
  22. Anon[176] • Disclaimer says:

    Harry ben Gurion Huntington, are you Israeli communist kibbutz trash? You know they are all unattached. Just like Bundy and Dahmer.

  23. anarchyst says:

    I am surprised that an obvious “solution” to this government school problem has not been mentioned.
    When school counselors, teachers or school boards push the globo homo and LGBTQXYZ “agendas” on impressionable young children, file criminal complaint police reports against the individual teachers, counselors, and others pushing this “grooming”.
    “Grooming” of young impressionable children is illegal in all 50 states.
    Whole school boards have been served with criminal complaints for attempting to “groom” children.

  24. anarchyst says:

    Huntington blames the “tool”–the firearm which is merely a “tool” that is used for good but can be used for evil.
    Huntington is too naive (or stupid), being a typical liberal who blames an inanimate object, the firearm itself rather than the individual possessing it who wishes to do evil.
    Huntington has that old liberal mindset that mere possession of a firearm “changes” a person’s personality.
    Those who carry for self-protection are actually more careful not to get into situations where the use a firearm is necessary. The last thing an armed law-abiding citizen wants is a confrontation with a “bad guy”.
    –If a conservative dislikes guns, he doesn’t buy or possess one…
    –If a liberal dislikes guns, he wants to make guns illegal to own for everyone…
    …big difference.
    My children and many others were educated on the proper use of firearms and self-defense from an early age.
    The curiosity that children have about firearms is easily put into check by allowing them to handle firearms initially under supervision as well as being shown their destructive power and that explaining that self-defense and the defense of others is a valid use for firearms.
    There are many lawfully defensive uses of firearms by those who are considered “under-age”, quite often without a shot being fired.
    The mere presence of a law-abiding individual possessing a firearm is enough to make the “bad guy” back off. In most self-defense cases, the mere presence of a firearm is enough to defuse the situation. In every case, a law-abiding citizen’s use of a firearm is not to kill, but to stop the threat.
    It is interesting to note that firearms self-defense use by ordinary citizens has a much better “track record” than that of police officers despite police officers possessing “special rights” (qualified immunity) not applicable to ordinary citizens.

    • Replies: @Harry Huntington
  25. @WorkingClass

    But parents have a demonstrated record of failure going back to at least 1940. 1960s radicals are the result of bad parenting–they can’t be the fault of schools because back then the schools were good. 1950 schools is what everyone wants back.

  26. @anarchyst

    The most recent data shows that crime rises when carry conceal is legal. Letting individuals carry guns to engage in self defense does not produce good results.

    Recent study demonstrating that is by John Donahue, et. al “More Guns, More Unintended Consequences : The effects of right to carry on criminal behavior and policing in US Cities.” NBER working paper 30190. dated June 2022. Donahue is a professor at Stanford.

    Donahue writes: “We analyze a sample of 47 major US cities to illuminate the mechanisms that lead Right-to-Carry concealed handgun laws to increase crime. The altered behavior of permit holders, career criminals, and the police combine to generate 29 and 32 percent increases in firearm violent crime and firearm robbery respectively.”

    • Disagree: anarchyst
  27. “woke”?

    the entire educrat bureaucracy

    is a nest of sodomites, pedophiles, and other


    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  28. @Haxo Angmark

    Whatever you want to call it, instead of bending over, get outta’ there!

  29. Hrw-500 says:

    Good question and I go a step further by adding in Canada, a trans teacher thanks to the union and the school board, had gone a step further.

    More off-topic, seems then one woke guy who isn’t white as he claimed while we read that article.

    • Replies: @Hrw-500
  30. Hrw-500 says:

    Looks like I got a glitch who didn’t showed the second adress, sorry for the inconvinience.

  31. Glidedon says:

    Most of the school “Counselors” are nothing more than Political Officers, such as the Soviet Union employed to monitor for dissent.

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