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Don't Believe the MSM: San Fran Is Still an Illegal Alien Sanctuary
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First things first. The San Francisco Chronicle’s Jaxon Van Derbeken has done excellent work this past week exposing the abject stupidity, recklessness, and fecklessness of SF Mayor Gavin Newsom’s open-borders administration. Van Derbeken’s reporting was so devastating and so solid that the p.c. editors at his newspaper who initially refused to call the illegal alien drug-dealers illegal (they were referred to as “migrants”) finally relented and used the forbidden word in the headline of Wednesday’s story on Newsom’s finger-pointing news conference. Amazing.

It’s only a matter of time, of course, before the multiculti mob fights back and demands its quota of sympathetic sob stories from the SFChronicle to make amends for–gasp–reporting on illegal alien criminals and the government officials who aid them. As sure as day, Geraldo and company will find and fixate on one poor “undocumented youth” to excuse San Francisco’s felonious harboring, aiding, and abetting of illegal alien crack dealers.

To which you should respond: Meet Erlan Colindres and spare us your bleeding hearts.

According to Van Derbeken, “The city has spent $2.3 million just to house illegal immigrants in juvenile hall rather than turning them over to federal authorities since 2005.” In the wake of national outrage over San Fran’s illegal alien drug dealer shuttle service and open-door group housing subsidies, Newsom is retreating slightly from the city’s longstanding policy of deliberate non-enforcement of immigration laws. Honduran illegal alien crack dealers won’t be getting publicly-subsidized escorts and transportation or refuge anymore. But make no mistake and don’t believe the MSM hype (the current headline on the WaP story is “San Francisco to Halt ‘Sanctuary’ Policy”):

Sanctuary remains the standing policy for the vast majority of illegal immigrants in SF. There is no effort underway to rescind the ordinance. There is no effort underway at the White House to punish outlaw sanctuary cities..

Hoping for change? A sanctuary nation doesn’t become a sovereign nation with taxpayers sitting on the sidelines.

It’s your choice.

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