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Dick Durbin Smackdown
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Check this out. Law professor Jonathan Turley, one of the most personable and mild-mannered people I’ve met in Washington, lays the smack down on Sen. Dick Durbin in the Washington Times this morning. Hard.

Hugh Hewitt believes Turley. Betsy Newmark wonders why the rest of the MSM isn’t paying attention:

You would think that the rest of the media would be interested in this brouhaha. They live and die by having sources talk to them in Washington. To have a source give them a story and then deny it and basically call the reporter (which was what Turley was for this story) a liar when the source himself was the one lying is something that hits them where they live. The fact that it is the Minority Whip in the Senate just makes the story more newsworthy. But I predict that no other news sources than those with a conservative bias like the Washington Times or Fox News will revisit the story. We’ll see if the L.A. Times does since theirs was the paper in which Turley’s column first appeared. Don’t they care that something appeared in their editorial pages that was based on a lie told by a Senator who then tried to make the columnist look like he was the one lying?

Scott Johnson at Power Line adds: “This is a fascinating story, revelatory of the ways of Washington and one of Washington’s major players. How can it be that the Washington Times is eating the Washington Post’s lunch on it? I think we all know the answer, but that too is another interesting aspect of the story.”

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