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"Democrats for Romney:" the Kos Factor in the Michigan Primary
Nutroots election prank.
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Last week, I noted Markos Moulitsas’s call for Democrats to engage in election mischief and throw their votes to Mitt Romney. Now, a Kossack has produced a video advocating the shenanigans.

The producer of the video is one Andy Cobbon. Here’s his message accompanying the video:

Democrats of Michigan, on January 15th you have a unique and wonderful opportunity to screw over the Republican Party.

For more on why voting for Romney in your primary–however counterintuitive it may be to vote for that flip-flopping, say-anything-to-get-elected, neocon-of-convenience hack–isn’t such a crazy idea, check out:…

Lest there be any confusion, showing Romney’s old stances as a less-than-diehard conservative in Massachusetts is intended to emphasize his ubercynical ability to shape-shift into desirable forms, not to suggest he’s a somehow tolerable closet moderate who is simply pretending to be a detestable right wing nut. I don’t mean to suggest he should be given the benefit of any doubt in that direction–that’s by no means the reason Michigan Dems should cast their vote for him January 15th.

In the rough and real world of politics, Progressives can’t afford for voting to be an emotional act of personal expression. It has to be pragmatic, strategic, and effective. So, just this weird once…go Romney. Though it burns my fingers when I type it.

What effect will the Kos factor have on the election? On the one hand, Kos has a lousy record when it comes to electoral influence. On the other hand, word about this call to mischief is spreading fast. Another Kossack gloats:

Michigan, do you want this primary season to be over?

Or do you want this primary season to be… hilarious?

Reader Katharine e-mails me: “My mom lives in Detroit, she’s been getting linked to this video on various pages all morning…Is this legal? Are there penalties for screwing with an election, particularly to make it more ‘hilarious?'”


Romney says he’s staying in through Feb. 5 no matter what happens in Michigan:

Mitt Romney yesterday dismissed any suggestion he would leave the race if he did not win Michigan.

“We’re going all the way through Feb. 5 – no ifs, ands, or buts about it,” he said on CBS’s “Face the Nation.” “This is a race that is not going to be decided by a few states. It’s a race that I’m taking to the nation.”

Romney is eager for a Michigan win after second-place finishes in the Iowa Republican caucus and the New Hampshire primary.

Campaigning in Michigan yesterday, he focused on his roots in the state and promised to do more to lift up the economically hard-hit state than John McCain.

Romney and McCain, the New Hampshire winner, are statistically tied in Michigan, according to a Detroit News poll released yesterday, but Romney led McCain by 5 percentage points in a similar survey by the Detroit Free Press.

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