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Deadbeat Watch: Troopers Still Owed Overtime for DNC
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CBS 4 in Denver reports that law enforcement officers have gone three months without getting paid for overtime costs related to policing the Democratic National Convention. Who’s looking out for the troopers?

Show them the money:

Colorado state troopers say it’s been more than three months since the Democratic National Convention and they have yet to get compensated for their overtime.

The economy is bad and the holiday season is here and the extra money or time off that some troopers counted on has yet to be approved.

There seem to be a lot of factors of work in the hold up, including an extraordinary event, troopers were used from around the state, and asking federal government to foot the bill.

“Are a lot of the troopers wondering, ‘Where is the money?” CBS4 investigator Rick Sallinger asked Jeremy Gudday with the Troopers Association.

“I think that’s a fair question for our members and I think that’s a question that people have been concerned about,” Gudday responded. “Given the DNC was in August and here we are coming into December.”

The State Patrol says federal funds will cover the more than $150,000 involved.

“Every member of the organization that worked the event is going to be compensated,” Sgt. John Hahn with the State Patrol said. “Either monetarily or they are going to be compensated with time.”

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