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Hope you are well-rested from the Memorial Day weekend. Lots on the docket — literally. Obama’s SCOTUS pick is widely rumored to be revealed sometime this week:

In a C-SPAN interview that aired this weekend, Obama said he hoped for hearings on his eventual nominee in July, followed by a final confirmation vote before Congress recesses in August. Given his schedule this week — including a trip to Las Vegas and Los Angeles on Tuesday and Wednesday — speculation is that the president could make public his choice early Thursday or Friday.

The Washington Times has questions about short-lister Elena Kagan. Not the first time we’ve seen soft-on-terrorism machinations by an Obama leftist:

As the Wall Street Journal’s “Political Diary” reported May 21, Ms. Kagan was in the middle of Clinton White House deliberations that put a kibosh on legal action against a group of eco-terrorists in Oregon who were blocking some legal logging operations.

To quote from a House task force investigation in 1999, “these ‘environmentalist’ protesters erected barricades and other structures (out of timber) in the roadways and in the forest; they dug trenches and deliberately washed out the roadways in several areas, polluting the waterways downstream with runoff; they polluted the area with human waste; they built ‘booby-traps’ of trenches and sharpened metal spikes designed to maim intruders or damage vehicles; they chained and locked themselves to buried cement structures; and at least one protester was heavily armed.”

The Forest Service and local law enforcement, with approval from the FBI, the local U.S. Attorney and federal marshals, were ready to move in against the demonstrators. Then, on June 12, 1996, a high-level group of White House officials, including Ms. Kagan, met and ordered that the arrest plans be aborted.

The House task force focused most on allegations that Ms. Kagan, then the domestic policy aide and associate White House counsel, had failed to investigate suspicions that a particular administration employee had leaked law enforcement plans to the eco-terrorists. Such a failure to investigate an illegal leak would have been a dereliction of Ms. Kagan’s duty.

It’s more important to know Ms. Kagan’s stance on the bigger question of whether to abort the arrests and the role of political considerations in the decision. It was an election year for President Clinton, and environmentalist groups were a key part of his coalition.

Speaking of leftists, the Left Coast is bracing for a ruling on Prop. 8. I’m sure the opponents of California’s traditional marriage ballot measure will conduct themselves with all the civility, decency, and restraint of a Perez Hilton no matter how the verdict turns out. Which is to say: Gird your loins.

The decision is expected at 10am and will be available here.

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• Category: Ideology • Tags: Proposition 8, Supreme Court 
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