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Courting Disaster Hits #9 on NYTimes Best-Seller List
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Marc Thiessen’s must-read book, Courting Disaster, skyrocketed to #9 on the NYTimes best-seller list this coming week.

Thiessen has relentlessly exposed how the Left and Obama are sabotaging all the effective intelligence-gathering programs that the Bush administration created to prevent jihadi attacks after 9/11 — and how media propagandists are helping them.

Here’s one of his latest investigative op-eds, “A Tale of Two Terrorists,” on how the Obama administration defended the lengthy interrogation of one terror suspect days before the Christmas bomber was recklessly and hastily Mirandized.

Thiessen’s whistle-blowing work can be found here — and he has been spreading the word on cable TV.

No wonder President Obama wants you to turn it off.


Turn on PJTV for Glenn Reynolds’ interview with Thiessen right here!

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