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Colts Player Edwin Jackson Killed by Suspected Drunk Unlicensed Driver with ICE Retainer
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Update: 11am Eastern. Indiana police report the suspect was here illegally from Guatemala and had been previously deported twice:


Indianapolis Colts player Edwin Jackson was struck and killed, along with an Uber driver, early Sunday morning in Indiana.

I reported on Twitter that the man arrested in the accident, Alex Cabrera Gonsales, is from Mexico with an ICE detainer on him. He had no driver’s license and attempted to flee from the scene.

Indianapolis is a sanctuary-friendly haven for illegal aliens.

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Immigration advocates are pushing for Indianapolis to become a “sanctuary city.”

These advocates say families are being torn apart because of deportations under the Trump administration. That’s why they came to the sheriff’s office looking for answers.

About 20 people went to the Marion County Sheriff’s Office looking to speak with him.

They say they don’t want local resources to be used to deport people.

Sanctuary cities are outlaw cities that enable illegal alien and immigrant law-breakers to tear others’ families apart with impunity.

Support AVIAC, Advocates for Victims of Illegal Alien Crime, here.

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