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Circus at the U.N.: Gadhafi Floats Swine Flu-As-Military Weapon Conspiracy, Wishes "Our Son" Obama Could be Prez for Life; "We Shall Send Rolling Thunder"
"Terror council."
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President Obama just finished up his I Am The Change You Seek speech at the United Nations. Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton noted Obama’s extraordinary self-referentialism mixed with Wilsonian naivete and anti-Bush subtext, and joked that the president “did everything but break out and ask ‘Can’t we all just get along?'”

There was a momentary delay before blood-stained, jihadi-enabling thug Moammar Gadhafi took the podium. He’s babbling about “climate change” and waving around the U.N. charter. Praises “our son” from Africa, Barack Obama.

The latest on Gadhafi’s tent flap:

A New York City suburb says it wants Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi to remove his trademark Bedouin tent, set up as part of his visit to the United Nations.

The attorney for the town of Bedford, N.Y., in Westchester County, says he has determined that Gadhafi’s tent, erected on rental property owned by the Trump Organization, is not in compliance with zoning codes, CNN reported Wednesday.

“I discussed this matter with town officials, and the town building inspector believes that this would constitute a violation of several town zoning and land use laws,” Bedford town attorney Joel Sachs told the U.S. broadcaster. “I directed the town building inspector to immediately go to the property and issue a stop work order, which would order the individuals to cease erecting the tent.”

Gadhafi spewing about “aggression” and inveighing against France.

Gadhafi on a conspiracy tear: “Perhaps this swine virus may be one of theose viruses that was created in the laboratory and it got out of control because it was meant to be a military weapon.”

9:20am Eastern update. The U.N. translator can barely keep up with Gadhafi’s crazy ranting.

9:30am Eastern update. This jihadi financier is ranting about Western “terrorism.” “The Security Council is not the security council. It should be called the Terror Council.”

Gadhafi is getting applause.

“The U.N. is terrorizing the Third World.”

9:47am Eastern update. Gadhafi is praising Obama as a “glimpse in the darkness.” He says he would be happy if Obama would be president forever.

He’s babbling about “rolling thunder” — he’ll send it like it was sent over Vietnam and Iraq.

9:56am Eastern update: Gadhafi now musing openly about America being attacked again.

He proposes that U.N. be moved out of the U.S. (finally, a coherent point of agreement.) “American may be targeted again, perhaps by a rocket, and tens of heads of state may die.” Moving the UN wouldn’t be an insult to America. This is a service to America.”

Moans about the “suffering of flying for hours to come to this place.”

10:02am Eastern update: “This is not a normal gathering.”

He can say that again.

10:22am Eastern update: Now, Gadhafi is ranting about JFK’s “Israeli killer” and “Israeli demons.” He wants investigations opened into JFK assassination and MLK assassination.

How come no one has walked out yet?!

10:37am Eastern update: A second translator took over for the first one. He finally is done after two hours of Jew-bashing, Third World whining, and jihadi sympathizing.

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