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Church Militants, Not Church Milquetoasts
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These are abridged remarks I gave Tuesday morning in Baltimore at the “Enough is Enough” protest across from the annual gathering of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Church Militant senior producer and St. Michael’s Media founder Michael Voris was forced to go to court to hold the prayer rally and gathering of Catholic dissidents after their permit was canceled by Baltimore’s speech-squelching city solicitor James Shea. Baltimore authorities baselessly accused Voris and scheduled speakers of promoting violence; the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a lower district judge’s ruling that “the First Amendment to the Constitution is at the heart of this case … The city cannot conjure up hypothetical hecklers and then grant them veto power.”

I would first like to address the evil corruptocrats here in the city of Baltimore, right across from us at the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, down at the White House, perched in the Vatican, and deeply embedded in the Deep State and Creep State. Look at my face and the faces of every single Catholic bearing witness here today. Hear our voices. Heed our words. We will not be silenced.

I would also like to directly address the lying corporate media — the so-called fact checkers, those narrative distortionists, control-freak gatekeepers and professional defamers who have tarred us one and all as violent domestic terrorists.

They poured fuel on the nationwide fires of the George Floyd riots. They coddled bloodthirsty antifa demons tearing down the pillars of civil society. They created monsters such as Shaun King who smeared us as “white supremacists” and incited acts of vandalism against our places of worship. They turned a blind eye over the past two years to the targeting of Catholic churches, decapitation of Catholic statues and bloody assaults on prayerful Catholics.

Hear our voices. Heed our words. This is what truly peaceful protest looks like.

I am humbled to join you all today to speak about the unholy alliance of radical bishops, Open Borders Incorporated and pandemic profiteers. But first, I must take a moment to honor every brave survivor of clerical sexual abuse in the audience or on the speakers’ roster here today. Loyalty, fear, intimidation, shame, denial and lack of transparency all darkened the path. The survivors shined their light and showed us the way.

I believe the same is true for the Catholic Church’s deplorable racketeering for mass, uncontrolled immigration and shilling for Big Pharma’s toxic and sinful enterprise.

Since 1986, when open-borders lobbyists were hammering out the disastrous Reagan amnesty on Capitol Hill, Catholic leaders in the U.S. and abroad have moved from fighting against legislation that enhances American immigration enforcement to actively undermining enforcement and violating immigration laws.


Disgraced leftist Cardinal Roger Mahony, censured and banned for his role in covering up sexual abuse, was booted from his post in Los Angeles yet continues to this day to advocate that Catholic clergy and other Americans brazenly defy deportation orders and harbor so-called Dreamers in the name of charity and compassion. These policies have enriched cartels, traffickers, smugglers, coyotes and the vast network of left-wing nonprofits while inducing the poor to traipse across the desert, stuff themselves in car trunks and cash in on their own children.

Is there any more obscene illustration of the need to drain the Catholic Deep State and defund the Creep State?

Archbishop Jose Gomez, head of the Los Angeles archdiocese, blasted former President Donald Trump’s workplace enforcement actions and bemoaned the plight of outlaws “who live in the shadows.”

Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio of Brooklyn excused criminal border trespassing, criminal visa violations and criminal document fraud.

Bishop Thomas Joseph Tobin of the Providence, Rhode Island, diocese issued a declaration of support for driver’s licenses for illegal aliens in his state, citing the pope’s call “to welcome immigrants into our midst” because “these immigrants will enrich America and its Church.”

Key words: “Enrich” its “Church.”

In 2019, the USCCB sat on net assets of \$377 million and raked in total revenues of \$188 million. Its annual government grant revenue totaled nearly \$50 million; with \$23 million funneled to a program encouraging illegal alien unaccompanied minors to trespass our borders; \$16.5 million for refugee admissions; and \$12.1 million for refugee and entrant assistance. In 2020, Catholic Charities vacuumed up \$5 billion — \$2 billion of which came from government sources.

My time is short, but know this: The same evil rationale for covering up clerical sex abuse, covering the cover-up of clerical sex abuse is the same evil rationale behind profiting off open borders and national suicide, and it is the same evil rationale for pushing experimental pharmaceutical jabs inextricably conceived with the cells of murdered unborn babies to quell, control, track and trace the world’s population.

Pandemic profiteers are false saviors in a soul-destroying industry that relies on rigged clinical trials, sabotage of informed consent, silencing of the vaccine-injured, persecution of devoutly pro-life parents and workers whose pleas for support as they face losing their jobs and livelihoods are being spurned by junk-science promoting priests and bishops, and blanket protection from corporate liability in the name of the “common good.”

In the face of such godlessness and ruin, our faith must be stronger than our fear. We must be engaged in all-out spiritual warfare — fully immunized against the real deadly viruses of moral relativism, cultural Marxism and globohomogenized capitalism. Church Militants, not Church Milquetoasts, are required for such a time as this.

Michelle Malkin’s email address is [email protected]

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  1. If we had small government, CC wouldn’t be getting so much \$. Nor would public schools, Big X, doctors, lawyers, ERs, defense contractors, 3rd world s*holes. You name it.

    • Tax leeches from foreign countries would stop coming here.
    • Tax leeches from the 50 states would leave.
    • The cesspool known as “inside-the-Beltway” would resemble a ghost town.

  2. Concur all. Good stuff, Malkin.

  3. Ms Malkin’s view is not very Christian. The Church has nothing to do with government or borders. The Church’s mission is to save souls and care for God’s children. Wanting to aid church members in obtaining drivers licenses is a good thing because it helps those members live their lives better. It is entirely unclear why Ms Malkin hates Christians so much that she attacks a Church that is tending to the flock. Ms Malkin seems to embrace the kind of Catholicism one finds in China, one that is beholden to the dictates of Government. In any case, we should give thanks to God that people in churches still look to care for their brothers and sisters in Christ.

  4. Exile says:
    @Harry Huntington

    Deeply dishonest comment. “Fellow Christians” or “Not True Christianity.”

    Using your church to subvert the borders and aid invaders has “something” to do with government and borders.

    There are better words besides “Catholic” for people who are not “beholden to the dictates of Government.” At best they are “revolutionaries” and at worst they are “criminals.” That entire spectrum has “something to do with government.”

    Now go ahead and quote the bit about strangers in Egypt.

  5. Getaclue says:
    @Harry Huntington

    You are full of garbage!

    What the Leftist Communists infiltrated into the Catholic Church are doing is hurting poor and lower class citizens by helping in the flooding in of illegal immigrants who compete with them for jobs and housing.

    The Catholic Church is infested in the Clergy (especially Bishops and Cardinals) with infiltrated in Masons/Communists/Homosexuals who are working to destroy the Church from the inside–their actions in abetting the flooding of the USA with illegal immigrants is part of that NWO Agenda to also destroy the USA.

    Your comments are those of a Leftist /Communist and have zero to do with actual goals and traditions of the Catholic Church as set up and ordained by Jesus Christ. God loathes Communism as we know from Sister Mary of St. Peter to whom he gave prayers of reparation specifically as to the evil of Communists and Communism. Everything in the Malkin article is the truth your comment the opposite.

  6. As a churchgoing Catholic, I regret to say that our Church currently is “lead” by a criminal [“(…) Pope Francis (Jorge Mario Bergoglio) according to Steve Pieczenik (MD, PhD, former United States Department of State official, psychiatrist) assisted the Argentine Military Junta between 1976 – 1977 in its crackdown of Priests and Nuns who tried to counter their repressive regime. Pope Francis assisted the Junta in its drive to counter the Liberation Theology movement. Fancy that – the current Pope – assisted in the arrest, torture and subsequent murder of fellow Catholic Priests and Nuns. That’s appalling. This is an old video. Obviously – Steve Pieczenik’s appeal fell on deaf ears. (…)” ] annex a\$\$hole [let him explain to me how the late ordovicium possibly could have been an ice age whilst atmospheric CO2 concentration was >4000 ppm, ten times more than today – and what factories, cars and planes were responsible for those 8 (eight) periodes since the end of the last ice age in which the Alpine glaciers were shorter than nowadays (Natuurwetenschap en techniek 4/2010)].

    However, being in possession of Ferdinand Gregorovius’s Geschichte der Stadt Rom im Mittelalter (6 volumes, dtv-Bibliothek 9/1978), I am quite aware that the current pope by no means is the worst that ever existed (everyone knows of pope Borgia, his son Cesare and his daughter Lucrezia, but who has ever heard of a pope who let “disobedient” CARDINALS be stamped into the soil?)

  7. trumpper says: • Website

    why is everything that was once right now wrong in america? Now even church. Makes me sick

    • Replies: @Harry Huntington
  8. @trumpper

    The reason church is wrong is because people like Ms Malkin attack it. You can still trust in what Jesus teaches. Jesus teaches that we are to extend a welcome to the alien and make them feel at home. Jesus also teaches that we are to love others as we love ourself. We are not to be hateful. Ms Malkin teaches hate. You don’t have to buy into that.

    • Troll: Automatic Slim
  9. Anon[369] • Disclaimer says:
    @Harry Huntington

    I agree. I’d be more concerned if Sancta Mater Ecclesia were wasting any energy allied with me in political battles rather focusing entirely on making her teaching and sacraments available to me for the salvation of my soul and the souls of my fellow human beings.

  10. @Harry Huntington

    I know it’s none of my business, but I am really curious if you have had your T levels checked recently. One can be a Christian and not be a low T, beta, soy boy who aids and abets the far left agenda to destroy White Western civilization.

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