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Chicago-Izing America's Public Schools
Arne + Obama + Annenberg + Everyday Math = Same old, same old.
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Arne Duncan. Barack Obama. The Annenberg challenge:

E.M. Zanotti connects the dots.

I’ll add one more dot: University of Chicago Everyday Math. It’s the favored curriculum of Arne Duncan’s schools. It’s the corruption of math education in America, as I’ve reported to you many times over the last year.

This crap math is a good proxy for the quality of the rest of the academic diet.

Arne + Obama + Annenberg + Everyday Math = Same old, same old.


Did anyone else watch the ed secretary announcement? Obama let Joe Biden out of his cage for a few minutes. Gritted his teeth the whole time as Biden rambled on about his relatives who worked as teachers.

Disappointingly, no gaffes from erratic Joe.

Just a matter of time…

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