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Bush Uses His Veto
The Dems' embryonic stem cell research bill goes down. 28 veto threats to go. But shamnesty lives.
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Lifesite News reports on the president’s embryonic stem cell bill veto:

For the second time during his presidency, George W. Bush has chosen to invoke his privilege of a presidential veto to veto a bill that, if signed into law, would lift the ban on federal funds being used for the purpose of destructive embryonic stem-cell research.

Congress had already passed an almost identical bill about a year ago, which President Bush also vetoed.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi criticized Bush for his latest veto with strong words in an e-mail sent to supporters on behalf of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, once egain employing religious-like language about the issue, referring to the “miracle” of embryonic stem-cell research. On Wednesday, said Pelosi, “with a single stroke of his cruel veto pen, President Bush will dash the hopes of millions of Americans seeking cures through the miracle of stem cell research.”

“He will say ‘No’ to hope.”

Previously Speaker Pelosi had horrified pro-life advocates by referring to embryonic stem cell research as a “gift from God.”

President Bush, however, has repeatedly expressed his conviction that American taxpayers should not be forced to fund a type of research that not only has seen no success in creating the types of cures that some have promised, but that is also ethically damnable. He has also repeatedly expressed his desire to encourage stem-cell research that uses sources of stem-cells that do not involve the destruction of human life, sources of stem-cells that have already produced numerous actual cures.

Bush has 28 other veto threats in the works. Unfortunately, killing the shamnesty bill is not one of them.

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