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Bush News Conference: Oil, Economy, War; Reporter: "Why Have You Not Called on Americans to Drive Less and Turn Down Their Thermostats?"
Meet the press.
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President Bush will meet the press at 10:20am this morning to push the Dems on offshore drilling (after finally lifting the executive ban his dad signed), pressure them on spending bills, and attempt to calm world markets about the state of the US economy.

What would you ask him?


AP reporter Mark Smith wants Bush to do an Obama and meddle in their consumption habits: “Why have you not called on Americans to drive less and turn down their thermostats?”

Bush: “People are smart enough to figure out whether they should drive less…it’s presumptuous to do so…they can decide. Of course they should conserve…let them decide.”

Ditto that!


Allah’s clipped the vid and zings the sanctimonious press: “It’s Daddy President 101, with the added nuance of the media demanding a catalyzing call for action from a guy with an approval rating south of 30 whom they assure us no one in their right mind takes seriously.”

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