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BLM’s Perpetual Fake Outrage Cycle
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Here we go again: Manufacture. Rinse. Repeat.

Everyone knows the cycle. Everyone knows it ends with false and incomplete narratives eventually being debunked by actual facts. Everyone knows that the racial myth-makers and political opportunists end up with fame, wealth and glory—but never any criminal punishments or moral accountability.

Everyone knows, yet on and on and on it goes.

Step 1: Spread out-of-context video clip of Black man subdued or shot by white cops across national media airwaves and social media platforms.

Step 2: Riot.

Step 3: Accuse law enforcement and America of “systemic racism,” decry police brutality and demand “justice” for fill-in-the-blank “victim.”

Step 4: Riot.

Step 5. Enter Al Sharpton, Benjamin Crump, Black Lives Matter chief propagandist Shaun King, and the rest of the racial hoax crime brigade.

Step 6: Persecute and prosecute involved police officers.

Step 7: Burn, loot and maraud nationwide.

Step 8: Demand more funding for “restorative justice,” “alternative” policing, sensitivity training and “anti-racism” programs.

Step 9: Bury all evidence of justified police action while screaming, “Racism!” ever louder.

Step 10: Lie in wait for the next opportunity to return to Step 1.

I’ve been covering this self-destructive ritual in American life since the very beginning of my journalism career in 1992, when the Rodney King beating video led to the acquittal of four Los Angeles police department officers, which led to the L.A. riots (60 killed, 2,000 injured, $1 billion in damage s, $700 million in federal aid), which led to a federal civil rights settlement for King worth $4 million and prison sentences for two of the cops despite their previous acquittals.

On Sunday night, Jacob Blake became the latest overnight cause celebre of the Black Lives Matter brigade. He’s black. The cops, captured on video shooting him in the back seven times after arriving at the scene of a domestic incident, were white. Like the cops in the Rodney King case, Kenosha, Wisconsin, officers were dealing with a career criminal who was young, strong and troubled. Blake’s name, age and neighborhood match court records of a Jacob Blake who had an outstanding warrant for misdemeanor criminal trespass, felony third-degree sexual assault and misdemeanor disorderly assault associated with domestic abuse charges. Like the cops in the Rodney King case, Kenosha cops were confronted with a suspect who brazenly resisted arrest. At least four officers can be seen trying to subdue him. Blake continues to evade arrest and climb into his vehicle, where his children were. At least seven shots rang out.

The rest is a re-re-re-re-re-repeat of social justice history.

“Hands up, don’t shoot” was the foundational lie of the Michael Brown fatal cop encounter, as even the Obama Justice Department was forced to acknowledge. The primary perpetrator of that deception? Benjamin Crump.


The Trayvon Martin hoax, as exposed by investigative documentarian Joel Gilbert, was built on an astonishing key prosecution witness switch-a-roo involving Martin’s real girlfriend, Brittany Diamond Eugene (who was on the phone with Martin before he assaulted George Zimmerman) and a ridiculous impostor, Rachael Jeantel, who was barely literate and apparently manipulated into coached testimony by none other than Benjamin Crump.

Three months after the death of George Floyd in Minnesota, we now know this career criminal—who robbed and beat a pregnant woman in a brutal home invasion—refused to comply with police officers from initial contact. He acted erratically, invoked common “please don’t shoot me” and “I can’t breathe” excuses before was put on the ground, lied about being claustrophobic and was told by one of his own passengers to stop resisting. We now also know that officers believed Floyd was on drugs and swallowed a fatal overdose of fentanyl, compounding his preexisting heart conditions and positive COVID results.

Benjamin Crump, who filed multimillion-dollar lawsuits against the city of Minneapolis on behalf of the Floyd family last month, is now also the lawyer for Jacob Blake.

BLM leaders say what’s left of Kenosha after the weekend’s riots will burn to the ground unless cops are fired and arrested. Al Sharpton, Shaun King, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, LeBron James, NASCAR race agitator Bubba (Fake Noose) Wallace, Cardi B and Demi Lovato all immediately piled on as well, demanding “justice” and condemning police instead of the perps.

I’m reminded of what a black activist in Phoenix confessed to a local news station in 2015 upon seeing what it’s like to be an officer’s shoes. Jarrett Maupin ended up being shot point-blank by one suspect and shooting another in the chest when both ignored his orders in life-or-death use-of-force scenarios. Maupin’s takeaway?

“I didn’t understand how important compliance was, but after going through this, yeah, my attitude has changed. This is all unfolding in ten to fifteen seconds. People need to comply with the orders of law enforcement officers for their own safety.”

That is the plain, simple truth. All else is racial extortion and deceit. How to save America and end this vicious cycle of smoke, mirrors and ashes? Stop the lies.

• Category: Culture/Society 
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  1. Rich says:

    The dems really believe they will get the black vote by inciting riots. I can’t believe it will work, but I guess we’ll see. How much longer can elected officials stand by and let this continue? Do they hate the law-abiding that much? Do blacks really want gun violence and crime to rule their neighborhoods? Crazy out there.

  2. That’s all truth as usual, Michelle. This report of the evildoings of lawyer Benjamin Crump and the actions of the black thugs is only half the story of these riots, though. The other half is the antifa operatives that drive in from out of state (on whose instructions?) with blackened-out plates to start the burning and destruction. The black thugs don’t have the intelligence to plan anything like that, so they are local thugs. You can always find them, in any city.

    Now, these antifa Commies may think that the black rioters and looters are in agreement with their ideology, which is the destruction of traditional America. I don’t think the black thugs care about any ideology other than the ideology of free shit. It’s a partnership of convenience, as the blacks appreciate the help of the antifa guys and girls breaking glass so that they can get in quickly for the sneakers and electronics. The antifa appreciate the extra destructive help.

    One thing the 2 groups do have in common as they are the types that don’t know how much work it is to design and build things. Therefore, they have no problem with destroying things with no remorse.

    From what I’ve read, the antifa are so much more organized and bold than even 3 years ago in Charlottesville, Virginia. Americans better realize quickly that we are living in century-ago Germany, and ought to be prepared to fight back accordingly. If we fail, and hire all that out, it may turn out worse than in that century-ago era, if that’s possible.

  3. I like how two cops shot one guy 7 times. Not once. Not twice. 7 times. That’s heroic. One time, wimpy. Two times, wussy. But 7 times, now that takes true bravery. These wonderful men should get the National Medal of Bravery for being so brave.

  4. It is amazing that a race of folks who claim to have created, invented and built everything in the known universe have such problems with living crime free and obeying the simplest instructions from police? All protesters around the country should have been shot and publicly cremated in a large pile in the street on day one in Minneapolis. Civil War can’t come soon enough.

    • Replies: @Escher
  5. People need to comply with the orders of law enforcement officers for their own safety.

    Comply or Die Bitchez!

  6. Renoman says:

    All they had to do was lasso him or shoot him in the leg, I don’t know how these Cops can be so stupid?

  7. @obwandiyag

    Why didn’t they just shoot the ground in front of him? Why didn’t they just shoot the gun out of his hand? Why didn’t they taze him one more time? He din’t mean any harm reaching into his car after fighting with two cops and breaking away from them to turn towards his car.
    How long after a bullet enters a person should one wait to see the effects of that bullet?
    What’s the force on force time lapse for that?

    • Agree: Curmudgeon
    • LOL: Wade
  8. Invoker says:

    Michelle I wholeheartedly agree that false narratives are constructed to further the agenda of the black outrage artists. I’m not sure whether they are useful idiots in a destabilization plot like Yuri Bezmenov (now inserted in Call of Duty game promotions) had exposed more than three decades ago or if they’re fully aware of their actions and intentionally trying to destroy America. I’m a younger millennial but I’ve seen this theme consistently resurfacing.

    The only thing I disagree about was your take on George Floyd. Yes he was resisting arrest, yes he was a criminal and by all accounts a degenerate who brandished a pistol towards a pregnant woman, and yes he had drugs in his system.

    However everyone deserves their day in court and he never saw his because of either the sheer negligence, incompetence, cruelty or all of the above of Derek Chauvin, and the sycophant feckless officers that accompanied him and did nothing to stop the excessive use of force against him. George Floyd deserved to be in jail but he did not deserve to die that day. That was one of the only times I sided against the police who are absolutely imperative in a civil and lawful society.

    Every reputable source (including the FBI) I’ve read has shown that even when you adjust for per capita numbers, police brutality affects whites the most. Even more so now when a cop subconsciously knows that if he pulls the trigger on a white man, there will be complete media silence on the incident save for a few local news channel reports. Daniel Shaver is the only case I can think of that had a lot of coverage, I can’t remember any others and that speaks volumes.

    If it were a peaceful protest against police brutality and to improve training and conditions, I’d be on board with that, but considering it’s completely racialized and NOT peaceful whatsoever, I’m going to have to side with the police out of preservation because there is no room or time for nuance during a crisis like this. The left is literally destroying this country and removing history incredibly akin to how you’d see statues toppling in tumultuous USSR republics, and a literal collapse of a nation followed those images.

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  9. Gunga Din says:

    Yeah, shot 7 times and he still didn’t die. Perfect example of why police should ALWAYS empty their magazines into a perp.

  10. Gunga Din says:

    What a shame more prominent people won’t say out loud what Michelle said in her article.

  11. Realist says:

    These wonderful men should get the National Medal of Bravery for being so brave.

    I agree…they should have killed him with one shot at that range. It reminds me of the dumb fuck blacks in Chicago…fifty shot…four die. LOL

  12. @obwandiyag

    Try your hand at disobeying a lawful order and see how many times you will be shot. As my friend’s son says, niggers gonna nig. If anyone, regardless of race, creed or religion fails to obey a lawful order, they are begging to be shot.

  13. @Invoker

    There was no excessive use of force against George Floyd. Chauvin was following established police department procedures. Nothing was going to save Floyd from his overdose. He was as good as dead when he exited his own vehicle.

    • Agree: Redman
    • Replies: @Invoker
  14. Here’s an example of a white guy doing the exact same thing and not being shot 7 times in the back. Cops are cowardly pea-brained sissies.

    • Disagree: botazefa
    • Replies: @Franz
    , @Hood Oracle
    , @MarkU
  15. Escher says:
    @Hood Oracle

    I have no sympathy for violent criminals of any color, but please see the previous comment: shooting someone SEVEN times is excessive.

    • Replies: @TomSchmidt
  16. Invoker says:

    Yeah there’s a protocol to use a knee like that, however not for that duration with an entire crowd of people yelling and begging the man to stop. And then when Floyd was non-responsive, he still kept his knee there. I’m not a fan of BLM whatsoever but that was certainly one of the rare times that the police were completely in the wrong.

    • Replies: @Redman
    , @Curmudgeon
  17. I don’t believe that it’s a coincidence that riots start up before the election cycle. Whether it’s the Occupy Wall Street, Ferguson, Zimmerman, they all are orchestrated by progressives for political goals that are designed to maximize certain voter blocks I believe that the Dims, MSM, and activists all act in conjunction. It’s becoming as predictable as the October surprise.

  18. Wade says:

    That’s stupid propaganda. It’s not like the cop in the white example was the same individual in the second, black example.

    That first cop is lucky he’s alive and that the white guy defying him didn’t grab a gun.

    I just saw 2 videos on here today with white cops kindly talking things out with blacks who ended up shooting at police after they suddenly reached for their guns. Both blacks seemed to be acting perfectly reasonably and the cops returned in kind, treating them with total respect. One black reached into his vehicle out of the blue they warned him not to (they didn’t immediately shoot even as he ignored their orders). Sure enough he had a gun and opened fire on them, grazing one officer. Just look how long the officer remains on friendly speaking terms with the perp while the perp uses the officer’s kindness against him:

    Video Link
    I can only say that the cop that didn’t pull his gun out on the white kid was negligent not to do so in that case. But that was a different cop with his head in a different space. Probably had nothing to do with the race of the perp.

  19. Franz says:

    Cops are cowardly pea-brained sissies.

    I think I see the gap here.

    Those of us living in areas at least a quarter-black see one thing. People living in all white zones see another.

    I’ve been amazed when the police only stop blacks where instinct would tell a sane white man to shoot. But then officers of the law these days are over-trained in the wrong way.

    And yeah, my guess is a black and white divorce (territory I mean) is the obvious solution.

  20. in related news,

    17-year-old white kid with AR in Kenosha who turned on the mob of white antifa communists and black BLM thugs

    who were pursuing him down the street

    and good’d 2 of them, wounded 3rd, is

    now charged with First Degree Murder. More

    evidence of the fact that the Jew’d (((system))) is on the communist/BLM side.

  21. @obwandiyag

    In olden tymes when cops learned to shoot once, quite a few were killed while reholstering as they had been trained on the range – so this wasn´t it.
    I agree three rounds should be enough to pacify a 300-lb Obama voter on PCP with extreme prejudice (“Cooper-Mogadishu”: Double tap to the coronary, realign, one through the medulla).
    Seven rounds and the voter can still sue? Hell, the cop needs more weapons instead of more sensitivity training.
    – There definitely are serious issues with policing, say no-knock raids (i.e. if you want to raise a stink over Breonna Taylor I´m with you) and civil asset forfeiture; ordinary policing is not one of them.
    … the alternative would be to not police them at all in da hood but kill them on sight in White areas – anyone seriously for that?
    – As an aside it was a VAWA call so the cops had no discretion; tell Jake to complain to the rabid twats who cooked up that abomination.

    • Replies: @obwandiyag
  22. Redman says:

    You do understand that the cops were trying to keep him stable until the ambulance came? It had nothing to do with an arrest at that point. There are tons of video clips on line of cops encountering people OD’ing and/or having delirium episodes just like Floyd. He died of a fentanyl overdose and the knee hold was not a factor. It appears Floyd may have been trying to get rid of his stash before the cops found it in on him.

  23. Need a legal defense fundraiser for hero Kyle Rittenhouse before he gets ground to dust by the system. Gofundme has already pulled, I know Michelle promoted for another case of self defense from rioters. This is potentially a much bigger deal, his being railroaded successfully would basically mean the end of the 2nd amendment for anyone on the right… end of the 1st too since speech is met with violence and self defense is illegal

    WHERE CAN WE DONATE? People are asking all over the place! Our people want to help him but we have no way to do it right now

  24. @nokangaroos

    Look at the video I posted up above. White guy acts exactly the same way as Jacob Blake acted in relation to a cop. And the cop runs away. Interesting difference in technique.

    • Replies: @Wyatt
    , @El Dato
  25. My apologies – was just skimming 😉

    Offhand …
    – If that guy is White, my name is Stirnimann; “pass for DoJ white”, OK. Looks intoxicated. Rap sheet?
    – Cop is not blindsided by screaming apoplectic voodoo mamma (probably the girlfriend who called de popo in the first place – I have seen too many White females who believe this constitutes an argument, and not even for divorce purposes); that alone makes a Gargantuan difference.
    – Cop seems to have forgotten nightstick, the go-to in this case; only partly his fault, as the amount of gear carried to service every violent, doped-up or “disturbed”(my personal favorite) jogger with JUST the right, minimum amount of force is getting ridiculous.
    – The Numbers say cops shoot Whites more readily – and who can blame them?

    – Cops will take only so much shit – and if they do not answer to a VAWA call (even if they know full well what it is), they are less a job. You might say Jake was shot by his gurrl.
    – This not to let the cop off the hook fully; he clearly tried to make-do without shooting, at risk to himself.

    And then there´s this dated but still excellent training video:


  26. Wyatt says:

    That’s because white people aren’t as likely to shoot and kill others as blacks are. It’s the difference between animal control responding to a German shepherd and a pit bull. Despite being 2% of the dog population, pit bulls are responsible for 64% of the maulings.

    I may be off on the % population, but the maulings are accurate.

    Funnily enough, I am told that The Dodo, a site that really, really likes pit bulls, is run by a Jewish woman. It’s certainly not the first time Jewish people are promoting dangerous creatures 😛

  27. @Achmed E. Newman

    The other half is the antifa operatives that drive in from out of state (on whose instructions?) with blackened-out plates to start the burning and destruction.

    From what I read at Eric Striker’s column, all three shot by Kyle Rittenhouse were local, non-black, and had criminal records. No need to bring them from out of state.

    The truth is actually much scarier. There are an AWFUL lot of people who simply cannot Function in modern society and economy. Why did those three criminals show up for Antifa, and serve as discardable cannon fodder? It’s because as felons they’re unemployable and cannot take part in the society we have. The only ones who will “employ” them are Antifa, because they’re white men without prospects, and have to take work wherever they can find it.

    There are more and more of them every day. you are familiar with the unemployable amongst blacks, but ignore those on the bottom half of the bell curve who are white, and there are millions of them. At some point, it becomes impossible to control the mob who have NO stake in the society as currently constituted. That includes felons, low-intelligence people, and now probably a good chunk of the 35 or so million just made redundant by the lockdowns.

  28. @Escher

    It’s remarkable how fast a semiautomatic pistol can fire in the hands of a trained officer. The decision to fire is really the critical point; once that decision is taken, they will unload quickly.

    Have you fired a pistol, Rapidly?

    • Replies: @Escher
  29. SafeNow says:

    Many times I have heard the hosts on conservative talk radio say that “policemen have a responsibility to come home alive to their children.” Variants are “to their wife” and “to their family.” This is fine, but my problem is that the host stops there. The implication of stopping there is that a policeman is not entitled to live for his OWN sake; his life is, by itself, expendable. The host is afraid to take a deep breath and say what should be said. He has to invoke police children. This reminds me of how Obama, when talking about gun owners and hunting, would say “I have nothing against hunting and fishing.” He invoked fishing as a softener.

    • Replies: @nokangaroos
  30. El Dato says:

    Imagine if they had put him down with one headshot, as they might (should?) have. It would only be worse.

    It’s sad but sometimes you gotta cheese.

    Anyway, when he took the decision to open the door of the car, it was already over. He had burnt down the candle.

  31. El Dato says:

    And the cop runs away. Interesting difference in technique.

    It’s the difference between suicide and not suicide. Interesting indeed.

  32. US should ban guns or at least have strict laws (like Japan) for obtaining firearms. Japan has a population of 126 million but there’s less than 10 gun deaths a year.

    • LOL: mark green
    • Replies: @nokangaroos
    , @botazefa
  33. ruralguy says:

    This is beginning to feel like the movie “Groundhog Day.” A black man gets arrested. Screaming blacks with 5 year old minds surround the police and film them. The black man joins the crowd’s screaming chimpanzee behavior, by resisting arrest. It gets filmed. He gets shot. The apes go wild, looting and burning. The Marxist media turns him into a saint, despite his record, the cops are arrested to appease the apes, then the media interest goes on to the next round of looting and burning. No one pays attention to the trial where the evidence almost always determines the officers followed police procedures and the laws. What’s the point of police procedures and laws at this stage in the nation’s devolution? We are no longer a civilization. They are an anachronism. What we need now is to solve the problem. It requires troops and close-air-support aircraft, to destroy these worthless parasites.

  34. Escher says:

    Isn’t that where police officer training comes in?
    That they are dealing with citizens, not potential suicide bombers (yet).

    • Replies: @TomSchmidt
  35. @Oliver D. Smith

    This is getting old 🙁

    -In the US correlation between gun ownership and bilence (not weasel words like “gun deaths”) is not good but negative.
    -White American murder rate is at Western European levels, slightly below the British (where “knife” violence is a thing).
    -The only thing to STRONGLY correlate with murder rate is melanin; not “income”, not “education level”, not “policing” – nor any other libtard talking point, except “urbanization”.
    -Of course “correlation is not causation” (though in this case we can be reasonably certain murder doesn´t cause blacks), but neither can there be any imputed causation without correlation.
    -As not even Mr. Unz Himself succeeded in making that clear, here´s the
    Executive Summary:

    Plenty guns, no joggers = Switzerland
    Plenty joggers, no guns = Haiti (or Detroit; or Chicago; or …)

    Be careful what you wish for.

    • Thanks: Achmed E. Newman
    • Replies: @Oliver D. Smith
  36. @SafeNow

    Pilots and first responders are routinely taught to look after themselves first because when they are down everything is lost – it makes precious little sense to not extend that logic to the police (who might, come to think about it, be unmarried 😛 ).

  37. Hans says:

    Excellent, Michelle. Great material for a handout. Had not hear of Maupin. His experience and statement needs national exposure. Thanks and God bless you.

  38. sterplaz says:

    Blake was shot that many times because the policeman saw a weapon in his hand(s). It is that simple. After violently resisting arrest, the cop is not morally obligated to use as little force as possible when the civilian is handling a weapon. That civilian could still, after being shot once, use it on the cop.

    Get real.

  39. @nokangaroos

    A 2016 systematic review of 130 studies conducted in 10 countries found “simultaneous implementation of laws targeting multiple firearms restrictions is associated with reductions in firearm deaths.”

    Excluding the issue of gun violence, there are environmental reasons to favour banning or heavily restricting the production and purchase of firearms/ammunition. Gun and ammunition manufacturing plants are huge industrial polluters. Furthermore, discharge of lead bullets and shotgun pellets into the environment poses significant health risks to humans and wildlife, for example, lead bullets cause millions of animal deaths in the US each year from lead poisoning, while people who shoot also risk lead poisoning.

    There’s non-lead bullets that aren’t toxic, but these are detrimental to the environment in different ways, for example steel core and solid copper ammunition have the highest potential to start wildfires.

    • Replies: @nokangaroos
  40. @Escher

    They’re trained to respond rapidly. Too many aren’t the big, brawny cops of my youth, able to physically control a suspect and with the commanding voice that obtains obedience; far too many go right to the gun.

    The training does not cause them to consider what will happen to the person being shot, but to shoot quickly once the trigger point has been hit. As is clear from a few incidents this year, where police officers followed the official manual: that book might require a few revisions.

    • Replies: @BiffH
  41. @Oliver D. Smith

    I hear around the Chesapeake Bay there are parts where nothing grows because the top 1ft of soil is shot 😀 though arsenic is a bigger problem than lead itself – and of course there´s the Californian condor.
    Of the studies cited, at least the Austrian and Australian ones are flat out lies (and I´m too lazy to check the rest); I said no “gun deaths” and no “gun homicides”.
    So why don´t you take your apes, apply them rectally, and ride into a gun-free sunset?

  42. BiffH says:

    I agree with what’s being said. Yeah, and I’ll add that this is yet another indication of just how stupid they presume people are getting. But, it keeps the advertisement industry going! 3rd largest contributor to the GDP.

    But can someone explain to me why a vid clearly interpretable as 7 pops of that gun while standing less than a foot away from the back of the guy? A double tap will subdue almost anyone. The last thing these “hired hands” need is an excuse.

    Was he ordered to do that? The Kenosha Chamber of Commerce, maybe? I’m thinking maybe since Liberace’s memory has faded so deep into past history and all the blue haired old lady fans have long since passed, SOMETHING has to put sleepy Kenosha WI back on the map. Maybe?

  43. botazefa says:
    @Oliver D. Smith

    US should ban guns or at least have strict laws (like Japan) for obtaining firearms. Japan has a population of 126 million but there’s less than 10 gun deaths a year

    How about this? We send all our guns and thugs to Japan. The Japanese are free to destroy the guns or distribute them. What would Japan do?

  44. @obwandiyag

    This dude white or not should have been smoked into a dirt nap. ALL criminal idiots regardless of color need taken out. BLM, Antifa and the politicians and corporations that support and fund them need destroyed. Fuck commies regardless of color.

  45. The Left loves it’s hoaxes. From Saimt Trayvon to Hands Up Don’t Shoot, to George Floyd and the Holy Counterfeit money. And Joe Biden who isn’t really their candidate, Biden is controlled by Obama who is controlled by Soros who is controlled by Satan.

    • Replies: @Voice of reason
  46. MarkU says:

    And here is a video of the killing of an unarmed white guy who committed no crimes and followed every instruction shouted at him and got murdered for it. The cop was found not guilty and returned to work. Nobody burned down the neighbourhood and the victim was not buried in a gold casket with local dignitaries weeping.

  47. BiffH says:

    I saw the video and presume you did, too.

    They are taught to “double tap” which means two shots per every shot (I guess just to make sure you hit the target). 7/2 is greater than 3. My question in this Kenosha case is why >3 “double taps” when he already has the guy coralled, < 1 foot in front of him? I can't explain this. And no I'm not a neo-hippie looking for something to do with my idle time, etc. I also have developed a distrust for coloreds and now distance myself from them more than ever. I'm just searching for an answer to this totally idiotic scene. 7 pew, pew, pews…? Right on top of the guy? Um?

    • Replies: @TomSchmidt
  48. @Invoker

    Are you saying that:
    1) the Minneapolis PD policy defines a defined length of time that the knee is supposed to be applied?
    2) the Minneapolis PD policy directs an officer to stop ifa crowd starts yelling at him?

    If the “police are wrong” then, unless the answer to both of the above questions demonstrates Chauvin, who was a trainer, did not follow established policies and procedures, then “the police” is the Minneapolis PD, not Chauvin.

  49. @BiffH

    It’s one of the frustrating things about BLM. I actually support turning down the temperature and lowering police shootings; while I don’t see myself resisting arrest, I could see a jumpy cop for whatever reason deciding to shoot and no one caring about it, except my close family, because I’m not black. BLM chooses these cases where criminals are killed to make a stink about, like Michael Brown and George Floyd and Blake, instead of the ones that are clearly executions of innocent parties, like Tamir Rice and Philando Castile (pothead, bad driver, but not violent).

    Maybe if they focused national rage on Tamir Rice we could have eliminated the unbalanced police officers who see the badge as a Bondian licence to kill, and it would have saved a few lives since 2014, black and white. Instead we get gun-warrant criminals who don’t comply with police and who could plausibly be reaching for a gun in a car, and it clouds judgment on what would otherwise be an unambiguous crime by a man trained to know better.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  50. Trump Supporter Urinated on Then Murdered Over Trump Sign

    Police said burglars targeted home and killed man over a President Trump sign

    Trump supporter was found murdered in a pool of blood inside his home

  51. @TomSchmidt

    Sorry, Michelle Malkin for the completely O/T comment.

    Mr. Schmidt, I did read your whole reply comment of a few days ago under that iSteve post. I can’t say I agree with you on the whole, but you brought up a lot of good points. Thanks for the detailed reply. (I didn’t have the “responses” left at the time, I think, and ran out of time to reply then.) See ya.

    • Replies: @TomSchmidt
  52. @Achmed E. Newman

    I appreciate the response, AEN. Wage labor is one of those things, like police, we accept as normal.

    Since you and I are in agreement about the Fed, as you probe further into the sources of economic imbalance, you find a lot of them have to do with the agency problem in any number of contexts. Publicly traded corporation plus a normalization of wage/salary labor (my wife’s boss recently decided to schedule Zoom meetings at 7:30 AM because, after all, people don’t have to commute; fortunately stopped for now, but the incentive for a salary payer is to expand the work day inexorably) means an open invitation to a sociopathic professional/managerial class to cut labor costs and use the savings to buy back stock to drive options higher.

    I don’t have a problem with Steve Jobs making billions from Apple. His hired boy, Tim Cook, ought not get to be a billionaire from running the corporation, but he is.

    Mondragon is one solution to the agency problem in corporations. I think it solves a lot of problems; I’d love to see University administrators at a faculty-owned university answering to the people who are the only ones creating identifiable economic value on campus, rather than vice-versa. Idle hands being the devil’s playthings, the extraction of value from labor through the current system is what pays for woke admins and their deviousness. They need to be cut off from money and power.

  53. @Achmed E. Newman

    Exactly correct. I can’t see why more people don’t get this.

  54. DBY says:

    All I am going to say is if any black voters, rioters, BLM, and Antifa terrorists vote for Kamala, the descendant of slave owners , I never want to hear anymore BS about slavery, reparations or black lives matters ever again.

    Her family owned 5, count them, FIVE, slave plantations.

    And I can’t wait until these uneducated terrorists on the left use the: “Can’t hold her accountable for the crimes of her family or ancestors” argument. Oh really? When she was ruler, she held prisoners after their release date in order to get FREE labor. Sounds a little like the family business to me.

    And even better, if BLM uses the “can’t hold her accountable” argument, then it’s over. No more slave talk, no more reparations talk, nothing. It’s over. Because we cannot be held accountable for the action of people we did not know, we never met, people who were dead hundreds of years before we became citizens, before we were born.

  55. I just noticed that you not only put actual timestamps on these comments, instead of the irritating ‘2 years ago’ etc, you put them in natural chronological order instead of backwards!

    Oh, Bonus! No ‘required fields’!

    Some stuff that looked anti-Jewish to me, but it’s better to see that than to have to worry that commenters of such limited intellectual scope are lurking out there, hiding somewhere, scuttling about in the shadows.

    A little on the conservative side, too, but looking at only leftish news media all the time probably isn’t healthy.

    So! A B+ for you!

    [email protected]

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