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Beltway Fixture Tells AWOL President He Needs More Time Off
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Washington swamp creature Newt Gingrich gets the dumb D.C. advice of the day award. In an interview with CBN’s David Brody, he says that permanent vacationer Barack Obama needs to spend more time away from the Beltway to “reflect.”


President Obama has had an amazing career. He’s gone from State Senator to U.S. Senator to Democratic Nominee to President with amazing speed. Now in this Election, he’s had his first really big decisive defeat. I think it’ll be really healthy for him if he could take off from Thanksgiving through most of December and really think. I mean walk on the beach or walk in the woods or whatever he likes doing but get away from the daily business and try to reflect on what happened. Why did it happen? What is it that the American people want?

The last two years have taught us an unmistakable fact about Obama:

He doesn’t give a rat’s patootie what the American people want.

This is a man who will insist until his dying day that the November midterms were failures of the electorate’s comprehension skills rather than his own arrogance and overreach.

Obama could spend the rest of eternity reflecting in the Hall of Mirrors at Versailles and still not get it.

As for Obama’s need to ” get away,” perhaps Gingrich needs a copy of the “Recovery Summer” scrapbook (courtesy of our wonderful scrapbook czar, Doug Powers!):


No worries, though.

Wherever Obama muses and muddles, the American people will be working very hard to ensure that he’ll have all the time he needs to “reflect” in 2012 — after his one-term presidency ends.


Commenter walterc on Obama and Gingrich: “I’m thinking I would like both of them to take the next two years off.”

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