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Barack + Hillary = (Fill-In-the-Blank)
Marriage from hell.
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dreamt.jpg The Democrat presidential nominee and his arch-rival met yesterday in D.C., where they reportedly had a “productive discussion” about “unity.”

All the continued Beltway chatter of an Obama-Clinton ticket reminds me of the 1980s marriage-gone-bad movie, “The War of the Roses.”

Barack + Hillary = Oliver Rose/Michael Douglas + Barbara Rose/Kathleen Turner = union from hell = recipe for inevitable self-destruction.

Line most likely to be uttered in some form by Hillary to Obama if this nightmare ticket became reality?

Turner snarling at Douglas: “You might not have made it if not for me, sweetcakes.”

Bad, bad idea, Barry. Watch your back, honeybun. There’s no winning with Hillary. Only degrees of losing:

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