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Attorney General-Gate
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Some sort of statement from President Bush is expected at 5:45pm Eastern.


Update II: Video.

Update 5:46pm:

Bush, finally fesity, speaks: No show trials. Will allow key lawmakers to interview members of my staff…I will oppose any attempts to subpoena White House officials.

It was common to hear complaints about attorneys. From both parties. Citizens. Lawmakers.

To US Attorneys: I regret that the resignations became such a public spectacle.

It’s not too late for Democrats to drop the partisanship. Too many important issues.


Q&A: Are you certain there was no wrongdoing?

A: No indication that anybody did anything improper…An unprecedented number of documents made available.

Q: Gonzales has lost support of Republicans and Democrats. Can he still be effective?

A: He’s got support with me.

…These attorneys serve at the pleasure of the President…I appreciated their service and I’m sorry it’s gone the way it’s gone…we’d like for people to hear the truth…


The talking heads:

Fred Barnes on Fox: “This is what he should have said a week ago.”

Mort Kondracke: “There’s not a shred of evidence yet” that the administration is guilty of wrongdoing.

Nina Easton: Bush “should have done more to defuse it.”

Barnes: Too late to defuse it. Dems’ agenda: weaken and undermine the president. “And I have to say they’re off to a pretty good start.”

Associated Press describes Bush as “defiant.”

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