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Feedback continues to pour in this morning:


I’m a reserve Army officer, currently employed as a professor overseas.

The DoD contracts with several universities to offer undergraduate and

graduate degrees to servicemembers, either online or face-to-face, in

darn near every corner of the planet. Many enlisted soldiers have

graduate degrees; many more have bachelor’s degrees, and the rest are

working on them.

Teaching soldiers is immensely rewarding, because they work their butts

off. They have full-time duties, and usually families and children too;

some even attend classes while deployed. To survive my chemistry

courses, students spend three hours in lecture, two nights a week, and

their Friday nights or Saturdays in the lab, week after week. Getting a

bachelor’s or master’s degree this way is not easy, but they do it

anyway. To better themselves, to get promoted, to prepare for civilian

careers — to, y’know, “be smart.”

The fact of the matter is, the US military is the most educated in the

history of mankind. Once again, Kerry’s remarks display his revolting

elitism, and shocking ignorance. Military students are /educated/, not

indoctrinated, and do not have daddy footing the bill — and this is

precisely what makes their degrees worth more than Kerry’s.

Sara Townsley

Assistant Professor




I can’t tell you how much this kind of thing ticks me off. So I just relate my daughter’s story, because I know she wouldn’t.

My daughter was in college a couple years ago. She was on the dean’s list and doing very well when the call came for duty in Iraq. She went and did her year as any good soldier would. She returned to school where she is majoring in work with autism. And that’s not just a goal, she already works in homes with the kids and families who suffer from this disease. She could be anything she wants to be, but chooses to be a soldier as well. And as soon as she was able, she also reinlisted for another six years. She’s not in the Army because she can’t do anything else, she’s in the Army to defend the great freedoms we enjoy. She is the cream of this generation, as I believe all our military members are! To the Kerrys and others losers of this world, start giving credit where it’s due.

Rich Dahlen

Proud Vietnam Vet

New Era, MI


Dear Michelle,

I am a longtime reader, and I have to admit that the Kerry “education speech” is the first story that bothered me enough to write in. I am a 24 year old mechanical engineering student at the University of Central Florida. I have a number of friends who are either currently in the armed forces or who used the GI bill to pay their way through school. I find Kerry’s comments very troubling, because I have seen first hand that the GI Bill is one of if not the best way for any american to finance college. I have two friends in particular who graduated as aerospace engineers (earth to kerry, ROCKET SCIENTISTS) in large part to the aid earned by serving their country. They hung their Diplomas up over the summer, without a drop of debt, and both work on the space coast (one is currently getting security clearence to start as a life-support engineer for the space shuttle).

It’s not just the GI bill that has helped my friends though. The military experience certainly pays dividends durring a job hunt, and the specialty training offered has helped a longtime friend become a computer programmer for the air force, another a master electrician and thanks to the ROTC program I have a friend who has started his career as a fire control officer for advanced GPS guided rockets in Afghanistan.

I am proud of my friends, their service and the voluntary army that serves this country. I think that the army is an incredible opportunity; offering a fast track to paying for college, gaining citizenship and training that applies to more than just active duty. Kerry should be ashamed.

-Matthew Teague


“You know, education, if you make the most of it, if you study hard and you do your homework, and you make an effort to be smart, uh, you, you can do well.”

If you don’t, you may get lost in Vietnam and think you’re in Cambodia during Christmas on a super-secret CIA-evil-Republician mission.

This arrorgant jerk scores 100% as a liberal-leftist, commie-marxist-socialist ass clown.

D.T. Miller


I cannot tell you how much his (Kerry’s) statement hurt this father with one son in the United States Air Force and another that just signed up for the United States Marines under their Delayed Entry Program (he will go to Basic Training when he graduates from HS this spring).

I guess I am just raising dummies since I am not a blue blood like Kerry.

Mark Olson


Contrary to Senator Kerry’s foolish remark that the uneducated end up fighting in Iraq, a remark that reflects liberals ignorant prejudice about the military, military people are better educated than their civilian equivalents, not to mention better trained for their jobs. 94.4% of military members have a high school education or better, compared to 89% of their civilian equivalents (see link below with table of statistics).

Generally, you must have a high school diploma to join the military as an enlisted man. You must have a college degree to become an officer. There are no such requirements for the equivalent jobs in the civilian world. If you have no academic credentials, you are not going to end up in the military. If you are uneducated, you are much more likely to end up as an ignorant civilian supporting Kerry than a grunt in Iraq.

In the Air Force, I met a fair number of sergeants with bachelor’s degrees, some master’s degrees, and even a couple PhDs. I don’t see the same in the civilian blue collar work force.


As an officer, you must earn a master’s degree to win promotion to major, which comes at the 13 year point. That means all the mid-level managers in the officer corps have graduate degrees. The same is hardly true of civilian mid-level managers. In the Air Force, one out of eleven officers, have doctorates or professional degrees (JD, MD, etc).[, p. 53, USAF Educational Levels] I do not see the same level of education in the civilian world, where only a third of the people have an undergraduate degree. []

All this academic work is aside from the system of professional military education which teaches military members to do their jobs, unlike the civilian system where workers learn their jobs largely by trial and error. The military values education and training and puts its money where its mouth is, maintaining a myriad of programs and institutions to improve yourself. By contrast, the civilian world would rather somebody else paid for training its workforce.

I suppose now that Kerry will tell us that he was for the military before he was against it.

– Steve G.


The Influence Peddler writes: “It’s a shame that John Kerry doesn’t have the good sense to just shut up.”

Actually, if he keeps his mouth wide open the next seven days, Nov. 8 will be sweet revenge.

Here’s his campaign schedule. Readers, if you can make it to any of these, bring a camera or tape recorder and let us know how he explains himself to the troops:



Ed Morrissey:

Wow. Just wow. It’s worth recalling that Kerry at one time aspired to command these same men and women from the White House, and claims to still want to lead them. How would these people react to taking orders from a Commander-in-Chief who believes them to be uneducated, lazy losers?

We’ll see if Kerry’s peers in the Democratic Party support Kerry’s description of our fighting men and women. If Democrats that have had John Kerry campaign on their behalf refuse to address Kerry’s remarks or openly supports their characterization, it will expose the hypocrisy and the contempt that the Left has for the military. All of the talk of “supporting the troops” will be revealed as lip service.

Will Ned Lamont repudiate Kerry’s words? Will Bob Casey, Jr dispute his mentor’s characterization of our military as a junkyard for goldbricking idiots? Will Benjamin Cardin affirm that soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines don’t have what it takes to succeed in life? Here in Minnesota, does Amy Klobuchar agree with Kerry’s analysis?


10:58 am update: A few blind Democrat apologists claim Kerry’s words were taken out of context and that he was disparaging Bush, not the troops.

Watch NBC 4 TV’s news report. That is NOT the context that the remarks are set in by the reporter. The event was at Pasadena City College. Kerry argued that if the Dems and Angelides are elected, more young people will go to college–thus avoiding the fate of all our lazy, uneducated troops.

Unmistakable what he meant. Don’t need a PhD in linguistics to understand it clearly.

Seth Liebsohn of Bill Bennett’s radio show agrees and adds: “Even Democrats think Kerry meant what we say he meant and salute this crude.” He points to this liberal blogger entry:

“Talk about speaking the stark truth to students who want more out of life. The education system in California is a mess, especially in L.A. County. Each day I pick my daughter up at school I see the recruiters leaving, smiling because they have snagged another kid who’s trapped by the system and see’s no future other than enlisting. It shouldn’t be like this. A 50% drop out rate is unacceptable. What is the bottom line for these kids, a job at McDonald’s or Iraq. Kudo’s to Kerry for delivering a wake up call to the young voters at the rally.”


Support the troops today: Hot Air and I, along with many other bloggers, have joined the Project Valour-IT campaign to raise $180,000 to buy laptops for wounded Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines recovering from hand and arm injuries or amputations at home or in military hospitals. We’re on the Air Force team led by John Noonan.


Help us meet the goal!

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