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Astroturfing COVID Agitprop
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Attention, parents: If your children are online, they are being bombarded by an inescapable public relations campaign by all the Bigs — Big Pharma, Big Government and Big Tech — to brainwash them about the COVID vaccine.

While children under 18 remain at the lowest risk of COVID-19, peer pressure to get the experimental jabs is enormous. That groupthink is compounded by relentless messaging from politicians, celebrities and social media influencers posting virtue-signaling photos of themselves flaunting their arm Band-Aids and immunization papers. The playing field is rigged by internet titans who ban all dissenters and label all skepticism as “misinformation” or “conspiracy theory.” It’s mass agitation and propaganda — agitatsiya — that would make the old Soviet Marxists proud.

The 21st-century twist is that Silicon Valley, Fortune 500 corporations and their nonprofit organs are pouring gobs of money to manufacture support for the public-private COVID vax regime. The Ad Council alone — backed by major companies including Facebook, Google, NBC Universal, GM, Verizon, Walgreens, Walmart, Amazon, Apple and CBS/Viacom — has earmarked $50 million “to persuade skeptics to believe in coronavirus vaccines.” The businesses and public relations agencies work closely with the Biden administration’s U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on crafting Big Brother-approved content.

The Ad Council bragged in January that its COVID-19 vaccine promotions had already resulted in “38.9 billion impressions, $424.7 million in donated media value, and 31.8 million visits to” Even SpongeBob SquarePants has been enlisted to entice elementary schoolchildren to parrot the “safe and effective” mantras in “news” segments aired by Nickelodeon (the children’s network owned by Ad Council funder/partner CBS/Viacom). There’s no mention, of course, of side effects, vaccine injury reports or risks to those with allergies and autoimmune diseases — let alone the importance of family sovereignty, freedom of conscience and informed consent.

The agitprop architects are also bribing Instagram stars and TikTok personalities to urge their thousands or millions of impressionable young fans to inject themselves with pharmaceutical products that are 1) still in the investigational stage and 2) which are shielded from liability at every step of development. Neither of those facts ever finds its way onto the influencers’ feeds, of course.

Your kids should know that their favorite Disney stars, Twitch video gamers and even “Sesame Street” characters have been recruited to pimp the COVID-19 vaccine. One Instagram star and fashion blogger with 409,000 followers, South Carolina entrepreneur Whitney Rife Becker, spilled the beans on how “two vaccine campaigns paying thousands of dollars” had contacted her to “go and get the vaccine and record it and take a selfie while getting the vaccine.” She was asked to tell her followers how “excited” she was to take the vaccine and to gush about “how much she would be able to do” once she submitted to her shots. She was promised that an unnamed entity would “put money behind” her Instagram videos or photo posts if she boosted the COVID vaccine.


Becker rejected the offers, but many others have accepted the bribery. Sometimes, the quid pro quos mean cash. In other cases, the rewards mean VIP treatment. In Florida, Miami’s Jackson Health System threw vaccine parties for social media influencers who agreed to write positive posts or produce videos about getting the Pfizer vaccine. While there was “no payment made to any influencer,” the Internet stars and their “plus ones” moved to the head of the vaccine appointment line. “Each influencer will be allowed to bring one spouse, partner, or relative who meets Florida’s eligibility requirement” to the party, health officials informed a select group of social media stars.

Joe Smyser, the head of a nonprofit called “Public Good Projects,” told Politico his outfit pays “microinfluencers” to post about getting the COVID vaccine and compensates them “anywhere between tens to hundreds of dollars.” The Oklahoma City-County Health Department has paid 35 young social media stars undisclosed sums to post government-approved COVID vaccine content and convince their peers that they need the shots to return to “normal” life.

This pay-for-play racket stirs fear, incentivizes herd thinking, stigmatizes independence, fabricates narratives, and facilitates subjugation of our young. The most important thing parents can do to keep their children free and healthy is to block their exposure to the Astroturfed COVID agitprop campaign altogether. Detox, deactivate, and deplatform them before they deplatform you. In a word: Unplug.

Michelle Malkin’s email address is [email protected] To find out more about Michelle Malkin and read features by other Creators Syndicate writers and cartoonists, visit the Creators Syndicate website at

• Category: Culture/Society 
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  1. Realist says:

    The more they push…the more adamant I become.

  2. And remember the Orange Man started it all – with “warp” speed. A three time married adulterer with a record of business failure and bankruptcy. This conman never posted a photo taking this toxic shot but says he did. I trust him as much as the wives do.

  3. Hans says:

    Thanks, Michelle! These bastards are absolutely and literally diabolical.

    • Agree: Morton's toes
  4. Anything and everything I see about this china flu foolishness, I “report” as “spam or misleading”…as if it does any good. I’m in Realist’s camp-the harder they push me, the harder I’m going to push back at these worshippers of the antichrist.

  5. Memo to Big Pharma, Big Tech and Big Gov:
    Thanks but no thanks, I do not want your Magical Mystery Jab.

    Instead, I think I will put my faith in the immune system God gave me.

  6. Karl Denninger has been providing the best scoop about these vaccines:

  7. Maybe this explains Peter Hitchens…

  8. I appreciate that so many people are taking the vaccine so that we can return to our normal lives of wearing masks and maintaining social distancing rules. I was feeling terribly exposed by merely wearing masks and maintaining social distancing rules. Potentially tripling the risk of fatal complications is a small price to pay for reducing the negligible potential risk of fatal complications.

  9. Gee, if it’s good enuf for Sponge Bob®️….

    Somewhere Herr Doktor Mengele is smiling.

  10. roonaldo says:

    Trump, the bastard who wouldn’t know his ass from a sand trap, claims that it is “deranged pseudoscience” to avoid the vaccine and “sheer lunacy” to delay the J&J concoction. Donald, “May the Bird of Paradise fly up your pie-hole.”

    And I read that Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks quarterback, and his wife, took the reins from Michelle Obama of an hour-long propaganda snoozefest called “Roll Up Your Sleeve.” Russell, “May a 350 pound lineman Roll Up Your Ankle on the first play of opening day.”

    I hate to wish such things on anyone, even in jest, but for certain types such as politicians and corporate greed-hounds, pushing these poisons on children warrants you a millennium in some hell-pit of Dante’s Inferno.

  11. torch man says:

    Look up the Tuskegee syphilis experiment, carried out by the CDC and US Public Health Service!

  12. Resartus says:

    so that we can return to our normal lives of wearing masks and maintaining social distancing rules.

    Social Distancing has long been the preferred way, many maintained their Mental Stability…..

  13. Anonymous[394] • Disclaimer says:

    Everybody has to get injected with the covid vaccine. It’s not about the individual’s odds of catching COVID, it’s about controlling the spread of the virus in the community. The more people carrying COVID, the more likely it is to mutate in to newer, potentially devastating variants.

    If we only vaccinate the older people, while the virus finds more youthful bodies to mutate in, you eventually end up with a vaccine-resistant strain that comes back with a vengeance and starts killing off the elderly again. Then, the trillions of dollars spent on vaccines will have been wasted. The newer strains may also have more lethality among younger people, something that has happened recently in Brazil.

    We’re shutting the economy down, people. Get over it. Your sinful love of money is not worth more than public safety. A lot of you were living unrealistic lifestyles that are never going to come back if we don’t invest in a good 1-2 year lockdown like China did. If we keep piddling along half-assedly this is going to evolve in to a black death type of event. Then you’re going to be REALLY poor.

    • Replies: @Achmed E. Newman
  14. WAM says: • Website

    I was told after my first Moderna vaccination, by the person giving me the injection, that the vaccine would last up to a year, and the vaccine was 94% effective against covid-19. Also, the vaccine was fully effective two weeks after receiving second vaccine. That was 7 weeks ago.

    News comes out daily, about the effectiveness for the available vaccines, and how the three pharmaceutical companies are now down playing their first reports on the Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson vaccines. The companies reasoning, “they now have real world data, as opposed to only having the clinical trial data available when the vaccine was first released to the public.

  15. ibaconi says: • Website

    This is the most absurd scam ever to have appeared. Literally dipping into the history of occultism ( ) With every step demonstrably ineffective. Hundreds of studies going back to 1918 with none showing an effectiveness of masks in preventing viral transactions (particularly the cotton masks). Social distancing? Where the Hell did 6 feet come from? (666?) Completely ineffective. The difference between contries who followed all the shutdown BS and those who didn’t? NONE! The only thing we find in comparisons of different countries is that the ones who employed the dreaded hydroxychloroquine and/or Ivermectin had a much lower death count. In America those who suggested these treatments have been chastised, including doctors who were using these treatments successfully. My father was murdered by the state of Utah who refused to let him return home and instead put him in a nursing home 90 miles away and wouldn’t let us visit him. By the time we finally got a court order to get him out, it was too late. He died the morning of the day we were going to bring him home. I am an EMT/Paramedic and my nephew is a Doctor who has been using Ivermectin with 100% success. If we could’ve gotten him home, we could have saved him.

  16. Fake Corona Virus started with me here in my name not Muslim Wuhan. In the end this truth will prevail I believe so we’re not even close to being halfway over with this all – world revolution

  17. Michelle, after reading your recent column about the risks for young women wrt fertility and pregnancy, I’ve already met one young lady, our piano teacher, who got the jab at 25 y/o. I wish I could have advised her beforehand to at least check out your column, but it’s not my business, I suppose.

    What are the chances of her getting hospitalized, much less dying, of this Kung Flu, vs. some as-of-yet, fairly unknown risk of having fertility or pregnancy problems? The thing is, that could go for most women in the range of great fertility – 18 y/o (or younger) to 28 y/o or so. They are at virtually NO RISK of dying of the Kung Flu. To me, it’s a stupid, or at least mindless, thing to do for someone like this to get the vaccine.

    Peak Stupidity has this anecdote in “Don’t jab me – I’m only the Piano Teacher”.

  18. The Cov 19 Vac saga is just one more indication that our elites hold us in utter contempt & disdain.
    We are incapable of intelligent debate on the basis of facts & emerging evidence. Add in the financial lusts of big Pharma & it’s a another organised “sheep off to a fleecing”.
    (my understanding — there have been over 2000 US deaths attributable to the Cov Vac. The average for the flu Vac is roughly 20-25 deaths a year.
    I’ve forgotten how many hundreds have had the cov-vac then caught cov-19. The ugly-dangerous side effects categories? My guess somewhere 100K’ish — but I’m just guessing…. )

    • Replies: @Hans
  19. Hans says:

    True except were aren’t permitted to hear intelligent debate. All of their big lies would collapse if the TV-watching public were allowed to hear actual debate on the facts.

    There are some experts who are beginning to fear that the “vaccines” are creating spreaders of some kind of bio-hazard. We are in the midst of the (((globalists))) Great Culling. I just hope they’ve figured how to make sure there are enough survivors for self-chosen to have the exact number of slaves they are entitled to.

    I think Dr. Tenpenny knows what she’s talking about, but I pray she and the rest are completely full of crap –

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