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Anti-Fox Hounds Rally 'Round Michelle-O
Ma belle.
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The anti-Fox hounds put together this video montage purporting to show that Fox News is running a coordinated campaign to “attack” poor Michelle Obama. I love how they highlight the comments of pundits and hosts defending her as proof of the unfair Fox attacks.

As for me, I stand by everything I’ve said about Obama’s bitter half.

You’ll love the hate mail that’s pouring in as the video gets around. Here’s one from an Alyce Anderson:

from Alyce Anderson

to [email protected]

cc [email protected]

date Thu, Jul 10, 2008 at 4:33 PM

subject You Disgust Me!



hide details 4:33 PM (48 minutes ago)

I’m pleased to see that Fox News finally found a “token” pretty black girl, educated by Republicans or Republican money no doubt (because I don’t think you went to public schools or had to get student loans or apply for scholarships), who has to agree to everything negative about her race in order to gain the respect of her fellow Republican haters. Now that they have finally reached their quota by hiring you as required by the EEO laws of this country, they will use you like a tool, make you feel like you belong and when they don’t have any use for your pretty black face anymore, you’ll be out there on your own. So I hope that you will use this opportunity to help the community you so despise because one day, sooner or little you’ll come crawling back. You’re pretty intelligent, and got something going for yourself but be wise and use it positively instead of sitting there night after night being negative. You’ll probably sleep better and maybe, just maybe a nice rich white Republican fellow might ask for your hand in marriage. Isn’t that what some of this Republican union is about? You’re on top now but remember there were others right where you are now who are way down under.


Yes, people, it’s news to me, too, that I’m black.

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